Bangkok Trip Day 3 : The Sunday Where We Fell For The Thai Gem Scam


You see, when I was planning the trip for us, I did read about the Thai Gem Scam. I was very careful about many things. Meters on taxis, a rough idea of the distance of all the places we were going to, rates of basic stuff like food, drinks, clubbing expenses, massage prices, etc. However, I still didn’t recognize the scam the instance it happened. One of us had to pay a hefty price to learn the lesson and I’m so sorry man. I could have prevented it and you would’ve joined us for the next trip if not for the fucking sapphire ring you bought. So sorry man.

08.00 am – Woke up for breakfast. All 6 of us. It was our last day of fun and we wanted to take everything in. In the morning, we gave up sleep time for some Thai food. Daniel and I woke up easier as we went home earlier the previous night. Andy too, woke up with no problem thanks to Anthony’s Symphony Orchestra.

Too bad I didn’t take pictures of Saturday’s breakfast. It was much better as they had milk, cereals and bacon.

09.30 am – We crawled back to bed.

11.00 am – Woke up. Was the first in my room to take a shower.

11.11 am – Dropped by Andy’s room while Anthony was in the shower. We chatted for awhile before..

11.14 am – ..I left for Daryl’s room. Shawn was showering when I entered. hung around there for a few more minutes before heading back to my room.

11.40 am – Left for the hotel and tried out the Klong Saen Saep boat service, which runs along the inner city’s big ass drain. Lucky for us, Pratunam pier was located 1 minute away from our hotel. Do note that this is the 2nd busiest mass transport boat service in Bangkok with around 90, 000 people a day using it. Boat frequency is every 3 minutes and starts from 5.30am to 8.30pm.

Hopped into one of these. The helmet wearing guys were in charge of collecting fares and keeping us from the longkang water.

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Bangkok Trip Day 2 : The Saturday In Bangkok Where We Discovered JET and Santika


08.30 am – Woke up for breakfast with Daniel. It was good! Too bad I didn’t have any photos. I loved the cereals and bacon. It was awesome!

09.30 am – Slept back.

10.45 am – Woke up. Daniel and I took turns to shower.

10.55 am – Knocked on Andy’s room and he answered the door. Said he wanted to sleep and miss the morning itinerary.

10.57 am – Knocked on Shawn’s room and he answered the door. Said the same thing as Andy.

10.59 am – Knocked on Siam Ong’s door. He was awake and will be joining Daniel and I for the morning itinerary.

Siam Ong packed his stuff and checked out of the room he shared with Eka. Tonight, we’re roommates.

11.13 am – Left for Chit Lom Skytrain BTS Station.

11.28 am – Each of us bought a BTS Sky Smartpass, preloaded with THB 100.

11.30 am – Hopped onto a skytrain and started our journey to Saphan Taksin station, where we’ll sit a river boat to Chinatown.

11.46 am – Reached the Saphan Taksin.

The 3 sleeping dogs by the pier.

11.49 am – Hopped into one of these.

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Bangkok Trip Day 1 : The Friday That I Stepped Onto The Land Of Smiles, Bangkok


04.00 am – Woke up. Can’t seem to hold back my excitement. It was too much. I just kept imagining the things that we’d be up to the whole day. Damn. Anyhow, I still lied down on the bed till about 6am, tossing and turning.

07.00 am – Decided to stand up and start my day. Bought myself a packet of wan than mee from the coffee shop nearby. Ate with excitement. =P

07.30 am – Showered. Double checked the maps and directions. Made sure everything was in order.

08.35 am – Andy and Jason arrived.

We hung outside my house and started our journey to the airport as soon as

andy tai khing khoon jason ng wen huan

this fella reached. We were smiling and joking about the trip, all the way to the airport.

daryl koay tze yang

09.24 am – Everyone else arrived.

penang international airport

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The Thursday Eve Before Bangkok


09.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Breakfasted.

orange, bananas, milk

10.30 am – Dropped by malaysiakini, kennysia, chanlilian.

11.00 am – Found out that the only 2 difference between cappuccino and cafe latte is that cafe latte contains 3 times more milk and a layer of foam at the top.

  • Cappuccino
  • cappuccino

  • Cafe Latte
  • cafe latte

12.00 pm – Lunch with Gabe and Jason in Kampung Jawa.

After Jason picked me up, we went over to pick Gabe up.

intel penang

As Gabe,

gabriel yeoh chun hoong

Jason and I was feeling adventurous, we went to try the left corner coffeeshop at Kampung Jawa.

jason ng wen huan

Picked fried chicken, lady’s fingers, mix vege and pig’s intestines as dishes and

economy rice, fried chicken, lady's fingers, mix vege, pig's intestines

ordered a plate of char koay teow to share. Although it’s nice, it’s pricey.

char koay teow

02.00 pm – Made further preparations for Bangkok.

Identified our destinations in the detailed road map that Anthony gave me.

bangkok map

Packed all liquid and toiletries not exceeding 100ml / 100g into a clear Ziploc.


Packed only a bit of clothes as I plan to wear after buying some in Chatuchak.

clothes to pack

Made sure the trip timetables were printed correctly for distribution among the 7 of us.


06.00 pm – Finished packing.

packed bag, pouch and timetable

06.30 pm – Went jogging with Andy at Botanical Gardens to keep ourselves as fit as possible for the trip.

andy tai khing khoon botanical gardens

07.30 pm – Dinnered at Goodall Cafe.

andy tai khing khoon

Had my usual snapper teriyaki.

goodall cafe snapper teriyaki

09.00 pm – Went online and chatted with the other Bangkok 7.

01.00 am – Tried to sleep but couldn’t. Was excited. Too much, in fact.

02.00 am – I’m guessing that this was the actual time I stepped onto Dreamland.