4 Things I Look Forward To Buying

  1. Pouch.
  2. pouch

    My old pouch is as torn as Lebanon.

    Update 3rd May :

    fila pouch

  3. Sports shoes.
  4. shoes

    As I do a lot of heavy sporting activities like gym, cycle, run, hike, play badminton, and jog, I will be needing a new pair of shoes. It can still wait as I can still run around in the shoes above. But if my eyes sport a super duper cool pair of sports shoes at a sale, I won’t hesitate nor think twice.

    Update 3rd May :

    fila sports shoes

  5. Mug.
  6. cup

    The cup above is more than 3 years old. I like it, but it is small. I would like a Starbucks mug if possible. The one that they serve customers with.

    starbucks mug

    (I wanted to ask whether if I could buy it, but nah…. I don’t think it’s for sale)

    Update 3rd May :

    starbucks mug

  7. Wallet.
  8. guess wallet

    guess wallet

    guess wallet

    I have been using this wallet since my buddies gave it to me on my 17th birthday. 8 years man. Pretty tahan lasak punya wallet. The next wallet for me will have to be thin. I saw a few potentials already but didn’t get any. Still waiting for a sale to appear.

    Update 6th May :

    levi's wallet


My Monday

10.00 am – Woke up. Bathe. Ate breakfast.

10.30 am – Surfed around. Caught up with the latest political news with Raja Petra. Also read the latest mainstream news from TheStar. Visited Chan Li Lian. Caught up with the latest celebrity gossip at The Superficial. Read the latest news from the soccer world at soccernet.

11.30 am – Updated famouschris.

12.30 pm – Went down the road to buy from my favourite economy rice shop.

  • kiam chai boey (i don’t know what it is called in English. For sure, it cannot be ‘salty vege tail’), bean sprouts, long beans (it could also be short beans) and I don’t know what the other one is called.
  • lunch

  • Spent time chopping my honeydew to eat.
  • honeydew

01.00 pm – Shawn the prawn was looking for a lunch buddy.

  • So he called.
  • shawn

  • And though I have already eaten, we went to satisfy his hunger at the eatery for champions.
  • victory cafe

02.30 pm – Updated famouschris. There is just so much to update. Well, I guess it’s because the weekend was a blast! =)

04.30 pm – Nap.

05.00 pm – Updated losu. Placed targeted ads on a few posts for an advertiser.

05.30 pm – Daryl arrived at my house from work. After he changed from his work clothes to his hike clothes, we proceeded to meet Shawn at the car park next to the Batik house.

06.00 pm – After a little warm up, we started our journey.

  • At the bottom. (My watch is 15 min faster)
  • watch 615 bottom

  • Daryl and Shawn. We stopped talking at this point cause we had to focus on moving our legs and breathing.
  • daryl shawn

  • Daryl and I at 46. Halfway to 84. *phew*
  • 46 hiking trail

  • 3 minutes later, Shawn arrived.
  • shawn chin sze wye

  • We rested for 5 minutes.
  • The yellow sign board which also happens to be the last turning before 84.
  • daryl

  • A few minutes later, we reached 84.
  • 84 hiking trail

  • Shawn the prawn terrorizing his lotipia.
  • bread biscuit

  • After replenishing our energy, we headed back down.
  • 84 down

  • 46 behind us.
  • 46 behind

  • Finally, at the bottom. (Photo taken at the guard house)
  • penang hill 46 84 hiking

08.00 pm – We arrived for the super sedap Nasi Melayu at Terrenganu road. Cheap + good.

  • If you are lucky, the line short. Sometimes the line is so long that you can set up camp and start a campfire.
  • nasi melayu

  • I ate ayam kicap dada, bendi gulai, long beans (it could be short beans), sotong masak merah and kerang goreng huanchu. Delicious!!!!!!
  • ayam kicap dada

09.00 pm – Bathe. Went online. Chatted with buddies.

11.00 pm – Andy came to copy the pictures.

12.00 am – I received a surprise message in MSN from someone who should actually be sleeping at this hour but is awake. Little boys should sleep early.

01.30 am – Sleepy as I was, I watched Malaysian Dreamgirl‘s Episode 14 Part 5. I think it was a fair judgement. She deserved to win it. After that I checked out this site that Daniel gave me. It’s funny but it’s in Hokkien. You have to downoad this 24 seconds sound clip and listen. Here’s the link to the main site.

02.30 am – ..zzzZZZZzzzz…..


Chris Chee’s Day

10.00 am – Woke up to pee.

10.05 am – …zzzZZzzzz….

02.30 pm – Lunch. Bought chicken rice. Bathe.

03.30 pm – Hang out with Shawn the prawn and Daryl the squirrel in my room. DJ Shinoda introduced a few tunes to us.. but I liked this the most.

05.00 pm – Waited for Daniel the gerbil and Gabriel the nightingale to arrive. Then the 7 of us, which also includes Anthony the manatee, went to Tambun to satisfy Shawn the prawn’s tom yam craving.

06.00 pm – Arrived at Tambun’s famous Ghee Seng Seafood Village. Ordered 8 dishes which amounted to RM182.

  • Fresh boiled octopus.
  • octopus

  • Tom yam prawns.
  • tom yam prawns

  • Scrambled eggs.
  • scrambled eggs

  • Deep fried soft shell crab.
  • soft shell crab

  • Teo chew steamed fish.
  • steam fish

  • Stir fried vegetables.
  • stir fried vegetables

  • ‘Hair Core’
  • hair core

  • Ice cream filled fried buns.
  • ice cream fried buns

  • Andy the donkey.
  • andy tai khing khoon

  • Gabriel the nightingale.
  • yeoh chun hoong

  • Daniel the gerbil.
  • daniel teh ting lee

  • Anthony the manatee.
  • Anthony Ngo

  • Shawn the prawn.
  • chin sze wye

  • Daryl the squirrel.
  • koay tze yang

07.00 pm – We went to Sunway Carnival, the best shopping mall from the mainland.

sunway carnival

It was a first for many of us. It looks classier than Gurney, although the building’s smaller. However, it felt spacious inside. We tried, but failed to trick Andy into pressing the directory. We told him that it was a touch screen but he was smart enough not to double tap it. Dang!

08.30 pm – Went to Starbucks for a chit chat session.

  • Daniel the gerbil.
  • daniel teh ting lee

  • Gabriel the nightingale.
  • yeoh chun hoong

  • Shawn the prawn.
  • chin sze wye

  • Daryl the squirrel.
  • koay tze yang

  • Anthony the manatee.
  • anthony ngo

  • Andy the donkey.
  • tai khong khoon

09.30 pm – Traveled back to Penang.

10.00 pm – Went online and chatted. Caught up with Geoffrey the bumblebee. He was at Poppy Garden last Sat night.

How our MSN window looks like.

MSN Geoffrey

12.00 am – Went to eat nasi ganja with Andy the donkey.

01.00 am – Watched Malaysian Dreamgirl.


A Day In The Life Of Chris Chee

10.30 am – Woke Up. Ate breakfast.

11.00 am – CS

02.00 pm – Went to Genting and bought duck rice. I wanted to buy the ‘bangkok famous pork leg rice’, but it was closed.

02.30 pm – CS

03.00 pm – Shawn the prawn, Daryl the squirrel and I went to Gurney’s coffee bean and lepak. We chatted and chilled. Oh, and we saw Daniel the gerbyl’s ‘ah kua’ look alike friend, Yee.

Shawn the prawn

shawn the prawn

Daryl the squirrel

daryl the squirrel

07.00 pm – CS

10.00 pm – MOIS

01.30 am – QE2

Never in my life have I been to an event where you get free flow of liquor. Well, tonight was the first. We had free flow of Hennesey. It was AWESOME! We had lots and lots of fun. It was crazy good. Daryl the squirrel tried cocktail after cocktail while Anthony the manatee drank bottle after bottle. Even Andy the donkey had a hangover.

Andy the donkey

andy the donkey

Andy the donkey & John the heron

andy tai chuang earng

Anthony the manatee negotiating for a cannon of Hennesey

anthony ngo

Cathrane the crane


Cannas the walrus


03.30 pm – Supper @ Nasi Ganja


A Day In The Life Of Chris Chee

09.00 am – Woke up. Swirled sesame oil, ate 1 banana, oats, and 5 egg whites. Discovered 1 packet of chipsmore missing.

Prime suspect = Victor.

10.00 am – Watched chaos theory’s trailer. Updated famouschris.

11.00 am – Checked my emails. While I was passing downstairs, a MTV of Bono playing live on a flatbed truck around the streets of New York caught my eye. I watched and it looked kinda fun. He even invited a public audience to take over the drums for a song. ~fuh. And that led me to do a bit more research on his work. You can read all about it in here.

12.00 pm – Lunch with Daryl the squirrel @ Sunshine supermarket’s food court.

He ate his favourite tom yam maggi while

tom yam maggi koay tze yang

I ate chicken rice with 2 side dishes of deep-fried-processed-flat-fish and black sauce pork.

chicken rice

side dishes

02.00 pm – CS

04.00 pm – Sleep.

05.00 pm – CS

06.00 pm – Gym

07.00 pm – Went to Patricia’s for dinner. You gotta try the oxtails soup. It’s a killer! The fish cordon bleu is also good.

10.00 pm – Hang out @ Chilli’s. Everyone drank a margarita except for Daniel the gerbyl.

  • Gabriel the nightingale’s Presidente Margarita
  • presidente magarita

  • My Jamaican Paradise Margarita
  • jamaican paradise

  • Daryl the squirrel’s Tropical Sunrise Margarita
  • tropical sunrise

  • Shawn the prawn’s Top Shelf Margarita
  • top shelf

  • Anthony the manatee’s El Nino Margarita
  • El Nino

  • Jo the mosquito’s Raspberry 1800 Margarita
  • Raspberry 1800 Margarita

  • Manly Shawn ordering another glass of beer.
  • shawn

  • Daniel the gerbil actually ordered an orange juice. His excuse? ‘I don’t drink alcohol’.
  • daniel

  • Gabriel the nightingale and Anthony the manatee.
  • chun hoong anthony ngo

  • Jo the mosquito, Yee Rune the racoon, Daniel the gerbil.
  • yee run jo daniel

  • Shawn the prawn.
  • shawn the prawn

  • Gabriel and Anthony being engulfed in badminton while Daryl played with his phone.
  • chun hoong anthony daryl

12.00 am – CS

02.30 am – ….zzzzZZZZZZzzzzzZZZzz…


How Chris Chee’s Day Looked Like

10.00 am – Woke up. Made breakfast.

Usually, my breakfast consists of a fruit, fiber rich stuff, and protein.

Made myself 5 hard boiled eggs.

hard boiled eggs

Separated the whites.

egg whites yolks

I took the whites, while my buddy Py ate the yolks. He always eats the yolks. It’s good for his fur. Brings out the shine. =P


My cup of wheat, oats and bran.

wheat oats bran

Ate a banana.


11.00 am – Watched the 2nd trailer for Hellboy and Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder. Oh, iron man is in tropic thunder too.

11.30 am – Worked on It’s a forum for discussions about the things going on in Malaysia. votna is new and still growing and there’s not many forumers yet. Drop by and start a topic. =)

12.30 pm – Bought myself economy rice. Actually it should be called economy dishes. Cause my selections are riceless. =)

Fried bean sprouts, fried cabbage, a sardine and ‘bangkuang’. (how the hell do i say bangkuang in english?)


01.00 pm -Made myself my afternoon green tea.

A big ass box of tea bags.

green tea bags

I’ll usually refill the clay pitcher with hot water for about 3-4 times a day. 1st round is usually with a tablespoon of honey.

honey green tea

01.15 pm – Updated

02.00 pm – Surfed around, watched 1 episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl.

03.00 pm – Napped. (I ALWAYS intend to nap for 30 minutes only but I’ll end up snoozing up to 30 minutes also)

04.00 pm – Surfed around again. Found something interesting to write about for

05.00 pm – CS time!

06.00 pm – Hit the gym. Today, I worked on legs. Did 5 different workouts. Couldn’t carry on to the 6th. Too tiring. I forgot to bring spare change and I sweated so much that you could see a pair of nips poking out the singlet. =\

07.30 pm – Dinner time. Went down the road to buy from my favourite Island Glades Fish Head Bee Hoon.

The location of the place.

This is the shop from behind.

fish head bee hoon island glades

My big ass bowl of cintan pork.

cintan pork

08.30 pm – My PC shut down and couldn’t on back. Damn. Exchanged power supply with my brother’s and both our PC worked. Funny.

10.00 pm – CS with Shawn the prawn.

12.00 am – zzZZZZzzzzzz……..


How Chris Chee’s Day Looked Like

10.00 am – Woke up. Bathe. Ate breakfast

11.00 am – Worked on finding ‘funny’ search terms in Google Suggest for

12.00 pm – Went to Tesco. And bought RM75.25 worth of these :



  • Honeydew
  • honeydew

  • Driver side car mat for the Wira
  • car mat

  • 2 BIG ass cartons of eggs
  • eggs

  • My favourite cookies n snacks
  • chipsmore

  • Shorts
  • shorts

  • Ambi Pur car fresheners and tissue paper for the Wira
  • ambi pur

02.00 pm – Played CS 1.6 for 2 hours =P

04.00 pm – Continued working on the Google Suggest article in

05.30 pm – CS again! =P

07.00 pm – Dinner at Super Tanker and dessert in Khaleel USM with Shawn the prawn.

08.00 pm – Watched Daryl and Shawn play CS. Mainly Shawn lah.

09.00 pm – Fetched dad and his Toastmasters buddy. There’s a convention going on I guess.

10.00 pm – Dropped myself at Chung Hwa for badminton with my buddies. It was fun.

11.00 pm – Supper at Nasmir. Ate Nasi Goreng Cendawan. I was expecting the cendawan to come separately but it turned out to be fried together with the rice. Dang.

12.00 pm – Showered. Helped solve my brother’s computer problems. It seems that his Ubuntu OS doesn’t recognize his speakers and monitor. After a little tinkering and updating here and there, Walla!, I can hear Swizz Beatz blasting through his speakers. =)

02.00 am – Played CS! Shit. Again.

02.30 am – zzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…….


My Old Clothes

tzu chi

Today, I spent about 20 minutes clearing my old clothes. Old but wearable. They’ve lost their value to me and I would like to give it to others who will find it valuable. I asked my grandmother about it and she told me about Tzu Chi. It was some time ago that she said that Tzu Chi, a Buddhist compassion relief organization, would take ANYTHING you give them. ANYTHING. I was glad that I could give away any unused, dust collecting, old stuff to someone else who will find it more valuable, rather than throwing it away or collect dust.

tzu chi

Last week, I gave away my stand fan. The motor was stuck and needed manual pushing before it could turn normally. Still usable though. Today, I packed my clothes, some bags, hangers and a belt into 4 paper bags, ready to be handed over to Tzu Chi. May these stuff of mine be of use to others.



At T Bowl Concept Restaurant, Queensbay


Last Sunday, I went to this funny restaurant just next to GSC that has toilet bowls as chairs and food served in toilet bowls. Shawn, said that in Taiwan, it was more realistic. The cooks over there try their best to make the food to look as close as possible to shit.


Anyways, the food was pricey and tasted average. Each of us paid around RM17 for a meal, just food and drinks. Moreover, the serving was so little that we had to head on over to KFC to make up for the lack of fullness.


Here’s a video taken by Shawn the prawn while we waited for our food.


My New Year Apparels

  1. Converse Bag
  2. Bag

  3. Converse Shoes
  4. shoes

  5. Teal Long Sleeve Shirt
  6. blue

  7. Green Long Sleeve Shirt
  8. green

  9. Quiksilver Sandals
  10. Came on 10th Jan!


  11. Necklace
  12. necklace