Wrist Brace For Repetitive Stress Injury


wrist brace

Bought myself a wrist brace from Guardian to deal with my RSI.

I’ve thought about a career change but can seem to think of something that doesn’t involve a keyboard and a mouse. Everything that I’ve thought of involves using the keyboard. Insurance agent? Property agent? Direct selling? Make entertaining YouTube videos? Maybe I can start becoming an Uber driver but there’s a ceiling to how much one can earn.

I’ve also thought about going for surgery to relieve the nerves along my forearm and wrist but I read that there’s a chance that it will return. Hope wearing a wrist brace works to make things better.

Maroon Chuck Taylor Converse High Cut Shoes


Sprained my ankle not too long ago while walking on 1st Feb 2015, less than 3 weeks before Chinese New Year. It’s been almost 5 months and I still have yet to regain full function on my ankles. =(

Anyway, I knew that the best shoes for squats and deadlifts were high cut Converse Chuck Taylors. They have flat soles that allow better feet grip and the high cut allows you to tie laces around to protect your ankles from over twisting.

Approved by Rocky Balboa.

So today, it arrived.

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The Day Ng Wen Huan Married Lim Ee Ling


06.09 pm – The night before, everyone braved the Friday weekend jam to meet up at his house in

Denai Endau 7, Tanjung Bungah.

Once everyone arrived, we left immediately to Raja Uda.

08.22 pm – 1½ hours later, we arrived. The journey here was so jammed up with cars.

The bride’s side of the dinner was held in a school.

A few minutes later, the bride and bridegroom entered, signaling the start of the 8 course meal.

Only a table was reserved for the bridegroom’s entourage. I’m not so sure why it’s a tradition but the bridegroom and his brothers had to leave after the 5th or 6th meal.

09.26 pm – Stood up on stage and

popped the champagne before leaving.


08.59 am – Arrived at his house early and saw the 1st and 2nd bridal car.

His brothers of the day were almost all here at his house already.


09.15 am – 15 minutes later, the bridegroom and his parents came out to complete the morning ceremony led by the ceremony madam.

5 minutes later, we all left in 7 cars to pick up the bride far, far away in Raja Uda, again.

10.37 am – Unlike the night before, we arrived in 1 hour’s time.

Here’s Kok Joo and with his ‘nose rub’ trademark.

Lining up to go into the house.

Breakfast, bridegroom’s side.

Bridegroom at the table inside the house, accompanied by his best man.

Andy happy to see lots of girls.

“Don’t be surprised if her boobs look bigger than usual”

4 of the biggest sized brothers at the top.

Wearing underpants, the exact procedure everyone had to go through for Ren Gee’s wedding.

Bridegroom having fun drawing their asses.

Kah Kheng and Daniel were so excited.

Example of a drawn ass.

The second adventure was food related and we took the bullet for the bridegroom by swallowing a wasabi filled bun. Lucky me, my ‘feeder’ was pretty. 😈

And then it was John’s turn.

Wasabi kills!

The 3rd and last person to ‘taste’ the 2nd adventure.

Andy and Ryan eating the egg filled guinness stout.

I had these during Ryan’s wedding and it wasn’t really that bad, actually.

The bridegrooms actually prepared more than 3 wasabi filled buns but because of time constraints, they had to leave out the rest.

Kok Joo alone and his plate of lemons. Such a man!

“Hold his nuts while sucking it”

And so Teng Kuang did as he was told.

So did Kevin.

Sze Wye took over.

And then Chun Hoong.

In the end, back to Ren Gee.

For the 4th challenge,

each and everyone of us blew


Anthony had a hard time blowing balloons. (check out the sweat!)

After we were done,

we learned that we just had to act like as if it was out pillow and put our heads to it. That’s all. Simple. Too simple until it doesn’t make sense.

Wen Huan then proceeded to give Ee Ling’s sisters red packets full of money to gain access to his waiting bride in the bedroom.

After satisfying everyone,

he took the flower,

posed for a cool shot and

sang a song.

Immediately, she appeared with her parents.


Followed by a kiss on the left and

another one on the right.

The bridesmaid pinning a flower to the best man’s chest.

With the bridesmaid and best man.

With the bride’s parents.

The ceremony madam explaining the traditional procedure

which was walking around the car to signify that they have returned to the bride’s house.

Praying inside.

Praying outside.

All this while the bridegroom’s brothers waited outside.

12.27 pm – At last, they were done and we all began our long journey back to the bridegroom’s house.

01.36 pm – As expected, we arrived in an hour.

Bite sized cakes and

a bowl of pork belly soup for lunch.

02.30 pm – Left for home and took a long nap to prepare for the coming night segment of a very long day.

03.16 pm – Went home and saw 2 letters.

All the way from Hong Kong.

Kowloon Bay reminds me of street racing and street fights. (Result of watching too much Young and Dangerous)

One packet contained a spare camera battery for my Finepix F200EXR and

the other packet were 3″ camera LCD protective films.

07.56 pm – Arrived in Evergreen Hotel for Wen Huan’s wedding dinner.

The arrival of the bride.

The wedding poster by the entrance.

The thing that bothered me about Evergreen’s ballroom were the 10 pillars placed across the middle.

View of the cake and their name across the board at the back.

Menu of the night.

The menu item I look forward to most!

Table 30, where I was seated.

At the back end of the ballroom.

Was seated next to the hottest mama I know.

Escaped outside for a chit chat as the drinking crowd inside was getting too rowdy.

10.02 pm – Yam Seng at last.

10.29 pm – By this time, almost all Wen Huan’s brothers were pretty wasted.

Especially this guy sitting next to me.

Congrats, to you two!

The 9 Things Of 2009


During the earlier months of 2009, Vivian and I took the initiative to list down 9 things that we would do together as a couple. Below are the 9 results.

  1. Try all the nasi padprik we come across.
  2. Have a mind blasting time in Bali
  3. Plant Sunflowers
  4. Sunrise and Sunset.
  5. Make Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls aka Tang Yuen.
  6. Candle Light Dinner
  7. Taste 9 New Types Of Food.
  8. Start A Business Together
  9. We plan to start selling with 3 completed ice cream flavours in Little Penang at UPR on the last Sundays of every month. However, we are actually stuck. We aren’t really sure where to go to to get a bigger ice cream making machine in Malaysia.

    Can you help?

  10. Be charitable
  11. I don’t think donating clothes count as anyone is capable of doing it without breaking a sweat. I am still looking forward to visiting animal shelters like SPCA Penang and see if there’s something that I can contribute my time to. Maybe help take photos of dogs/cats for adoption or bathing the animals. This was the only thing that we didn’t get to cross off our list. =(

A Post Dedicated To My Pushy Christian Relative

  1. I don’t care if you think I’m going to hell since I don’t believe it exists. I’m also not interested in gaining admission to your heaven.
  2. I’m not afraid that you might be right and I might be wrong, so fear isn’t going to change my view.
  3. I don’t care what “the bible says”. I have read it, studied it, enjoyed parts of it, but I don’t believe that it is anything but literature.
  4. I will not accept rules or laws being imposed on me that are based in your personal religious beliefs. If you attempt to pass laws like that, I will fight you with all the strength I have.
  5. I play fair. If you don’t play fair, then expect me to treat you as I am treated.
  6. I don’t need to hear your version of the “good news” or any news. I’m an educated adult and I have spent much time researching religion and experimenting, and I ultimately decided it isn’t for me.
  7. I have no problem with you practicing your religion. Why can’t you give me the same deference in living my life? My choices are not imposed on you in any way. I don’t expect to be imposed on by your choices either.
  8. If you enter the public arena with an agenda, then expect those like me, who don’t share your agenda, to oppose you or at least ignore you.
  9. We can work together on many things, like doing charity work for the poor, homeless, senior citizens, orphans, etc. Just leave your personal religious beliefs where they belong — in your personal life.
  10. I will be polite when you attempt to impose your religion on me to a point. When you become invasive and annoying, I will push back. Let’s agree to disagree and keep our private lives separate. That will suit me fine and will lead to a peaceful community.

Thank You August 2008


Thank you for reading famouschris.com. It’s been my pleasure writing ALL my days during the month of August 2008.
Thank you for commenting in the posts. You’ve made it livelier.
Thank you for blabbing in the shoutbox. You have made it livelier. I appreciate it. =)
Thank you for letting me take your pictures. I only always post up the best. But do tell me if I’ve ever posted a pic of you that you are not comfortable with.

Andy Tai
Thanks for booking us a nice table in MOIS for the 2nd, 16th, 23rd, 29th.
Thanks for taking the risk before for paying with your credit.
Thanks for taking the trouble to settle the money stuff among us. I know that it could be messy sometimes as our group is big.
Thanks for not kicking my ass for being impolite by stealing your rice with the long water spoon on the 23rd at Nasi Beratur.

Ann Marie
Thanks for not kicking my ass for being impolite by stealing your rice with the long water spoon on the 23rd at Nasi Beratur.
Thanks for your chewing gum on the 16th.

Anthony Ngo
Thanks for being such a great sport. I know there are times when I become assholic and make fun of you.

Cannas Lee
Thanks for offering yourself in the event that I need your experience and skills.

Chuang Earng
Thanks for being such an entertaining buddy for the times you came and find me in August 09.
Thanks for all the times you’ve paid for the drinks during meals in August 09 without expecting anything in return.

Joline Cheong
Thanks for always hanging out with us. We really do enjoy your company. You’re fun.
Thanks for spotting and taking care of that corner bed in VIP in MOIS on the 30th.

Thanks for being patient so far. I’ll do what’s right if it happens again.

Mei Huang
Thanks for the company for the facial on the 9th. (The facial treatment place that we went to will only open doors to girls for security reasons.)

Pearline Cheong
Thanks for always hanging out with us. Although we don’t always say it, but we enjoy your company A LOT!
Thanks for chicken ricing with us on the 25th although you’ve already eaten. Again. We enjoyed your company.

Sabrina Tan
Thanks for the spaghetti bolognese. It was very delicious. Very.
Thanks for introducing me Khalil Fong’s song. Never knew such a person exist before.

Sze Wye
Thanks for taking the trouble to always get the shuttlecocks for badminton every Wednesdays.
Thanks for taking the risk by using your credit card to always pay first.
Thanks for taking the effort to get us the tickets for Zohan and Wall-e.
Thanks for sharing with me ‘that’ on the 28th.

Tze Yang
Thanks for telling me ‘that#1’ on the 23rd.
Thanks for telling me ‘that#2’ on the 29th. I learned about “delayed brighter chances”.
Thanks for the driving me home safely on the 23rd.
Thanks for driving us to botanical gardens on the 25th when we found out that some motherfuckers broke PCJ’s left mirror.

Vivian Tan
Thanks for fetching me from Ong the mechanic on the 18th.
Thanks for the very delicious muffins. Loved it.
Thanks for ‘Just Friends’, ‘My Girl’, ‘We Run This’, ‘Istimewa’, ‘Bagaikan Puteri’, ‘Dangerous’,
Thanks for taking us to that chu char place. It’s okay if the initial seafood place wasn’t open. We can always go there next time.

Wen Huan
Thanks for ALL the times when you picked me up for lunch with the guys. I really appreciate it. Really.

The 10 Qualities Of A Girl That I’m Attracted To Most


I’m at a point in my life where I’m searching and determining the things I want. For example, I like house music not techno, dogs not cats, Guinness not Carlsberg, and the list goes on.

Right now, I’m putting up the list of what I look for in a girl not for anyone but for myself. Yeah, it’s actually me getting to know me better. Self improvement kinda thing la.

  1. Understanding
  2. Experience without education may not be enough. I never knew how different the male and female mind work until I read John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

    One fine example is the way guys react under stress. A guy usually withdraws himself and delve into the issue until a solution is found. If a solution is yet to be found, he will take ‘time outs’ and and go out with friends or watch the TV or play games, etc to take time to determine a solution. It allows him to distance himself from the problems to focus on something else. It allows him revisit the problem later with a fresh perspective.

    A girl will find it hard to understand this as they were designed to talk about the issue during stress. There were times during my past relationships where I tried to retreat as she tried to get closer to me. As a result, it leads to conflicts.

    There are other points as well, listed and explained nicely in John Gray’s book. Reading it was like viewing the same world in different perspectives. I like it when a girl understands me.

  3. Honesty
  4. Honesty leads to trust. However, there are 2 types of honesty. One, reaction honesty, which is the approval seeking type and two, genuine honesty, where it is heartfelt and sincere. I like girls who are genuinely honest. I understand that sometimes it may be hard or she may be afraid to tell the truth because it may hurt or scare the person away.

    more lies = more problems

    Wouldn’t you rather be told the truth rather than be lied to? I would. I learned that in relationships, boundaries and rules will have to be set up from the start.

    The saying below applies to honesty as well.

    “Say what you do and do what you say”

    Of course it applies to guys as well.

  5. Health Conscious
  6. I like girls who are health conscious. I dare say health conscious girls are more attractive than those who aren’t. After all, a good physique is the FIRST thing that attracts a guy, even before getting to know a girl better. I’m attracted to women who exercise, eat right, sleeps well. I feel that being healthy makes a woman more energetic and confident. Resisting her may become an issue for me 😀

  7. Well Mannered
  8. I like girls who carry themselves well. I believe this attribute usually comes with well read and educated women. I find the kind, caring type more attractive than the gossiping, nagging, insulting, teasing and alienating type. I find girls who are modest, reserved but fun more attractive than the type that always tries to be the life and soul of the party.

  9. A Good Sense Of Dressing
  10. I like girls who have a good sense of dressing. 3 reasons why.

    Firstly, dressing well shows respect for others. I can imagine the frustration if I were to go for a date at a fine dining restaurant with a girl who looks like she’s just finished tuition class.

    Second, dressing well promotes respect for herself.

    Third, dressing well is part of being a woman. Just wearing whatever’s most comfortable isn’t really good enough to do well in the real world. For example, offices have dress codes. Clients have expectations. The kind where it requires the girl to put away the jeans and other college type of wears. And not knowing so will simply exhibit ‘immaturity’. If a woman dresses like a woman, she’d most likely be treated as a woman.

  11. Full of Surprises
  12. I like surprises too. A woman who surprises me just when I think I’m getting to know her is very exciting. I find mystery enticing and new at the same time. Keeping bits of information about herself can actually be beneficial. It’s like finding out that she can actually cook my favourite dish a month later or that she can play the piano well or she’s got talent in singing, etc.

  13. Is A Dog Person
  14. Simple. I’m a dog person. I hate cats. This is probably due to the cat infestation back when I was in Multimedia University. The part I hate about cats most is when they walk under the table and unknowingly curl their fur around your legs.

  15. A Good Conversationalist
  16. It’s like talking with each other, rather than at each other. I like a girl who speaks well and have constructive things to say. She doesn’t necessarily have to have something in common for me to take interest in her but if I try to talk to her and she just stands there, I’m going to move on. I like a girl that pays attention to things, who can make me want to listen more.

  17. Be Willing To Participate
  18. Whether it’s talking, eating, hiking, playing sports, games, dancing, swimming, hanging out with my buddies, it’s only polite to join in. If she just sits there and watch she might as well wear a flashy sign that says ‘I’m a boring person who does not like fun!’ Of course it does not mean she should join in drinking or gambling if she’s not into those things.

  19. Makes Me Feel Confident In Her Presence
  20. I like it when a girl makes me feel confident. I think this is something that is pretty unexplainable. I think it’s something that comes with her character. I think it comes with trust-worthyness, reliability, adventureousness and determination.

20 Things Her Next Should Know About


This list was actually written 8 months ago, specially dedicated to the next guy. Couldn’t seem to find the right time to share it. Anyways, here it is. The 20 things that will make it easier for you to understand her. It’s like a shortcut or cheat sheet.

loh mei huang

  1. Her favourite colour is green.
  2. She likes shopping with her sisters in Prangin and Pacific Mega Mall cause she feels like it’s sale day each time she goes.
  3. She LOVES horror movies even though she’s super scared after watching it. It’s a girl thing.
  4. She enjoys attention from guys. Know that she will always be loyal and faithful to you no matter what. So, relax and learn to have fun watching her have fun.
  5. She keeps in contact with her ex-s, especially No.3 and No.5. Know that she will always be loyal and faithful to you. So, relax.
  6. There will be times when she will just feel like she’s the sexiest girl in town. She might say something self complimenting about her looks. Laugh at her and compliment her. She likes it. She was once the ‘presttiest supplier’ of her company.
  7. When she learns something new like a dance move and shows it to you, laugh at her and compliment her. She likes it.
  8. She likes the type of dog breed that looks like a polar bear. Second in line would be a pug. Her ultimate dream is to take her pet lion for a stroll in the park and scare the hell out of everyone.
  9. If she sees Mark Cheng Hou Lam, she will hug him super tightly and never let him go. To her, he’s the hottest guy on earth.
  10. She loves chocolate.
  11. Because she’s the eldest in the family, she acts like a queen at home. But to you, she will be a machai.
  12. She would love to own a Volkswagen one day.
  13. She will wear your clothes often as it makes her feel close to you. Feels like you are around her when she smells your smell.
  14. She has a better temper now. Even so, there will be times when she will utter words when she’s angry which she does not mean to say at all. Forgive her during those times. Continue to stay calm and relaxed.
  15. She LOVES Haagen Dazs’s green tea ice cream.
  16. She sings very, very well. So karaoke is a thing she enjoys a lot cause it makes her feel like a star.
  17. She LOVES watching tv. She can sit down the whole day and do nothing but watch TV. It was her favourite since young.
  18. One of her all time favourite R&B song is Mis-teeq’s – Scandalous.
  19. She enjoys watching CSI : Las vegas a lot. I think she has a thing for Grissom. She also likes predicting the bad guy at the beginning of the show. Usually wrong la.
  20. Her dream job is to be a host of her own show.

The Labour Day Thursday


10.00 am – Woke up. Cut nails. Found out Liverpool lost to Chelsea. Was tulan, for a while.

Jose Reina

jose reina disappointed wtf

10.30 am – Breakfast today was a little different.

  • Dutch Lady fresh milk with
  • dutch ladyf resh milk

  • honey!
  • honey

11.00 am – Dropped by Malaysia-today, TheStar, facebook, Penang’s World Music Festival website.

11.30 am – Updated famouschris.

12.30 pm – Lunch.

01.00 pm – Hung around my house.

02.00 pm – We went to Rumah Charis old folk’s home in Relau.

rumah charis old folk's home

We gave them 2 dozens of baked beans, a big ass tin of cream crackers, 2 singlets and 2 big ass packets of bihun (what’s bihun in English?).

baked beans cream crackers singlets bihun

02.30 pm – The four of us went to Kayu and waited for Andy before heading to another old folk’s home. As it was a hot ass day, I had coconut.

  • My coconut and
  • my coconut

  • the thick juicy ‘isi’
  • coconut

  • Shawn the prawn
  • shawn chin sze wye

  • Daryl the squirrel
  • daryl

  • Gabriel the nightingale
  • gabriel yeoh chun hoong

03.00 pm – Rumah Orang Tua Jubli Perak.

jubilee perak

We gave the same thing, just less 2 singlets.

bihun baked beans cream crackers

03.30 pm – Jalan jalan at Queensbay.

04.00 pm – Busy looking at badminton rackets.

badminton rackets

04.30 pm – Went to Swensen’s for desert.

  • Next time, I’m gonna try the Spaghetti Oglio Olio & Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom
  • pasta

  • The five of us shared an ‘Earthquake’ (my photography skills semakin mengancam)
  • swensen earthquake

  • 15 minutes later…
  • earthquake swensen

07.00 pm – Watched 27 Dresses in my house.

Imagine 5 GUYS sitting together in the living room watching a chick flick

27 dresses

08.30 pm – Dinner at Mandarin Cafe

  • The super delicious and reasonably priced Claypot Chicken Rice
  • mandarin cafe claypot chicken rice

  • Char Koay Teow for everybody to share
  • char koay teow

  • 15 minutes later….
  • claypot chicken rice mandarin cafe

    empty char koay teow

09.30 pm – Online chit chat.

10.00 pm – Rest. Showered.

10.30 pm – CS.

psychokilla spawn

11.30 pm – Online chit chat with Shawn the prawn.

12.00 am – Dropped by chanlilian. Saw Lilian’s first of may video by bee gees. It actually brought back some karaoke memories of Mr Beh singing Jacky Cheung’s version. I couldn’t resist so I went to search for some of our karaoke favourites.

  • Jacky Cheung – First Of May
  • Manbai – Kau Ilhamku
  • Ungu – Cinta Dalam Hati.
    (The Indonesian song that’s been played a lot by FlyFM)

12.30 am – Found out about DR Mahathir’s new blog, chedet. Dropped by Malaysia-today and read V. David, the man who made ‘May Day’ possible

01.00 am – Did some research on Nike Free, the new line of Nike shoes that I saw earlier in Queensbay.

02.00 am – …zzzZZZZZzzz…..