The Geoffrey Oriented Monday


09.30 am – Woke up by the sound of drilling. It turned out to be my neighbor getting the house roof repaired.

10.00 am – Breakfast.

11.30 am – Went to Pulau Tikus EON Bank with the bumblebee to withdraw cash from his fixed deposit. Then went to bank it into CIMB (the branch that wouldn’t let me withdraw from Western Union) and Public Bank. Next, we went to convert his Fitness First membership to weekends only. Cheaper la apparently (RM110). Went to Komtar to pay summons.

  • At EON Bank
  • eon bank pulau tikus

  • The Fixed Deposit Resit
  • fixed deposit

  • Saman MPPP. Used to be RM15 before Ah Eng took over. Now it’s RM10. Penang for Lim Guan Eng!
  • lim guan eng mppp

12.30 pm – Thew Chik chicken riceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thew Chik looking old but clean. Lotsa office chicadies ^.^
  • thew chik

  • Chicken for 3 persons (Geoffrey = 2 persons)
  • thew chik

02.00 pm – New World Park for ais kacang. Nolah. It’s actually New World Park for chicadies.

  • With mango
  • ais kacang new world park

  • With nangka
  • ais kacang new world park nangka

  • 14 crunchy hot bahulu for RM3
  • bahulu new world park

03.00 pm – Chicadies’s lunch hour ended at 2 plus so we left the food court. Went over to Old Town for some coffee. Nolah. It’s actually went over to Old Town for some air cond.

  • White Coffee
  • old town white coffee new world park

  • Xi Mut Milk Tea
  • geoffrey ong khang nian

  • ‘Halo, Celcom? When baru I can start modeling for you?’
  • celcom model geoffrey ong

04.00 pm – Hung around my room.

geoffrey ong

05.00 pm – Fetched the bumblebee home. Will be leaving for KL at 730. =~(

06.00 pm – Hiking with Shawn + Daryl.

08.00 pm – Dinner at Nasi Melayu. Sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

09.00 pm – Continue to update famouschris sambil chit chat.

11.00 pm – Showered. CS with Shawn.

12.30 am – Chatted with Chunster (MCB! *Laughing as I’m typing*) Ooi.

Think about it man. Chingster Tay… Boonster Ong.. Karster Ng..

chunster ooi

01.00 am – …zzzZZZZzzz….

The Mother’s Day Sunday


10.30 am – Update famouschris.

12.00 pm – Lunch at Minah.

  • The upper class Malay restaurant.
  • restoran minah

  • Sotong masak cili ~fuh
  • sotong masak cili

  • Ayam goreng McMinah
  • ayam goreng

  • Sayur campur
  • sayur campur

  • Daging rendang
  • daging rendang

  • Bendi rebus + sambal pedas (Malays are gifted sambal makers)
  • bendi rebus sambal pedas

  • She eats leaves
  • Ho Cheng Imm

01.00 pm – Update famouschris.

01.30 pm – Online chit-chat. Daniel found kinky’s(wtf?) friendster.

02.30 pm – Queensbay Coffee Bean.

  • Caramel Iced Cafe Latte
  • coffee bean iced caramel cafe latte

  • My favourite Almond Biscotti
  • coffee bean almond biscotti

  • The panda with her muffins cranberry scone, Sunrise and glimmering ring.
  • amanda goh

  • (Looks like a kiddy/chick drink right?)
  • shawn chin

  • at 5.50pm
  • friends

06.00 pm – Daryl and I bought a pair of badminton shoes at Royal Sporting House.

Dunlop Royals

dunlop royals

07.30 pm – Dinner with Daryl at the most delicious bah kut teh place in Penang, Thong Lek.

10.00 pm – Watched Man U clinch their 10th Premier League title.

Manchester United trophy premier league

12.00 am – Ganja with Geoffrey and Andy.

  • Geoffrey the bumblebee
  • geoffrey ong

  • Andy the donkey
  • andy tai

  • Drink for stomach achers
  • stomach upset 100 plus

03.00 am – ….zzZZzzzz…

The Kiam Chai Boey Saturday


10.00 am – Woke up. Updated famouschris.

11.30 am – Today, Daryl took us out to eat chicken rice at Lam Fatt somewhere in Paya Terubong. The main reason wasn’t the chicken nor the rice, but the ‘kiam chai boey’. I tell you.. it’s so nice I drank 2 freakin’ bowls! Totally lost my mind. Anyways, my camera ran out of battery halfway. Pretty frustrating not being able to take photos after that.

  • Lam Fatttttttttttttt
  • lam fatt duck rice

  • The exact location in wikimapia.
  • The most delicious kiam chai boey in the world
  • kiam chai boey

  • Lam Fatt Chicken Rice
  • lam fatt chicken rice

  • Geoffrey the bumblebee
  • geoffrey

  • Daryl the squirrel
  • tze yang

  • Anthony the manatee
  • anthony ngo

  • Anthony in sunglasses…. (syok sendiri photo)
    [The last photo taken before the camera battery went dead.]
  • anthony

01.00 pm – Adventist Hospital Bee Ko Moey / Gandung.

adventist bee ko moey gandung

02.00 pm – Starbucks Gurney.

Dulce De Leche Caramel Cafe Latte with Whipped Cream
(this picture so tak style langsung)

dulce de leche caramel latte

04.00 pm – Balik rumah

04.30 pm – Hang around my room.

07.30 pm – Dinner.

08.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

09.45 pm – Prepared for QEII.

10.30 pm – QEII. We had a blast. We drank quite a lot. I did. Lucky for me, I was strong enough.. =P

  • The place where hotties belong.
  • QEII

  • Pan ker ai.
  • pan ker ai

  • Small group pic.
  • small group pic

  • BIG group pic. (It’d be weird if Gabriel was a girl with big titties)
  • big group pic

03.00 am – Ganja.


04.00 am – Updated famouschris.

04.30 am – ..zzzzZZzzzz….

The Long Break Friday


09.00 am – Woke up. Had my usual breakfast.

10.00 am – Chatted with Kar Fei after a long time. Did some camera research with him. Suddenly said he had an interest in photography. Why? Cause of Jolie.

Continued working on the post for rangit while chatting.

12.00 pm – Went to pick up Tze yang for lunch in Queensbay.

12.30 pm – Lunch in Old Town Queensbay. Had Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam. I was already halfway consuming it when it hit me to take photos. So I was like.. ‘ahh forget it’. Was with Dar, Can & Cat.

old town coffee resit

02.00 pm – Balikz.

02.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

03.30 pm – Nap.

04.30 pm – Cut nails, checked out Raja Petra’s post Sungai Buloh article.

05.30 pm – Gym.

07.00 pm – Dinner.

Nasi Kandar Mandarin Cafe (Tastes nicer if u bungkus. It’s when all the flavor is sucked up into the rice.)

nasi kandar mandarin cafe

08.00 pm – Continued writing rangit‘s post.

09.00 pm – Teman Anthony eat dinner at Mandarin Cafe.

10.00 pm – Chili’s for Magaritas. Had fun chatting about our work and the upcoming Bangkok trip.


  • Chili’s Bottomless Chips
  • bottomless chips

  • Classic Margarita On The Rocks
  • classic margarita

  • (Shit. I forgot the name of this drink.)
  • chili's

  • Anthony the manatee
  • anthony ngo

  • Shawn the prawn
  • shawn chin

  • Daryl the squirrel
  • Koay Tze Yang

12.30 am – Rest. Online. Found American Boy. You are right Daryl, it’s Estelle featuring Kanye West.

You can download the mp3 here.

02.00 am – Lost s04e11. It was a cool episode. Locke’s got a big task ahead of him.

02.45 am – Couldn’t wait so i went to check spoilers of all the TV shows I’ve been watching.

03.00 am – …zzzZZZZzzz….

The Drizzling Thrusday


10.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Ate one eighth (1/8) of a papaya. Trimmed nostrils hair. I cannot stand the sight of ignorant people who have bunches of hair sticking out their nostrils looking like a padi field. Especially older men.

You know you need it. Nostril hair trimmer.

nose hair trimmer

11.30 am – Surfed around. Found out about Intel’s next line of processors. The Intel Atom. Spent some time reading about it.

intel atom

12.30 pm – Lunch.

  • Kiam Chai Boey
  • kiam chai boey

  • Fried chicken, long beans (I could be wrong, it could be short) and bean sprouts.
  • fried chicken bean sprouts

01.30 pm – Checked out to see if there’s any offer for Dell’s 22″ Widescreen monitor. Currently, it’s RM899. Hoping for it to drop to RM600. =P

01.45 pm – Updated famouschris.

Cloudy at 01.45 pm


03.00 pm – Dropped by Shawn’s boss’s (Kenny Song of KenRay) daughter’s blog. Registered famouschris into the AllMalaysiaBlog Project. Found out that people landed in famouschris from searching the terms ’email address of lim guan eng’ in Yahoo Search.

Anyways, Lim Guan Eng can be reached at [email protected]

lim guan eng email address

03.30 pm – Nap.

04.00 pm – Dropped by liewcf. Updated the post for rangit. Identified the top 15 (*secret*) for the post in rangit.

05.00 pm – Gym.

06.30 pm – Dinner.

  • Maggi meat stuff (meat stuff = bak liao)
  • maggi bak liao

  • Couldn’t help it. Ate 5 biji (do you know what’s biji in English?).
  • 5 durian seeds

07.30 pm – Found this’s fulfilling dreamz contest for bloggers only. Replied posts in votna.

08.30 pm – Showered.

09.30 pm – Checked out bleach’s anime & manga list. Wanted to know when the anime would return to the original storyline.

10.00 pm – Scrubs s07e07.

10.20 pm – Scrubs s07e08.

10.40 pm – Scrubs s07e09.

11.00 pm – Scrubs s07e10.

11.30 pm – Dug out some old photos of university. Found out that I had the ‘pyramid’ photo and the ‘snoring’ video with me all along. Sorry, it’s a secret. I’d be slaughtered if I posted it up here.

Li Lian, Chun Wei and I at MMU’s E-Nite ’04.

e nite 2004

The Unsleepable Wednesday


09.00 am – Emptied all the coins in the piggy bank.

piggy bank coins

Will no longer be used.

piggy bank cute gold

09.30 am – Breakfast.

10.00 am – Update famouschris.

12.00 pm – Went to pick Shawn up for lunch.

ken ray office

12.30 pm – Lunch.

  • He only ate Laksa Popiah
  • shawn chin

  • My lunch
  • lunch

02.00 pm – Dropped by Young Ones to buy shuttlecocks.

02.30 pm – Brought my CPU’s broken power supply to claim warranty. Was told to wait 2 months before collecting it back. Bought myself a new V3i charger.

  • My broken power supply.
  • broken power supply

  • The once happening Midlands Park One-Stop
  • one stop midlands park

  • This is the computer shop I go to when I do not have the necessary tools or parts needed to fix a computer.
  • IT Zone Midlands Park

  • The owner and the messiness of his cluttered shop
  • it zone messy cluttered

  • Motorola V3i charger
  • new charger

03.00 pm – Went to CIMB Pulau Tikus to bank in my coins. Had an issue withdrawing my money from Western Union in Pulau Tikus CIMB branch. Ros, the person who attended to me, refused to withdraw for me saying that the sender had to be from an individual and not a company. I explained to her that I have been withdrawing from Western Union smoothly since early this year from other CIMB branches but she still refused. MCB.

03.30 pm – So I just proceeded to my usual CIMB branch in IJM and withdrew my money.

04.00 pm – Went to PC Depot of E-Gate to buy myself a new power supply. It cost me only RM35. The fatty with the surname Tan who served me was pretty hao lian (do you know what’s hao lian in English?). MCB.

pc depot e gate

My new power supply

power supply pc depot

04.30 pm – Rest.

05.00 pm – Nap.

06.00 pm – Dropped by CloverfieldClues.

06.30 pm – Dinner.

  • Curry Mee
  • curry mee mandarin cafe

  • Bought myself a papaya
  • papaya

07.30 pm – Watched Horton Hears A Who.

09.00 pm – Badminton with buddies.

Boring video of us playing

11.00 pm – Supper at Jelutong market.

  • Dry Koay Teow Mee
  • jelutong market dry koay teow mee

  • My See Ko Th’ng (I think there’s no English name for it) desert
  • see ko th'ng

12.00 am – Had difficulty sleeping. Rolled around a lot but still couldn’t sleep.

03.30 am – The last time I saw the clock.

The So So Tuesday


09.00 am – Hanged clothes. Ate a different kind of bread. Not the usual Gardenia.

  • Went down for breakfast and saw this note on the table.
  • mom's note

  • So, I hanged them. (gambar yg semakin pro)
  • hang clothes

  • The bread that I’ve been taking for breakfast.
  • bread

10.00 am – Read mails. Administered comments in odyb. Downloaded Lupe Fiasco’s Superstar. Watched the cute Tan Hong Ming and How To Spell Dinosaur. Caught up with the Raja Petra fiasco.

Tan Hong Ming

11.00 am – Continued uipdating losu.

12.00 pm – Lunch.

Had stir fried broccoli + cauliflower, curry sting ray, radnip.


01.00 pmFacebooked.

01.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

03.00 pm – Went to the bus station to fetch granny.

03.30 pm – Nap.

04.30 pm – Dropped by RPK, chanlilian, rockybru, jeffooi, kennysia, timothytiah.

05.00 pm – Gym. Reached gym but forgot to bring member card. Had to to pay a penalty of RM6 if I wanted to go in. Went home straight in the end. Didn’t get to exercise =(

My membership card.

zero fitness membership card

05.30 pm – Played with Py.

py the dog

06.00 pm – Continued updating losu.

06.30 pm – Had the very sedap Nasi Kandar Mandarin Cafe for dinner.

  • Beef, chicken, lady’s fingers and cabbage.
  • nasi kandar mandarin cafe

  • Lotsa durians in the fridge.
  • durians in the fridge

  • The texture was so thick, sticky and it was oh so delicious.
  • durian

  • I had to take at least 4.
  • durian seeds

07.30 pm – Published losu’s finished post on Top 10 Household Pets To Own

08.30 pm – Showered. Rest.

09.00 pm – How I Met Your Mother S03E18

09.30 pm – Gossip Girl S01E16

10.30 pm – CS.

11.30 pm – Visited GSC to check out the movies coming out this week. Checked out FXG’s latest movie releases. Facebook again.

12.00 am – Whose Lines Is It Anyway S03E14.

The Cloudy Monday


09.00 am – Ate. Showered. Clean shaved.

10.00 am – Updated famouschris.

12.00 pm – Lunch at Batu Lanchang market with Goeffrey.

  • My Nasi Kandar. It was delicious~!
  • nasi kandar batu lanchang market

  • Geoffrey and his Char Koay Teow
  • geoffrey ong khang nian

    01.30 pm – Dropped by CIMB. Western Union was still not working.

    western union

    02.00 pm – Hung out in my room.

    geoffrey ong laptop

    05.00 pm – Prepared for hiking.

    05.30 pm – Left for Botanical Gardens.

    06.00 pm – Was cloudy when we reached. We jogged 3 small rounds instead.

    07.00 pm – Gurney Plaza Food Court.

    • My favourite stall.
    • gurney plaza food court malay and thai food

    • Shawn ate Nasi Goreng Tom Yam Malay and
    • nasi goreng tomyam

    • Nasi Goreng Tom Yam Japanese
    • nasi goreng tomyam japanese

    • Daryl’s Maggi Goreng Tomyam Basah
    • tze yang maggi goreng tomyam basah

    • Nasi Goreng Padprik Ayam (Crazy good!)
    • nasi goreng padprik ayam gurney plaza

    • 5 minutes later…
    • nasi goreng padprik ayam

    09.00 pm – Rest.

    09.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

    12.00 am – Read up on the current worldwide food crisis issue.

    12.30 am – Read up on the arrest of Raja Petra. Like Anwar said, ‘In Malaysia there is freedom of speech, but no freedom after speech’.

    The Loose Sunday


    12.00 pm – Woke up. Went online to search for the song that has the lyrics ‘Let Me See Your Hands’. Found it.

    12.30 pm – Had Genting’s chicken rice for lunch. (Lupa bawa kamera)

    01.30 pm – Online chit chat. Saw an article that made me proud of Lim Guan Eng.

    02.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

    03.00 pm – Teman-ed Andy for lunch in the Island Glade’s soya bean shoplot.

    Andy Tai Lok Min

    andy tai khing khoon

    04.00 pm – Hung around my house.

    05.00 pm – Queensbay.

    Some green tea ice cream while walking.

    green tea

    06.00 pm – Went to Borders to check out books.

    • Let’s see what they were reading.
    • borders magazine

    • Shawn’s interest : Watches + Dancing
    • shawn chin sze wye dancing

    • Gabriel’s interest : Cars + Engines
    • gabriel yeoh chun hoong

    • Anthony’s interest : OMG! TEEN GOSSIP!!
    • teen gossip anthony ngo

    07.00 pm – After an hour of satisfying our hunger for reading (shit, so fake), we then went to Max Gourmet, just opposite Starbucks Queensbay, to satisfy our hunger for eating.

    • Max Gourmet
    • max gourmet

    • Undecided I
    • undecided

    • Undecided II
    • anthony ngo geoffrey ong khang nian

    • Undecided III (so kesian, deciding himself)
    • gabriel yeoh chun hoong

    • Geoffrey wanted to be featured with his ‘Hiong Ma Lo’ Fried Rice.
    • geoffrey ong khang nian

    • The super duper delicious egg tarts!
    • egg tarts

    • The super duper delicious Garupa Hor Fun. It was crazy good!
    • garupa hor fun

    • 5 minutes later…
    • empty garupa hor fun

    09.00 pm – Showered. Online.

    10.00 pm – Watched Lost S04E10.

    Sun (my favourite gal) of Lost

    Sun of Lost

    11.00 pm – Watched Grey’s Anatomy S04E13.

    Lexie (my favourite gal) of Grey’s

    lexie grey

    Tiring Saturday


    11.00 am – Woke up. Swirled sesame oil. Took 90 seconds to clear my bladder (drank a bucket load of water). Since last night, I couldn’t get ‘Cream’ off my head.

    Frederico Franchi – Cream

    12.00 pm – For lunch I had duck rice. Wanted Bangkok Pork Leg Rice but it seems to be closed, for almost a month now.

    12.30 pm – Updated famouschris.

    02.30 pm – Jalan jalan at Gurney.

    5 guys

    05.00 pm – Iron Man.

    • The 6 of us enjoyed the show. (photography skills yg mengancam)
    • 6 gsc tickets

    • It was totally awesome!
    • iron man

    07.30 pm – Chopper Board.

    My Kung Pao Spaghetti, sago melaka & chopper soup.

    chopper board kung pao spaghetti

    09.00 pm – Rest. Online.

    10.00 pm – Round 2, MOIS.

    • Geoffrey the bumblebee came back for the weekend.
    • geoffrey ong khang nian

    • Cathrane the crane.
    • cathrane

    • Jen Nee the pony.
    • jen nee

    02.00 am – Ganja.

    • Table 1.
    • table

    • Table 2.
    • table 2

    • My supper dishes.
    • nasi beratur ganja tembok

    03.30 am – Showered. Online.

    04.00 am – …zzzZZZZZZzzzz…..