H-Artistry 2014 Penang Spice Arena

I am so glad that I went. I almost didn’t go as it clashed with a family dinner on the same day. Lucky for me, the dinner ended at about 10. It took me about 1 hour from the moment I stepped out from House of Udang Galah to the moment I stepped into PISA’s Spice Arena. As thousands were expected there, you can imagine the number of cars that were sprawled around the area. As I arrived late, I had no choice but to park my car 10 minutes away. =(

Arrived to see the customary H-Artistry lighted balloon signage at the entrance.

The very reddish Spice Arena.

The entrance.


Hennessy Artistry Penang 2013 Spice Arena

The invites to this year’s event looked so posh. Initially, I planned to bring along a kang tau. However, having a girlfriend who works in the FBI, my plan was eventually discovered and I had no choice but to give the other invite to Vivian. If not, she said, I will lose my left nut. 👿

At about 8.27pm Vivian and I arrived at the entrance to PISA.

We couldn’t help but take pictures with the ballon-like lamppost.

The line into the event was actually quite long but thanks to Hennessy, this time round, I went under the category of Media & Blogger. So I skipped the line and went straight to the counter.


5 Reasons Why You Won’t Want To Miss Out On Hennessy Artistry 2013 In Penang

Yes la! The party of the year is back!

After almost 1 whole year of waiting, Hennessy Artistry, the large scale super clubbing experience will open its doors again to invited patrons on Saturday, 25th of May 2013 in PISA Penang’s Spice Arena. I kid you not but Hennessy Artistry is my most anticipated clubbing event of the year. Here are 5 solid reasons why.

  1. Free Flow Premium Hennessy V.S.O.P.
  2. During the previous Hennessy Artistry in SQCC, free flow of Hennessy cognac was served from the second its doors opened at 7pm up until 3am. Moreover, VSOP and not VS, is served during the party. VSOP stands for Very Special Old Pale, meaning that the cognac is aged inside oak barrels for at least 8 years. VS cognac is only aged for at least 2 years. 6 years worth of difference in taste!

    A bottle of Hennessy V.S.O.P is sold for about USD35 in duty free shops in airports. Organizers of the upcoming Hennessy Artistry event in Spice Arena are expecting a crowd of 4000! If on average 5 people are expected to drink 1 bottle and if 4000 patrons really did turn up, you can expect Hennessy to have at least 800 bottles of premium Hennessy VSOP on standby.

    800 bottles X USD 35 = USD 28,000 = MYR 85,000 = the minimum cost of drinks alone

    I bet it will cost more than that because it is FREE FLOW! Woooooo hoooooo!
    (This one reason alone is enough to make me wanna go 👿 )

  3. Music Acts
  4. Every year, different international and local acts are invited to perform during Hennessy Artistry. This year, 24HERBS, Andy Murphy and Nicole Chen are slated to perform.


    24HERBS is a Hong Kong hip hop group formed in 2006 that consist of six members, 2 of whom were previously in LMF, or better known as Lazy Mutha Fucka. My LMF all time favourite single has got to be this.

    Asian youth, those of Chinese descent and especially boys, will definitely have heard of Lan Kwai Fong, a movie released in 2011 that is about the party central in Hong Kong of the same name. The movie in terms of storyline quality is rubbish. Acting is mediocre.

    However, the party, sex and drama theme appeals to the younger generation(including me 😈 ). After watching the movie, it made me want to go to Hong Kong SO DAMN MUCH!

    To top it off, 24HERBS’ Wonderland was used as the theme song for the movie. Every time I hear Wonderland, I think of clubbing at Lan Kwai Fong. Thanks for poisoning my head, 24HERBS! Looking forward to seeing you guys perform!

    Andy Murphy

    Andy Murphy, the Australian Eletro House DJ from Melbourne, will be playing at Hennessy Artistry in Spice Arena. Looking relatively attractive, I bet girls are gonna enjoy him during his set. Moreover, his songs are pretty good. Below are 12 excellent examples of his sound mastery.

    Nicole Chen

    Hi Nicole Chen! I really hope you will read this. Tee hee 😳

    • I fucking love your song selections.
    • You have really good taste in music. Really good blend of the latest dirty dutch tracks and several awesome underrated tunes. I think you will be playing for 1 hour during Hennessy Artistry right? Also, if I’m correct, you’ve already readied your track list for 25th May, 7 days before the event (as evident above). I am so looking forward to hearing the songs being played during Hennessy Artistry!

    • How in the world can you see properly?
    • When the organizers sent me this picture of you with your hair sprayed across your face and your body bent like that, I couldn’t help but laugh.

      What normal deejays see.

      What Nicole Chen sees.

    • Facebook profile pic I like most
    • However, I must say I find this particular picture below from your Facebook profile to be the funniest.

      What people think is happening.

      What is actually happening.


Hennessy VSOP Kyrios Launch Party At Room Autocity

I have always liked brandy. Anything from Hennessy to Remy Martin to Martell. More often than not, when I’m out partying with friends, the choice is usually Hennessy. The thing that makes Hennessy stand out among the others are the parties thrown, especially Hennessy Artistry. Kardinal Offishal, Yolanda Be Cool, Chris Willis, Goldfish and Blink are among the big names who performed for Hennessy Malaysia before.

Thanks to Emily and Criz, I obtained the opportunity to attend Hennessy’s VSOP Kyrios Launch Party at Room Autocity. You see, Hennessy has this line of limited-edition-specially-designed-annually line of bottles called the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection. The first ever product from the line was the Helios which launched in 2011. The name originated from Greek mythology, Helios being the name of the sun, much like the flashy visuals of the bottle design.

Then in 2012, Hennessy introduced Nyx, meaning goddess of nights & dreams. The bottle was designed with ultraviolet materials, therefore it glows in the dark.

Come 2013, the Kyrios was born. Its body is presented in a matte carbon gray mantle and gives an elegant aura. The “bras arme” reflects the long history of Hennessy and has been part of the Hennessy seal for more than 2 centuries. For now, these bottles may be worth nuts but in 10, maybe 20 years’ time, one may be able to make money off of it!

So on the 29th of March, I drove all the way from Penang island to Room Autocity, Juru. Although the supposed meeting time was at 8.30pm, I only made it at 9pm as it was a Good Friday. I think the jam on the bridge was caused by islanders heading to St Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam. I kid you not but the crowd at 9.18pm was practically non existent. Not a guest was seen standing around outside Room’s entrance.

However, there were the Hennessy girls standing around. If I’m not wrong, there were a total of 10. Good job to whoever that selected them. In any case, I think a better job was done during Hennessy Artistry 2012 in SQCC, Penang as there were so much more of of them.

The selected 3 who had the top parts of their body painted.

As I entered, a waterproof wristband was slapped on my wrist, ensuring that I’d be able to get back in smoothly if I were to leave the premise.

Each person was given a coupon upon entering.

The walls of the walkway between the hall and restroom were decorated with several Hennessy VSOP Kyrios bottles, each with their own rotating stand.

At 9.30pm, we were the first and only group of guests. It felt disappointing at first for during Hennessy Artistry 2012, there was already a huge crowd waiting outside of the hall by 8.30pm.

The cool thing was, we had our own table. This was my first time ever attending an event as part of the media.

By the bar, one could find Hennessy pre-mixed with 4 different kind of flavours.





The crowd grew merrier as the night progressed.

B.A.T.E. started their set first.

DJ Cookie from Luxy (one of the 2 nightclubs I enjoyed myself in when I was in Taipei) came on next.

The group of bloggers that attended the event was pretty big. Met lots of personalities. There were some who were shy, others were party animals, a few hardcore drinkers, and then there are the shutterbugs who won’t stop taking photos. Again, a million thanks to Emily the zebra and Criz for making it happen!


Hennessy VSOP Kyrios Launch Party Acts

B.A.T.E. (Brain and the Eye)

Born in 2011, B.A.T.E. consists of DJ duo Wai Hong and Ethan Curzon. Although they have only spent less than 2 years together as B.A.T.E., they have been spinning in clubs around Kuala Lumpur like Vertigo Club, Ecoba, Bakita, Lust, Zouk, The Pool, Bedroom, etc. Find out more about them by visiting their Facebook page.

Bass Agents (Mr Nasty & GuruGuru)

Formed originally in Melbourne back in 2000, Bass Agents returned to Malaysia 3 years later and pioneered a new era in the underground dance scene in Malaysia with their very own hard dance event called Hardsequence. It was a night that saw many local and international acts introduced, garnering 2 JUICE Reader Choice Awards, namely


Hard Rock Hotel Penang Party Rockin Sand Bar Launch

07.11 pm – Arrived in Hard Rock Hotel Penang to commemorate the opening of the new Sand Bar, an alternative place for guests to chill out on the beach. It began with games by the beach that consisted of beach cricket, frisbee and water volleyball while being entertained by Bongga Bongga the live band and DJ Lkuk the Australian house deejay. I have to say that the music was good, especially Bongga Bongga, and the free flow of drinks were pretty generous of Hard Rock, Jagermeister and Redbull.

FYI, Hard Rock’s Sand Bar is open daily from 11am-11pm but the sweetest time to be there is between 6pm-8pm for that’s the happy hour window. For example, during happy hour, you’ll get 2 pints of Carlsberg at RM35, 2 margaritas at RM70 and the Sand Bar’s very own concoction, the Sandjager cocktail at RM29 (prices are as of writing in May 2012).

Headed towards the pool and saw a crowd at the registration counter.

Actually, there were 2 different posters made for the event. One was for the public and one was for invited guests and VIP. The only difference is for invited guests, the party starts from 7pm instead of 9pm and you get free flow of drinks in between the 2 hours.

Thanks Hard Rock for the invites!

07.17 pm – Door gifts included a Jagermeister bottle opener, leather wristband and the free flow wristband :evil:.


How To Protect Yourself And Deal With Snatch Thieves

Let’s face it. The occurrence of snatch theft is on the rise. Like it or not, the moment you step out of your home compound, you are exposed to it. On the way to work. On the way home from work. In the car. After a movie with friends. In broad daylight. Outside a restaurant. In big cities of Europe, in America, in Asia. Almost anywhere that is accessible to the public.

It could happen to your mom, sister, wife and daughters. The police cannot be everywhere at the same time, so you should not blame them. They did not teach nor encourage snatch thieves to snatch from innocent women.

  1. Understand What Motivates The Snatch Thief
    • Money
    • Because it is pretty obvious.

    • Thrill
    • Because it gives them an adrenaline rush. It’s a male thingy and it can get addictive. Each successful snatch attempt of an item of value from you be it a handbag, smartphone, laptop bag, necklace or earring, and not getting caught, gives them a sense of satisfaction. This is what you call the thrill. The risk is exciting and the reward is appeasing.

    • Power
    • Because they derive pleasure from dominating a weaker sex. From bullying you. Maybe they feel useless working a shitty job, getting shitty pay because they didn’t give a shit about their career. Maybe it’s because of a shitty childhood. Maybe it’s because of shitty parenting. Either way, they are sadists and are loving it.


How To Renew Malaysian Passport Online

If you landed on this page, you most probably are going to fly off soon from Malaysia, whether if it is for vacation or work. In Malaysia, there are only 2 options when it comes to renewal length. 2 years or 5 years. Normally, countries require you to have at least 6 months of validity in your passport before you are allowed to enter. But if you drive over the border to Thailand or Singapore, you are allowed to enter even if you have only a week left in your passport, as long as you don’t hop off to another country from there. Common sense says that 2 years for RM100 is more worth it than 5 years for RM300.

Below is a well documented procedure which I recently did. I renewed my passport online. It’s damn convenient and it saved me so much time. Usually, there are 2 queues when you go to any Malaysian Immigration branches. First, you’ll have to queue to fill in the forms and make your payment. If you do it online, you skip the first queue and jump straight to the 2nd queue where you collect your passport. The second queue is always shorter and the wait can be as fast as 5 minutes!

Step 1

Go here.

Step 2

Clicking “Agree” at the bottom of Step 1 brings you to this page below where you fill in the particulars and click “Search” so that the system can look for your old passport particulars.

Step 3

Fill in your details.

Step 4

Click “Upload Image” from the page in Step 5 so that you can proceed to upload a digital image of yourself. Most photo studios will give you a CD together with your physical photos.

Step 5

After you are done uploading look for the small rectangle over your photo.

Step 6

Drag the edges of the rectangle and try to get a nice crop of the original. Click “Crop” when done.

Step 7

Believe me, no matter what you do, it will never be a perfect crop. Don’t worry. Just leave it. 10 out of 10 people will get a call from the Immigration Department informing online applicants that their photo is unusable and to bring 2 passport size photos when collecting the passport.

Step 8

Make sure all your details are correct. Make sure that you choose the branch closest to you. After that, click “Update” and proceed to Step 9.

Step 9

You should get a notice saying “PERMOHONAN ANDA TELAH DITERIMA” before clicking “Teruskan”.

Step 10

Select your credit/debit card payment method by clicking on the VISA or MasterCard logo.

Step 11

Fill in the details of your credit card and click on “Pay”.

Step 12

You should see this processing sign. I waited for less than a minute.

Step 13

After the payment has been received, you will see your application number at the bottom of the details. Click “Cetak Resit”.

Step 14

Print 2 copies of the receipt, one for yourself and one to hand over to the officer at the collection counter.

Now all you have to do is wait for a call from the officer in charge of online applications to ask you to bring 2 copies of your passport sized photos when collecting the day after. If you can’t wait (like me), I immediately looked up my Immigration branch’s phone number and called them to verify my application. You can find the details of every Immigration branch here.

Step 15

Go to your selected Malaysian Immigration office the next day.

Step 16

Proceed straight to the collection counter and hand over 1 printed receipt, 2 passport size photos and your old passport. Please remember to bring these 3 important items.

Step 17

Wait and collect your passports. Your old passport should have a section cut out to invalidate it.

Step 18

Everything inside the new passport is more or less the same. Enjoy your trip!


Another List Of Malaysian Products To Boycott

I am BIG fan of Lipton Green Tea and Suntory BOSS coffee. Looks like I’ll have to replace them with POKKAs and Nescafes.

Recently the MP for Titiwangsa Johari Bin Abdul Ghani has made it clear that he does not need the Chinese and Indians to win the Titiwangsa seat. He did a mathematical calculation that all he need is the 32,000 Malay voters and that is all. He made it very clear that the Chinese and Indians are a minority and they are nothing but Customers.

Now who is this Ybhg Datuk Johari Bin Abdul Ghani? Well he is the Managing Director(Click here for proof) of CI Holdings Bhd the owners of Pemanis Sdn. Bhd (click here for proof).

He came on the Board of this company on the 29th of November 2002. Well since are are nothing but mere Customers, and since he does not need the Chinese and the Indians, I suppose he also does not need our patronage on Pemanis Sdn Bhd products.

Pemanis products are as follows and you may be familiar with some of them. (click here for proof)

PEPSI <-- common product found EVERYWHERE! PEPSI MAX PEPSI LIGHT PEPSI TWIST 7-UP LEMON & LIME <-- common product found EVERYWHERE! MIRINDA ORANGE MIRINDA STRAWBERRY FROST EVERVESS <-- common product found IN CLUBS and HOTELS!!! KICKAPOO <-- I used to drink this a lot in kopitiams!! MOUNTAIN DEW <-- I used to drink this a lot in kopitiams!! ISOTONIK
EXCEL <-- I know people who drink this every morning and when they have fever! GATORADE GATORADE QUIET STORM TEA
LIPTON GREEN TEA 9 <-- the product that I always buy from 7 Eleven! COFFEE
BOSS <-- the tinned coffee I love so much that I never knew was from a company headed by a racist!!! (maybe more) ENERGY





How To Renew Road Tax In Malaysia

Recently, I’ve just renewed my road tax. In Malaysia there are 2 ways to go about it. If a person is still under hire purchase, he brings along his insurance cover note to the bank and pays an extra RM10 service charge + road tax amount and it will be done automatically for you. However, you can only collect it on the 2nd day after the bank has done processing.

The second way is by going to the post office yourself or to the nearest JPJ branch and have it renewed. The requirement is the geran and insurance cover note. Geran is something like the birth cert of your car and you can still get it from the bank if you’re still under hire purchase and your payment is good. The insurance cover note is like an official document saying that you’ve renewed your insurance.

This is how the front of my geran looks like.

The back.

If ever you own a car more than 12 years,

you will definitely see payment details printed even on the bottom section.

Did you know that in 1992, the cost of renewing the road tax of a 1500 cc car was RM427.20? Crazy.

And it remained as high up till 2006.

It wasn’t until 2007 before the price dropped 75% to RM106.80. The latest since 2008 was RM90. What a relief. I wonder how much was the renewal of a 3000 cc Mercedes Benz in 1992.

This is the second thing that you’ll need to renew your road tax.

Nowadays, you don’t have to bring it to the post office / JPJ office as they can check online but in case their system is down, they can refer to the cover note as proof. Better safe than leceh.

The 3rd thing is money. Lucky for me PCJ’s road tax costs only RM90.

There is an extra RM2 service charge for renewing at the post office. None whatsoever at JPJ.

If your time is flexible, go in the mornings. The queue is short. I was served immediately after pressing for a queue ticket.

3 minutes later, I got my road tax renewed. Thanks Lakshmi!

Tore out the old road tax.

It’s better to use a road tax sticker as it prevents sticky residue from dirtying your windshield. I believe they are commonly available in bookstores. (However, I got mine from a counter girl in JPJ who sold these for RM1 each as a side business. Shh..)

Done. The end.