famouschris.com Is Now Mobile!


After 6 hours spent customizing the theme, famouschris.com is now fully optimized for mobile devices. Tested with simulators of iPad, iPhone, current popular Android devices, and even Blackberry, everything displayed as it should. Although famouschris.com’s mobile site has been optimized to work best with smartphone devices, I have discovered that even WAP enabled browsers (eg:Opera Mini) from older generation handphones work as well.

Visit famouschris.com from your mobile NOW! 😉

Comments Round Up 20100629

  • Guest : “do you get paid per page click? if so, maybe you should place entries under a cut for more clicks >:D”
  • I get paid per click on the advertisement and for the number of times the ad is viewed. I don’t understand what is ‘under a cut for more clicks’.

  • Guest : “Good write up. See link.”
  • Even better, read what others have said.

  • Guest : “any reason buying this particular camera from ebay? not available in malaysia is it? what about warranty and repairs? or different in pricing ?”
  • ebay, because it is cheaper. Malaysia is selling it for RM860. I got it for GBP 142.99 (less than RM700). The UK pound is very, very, very, very weak at the moment so it makes sense to buy stuff from UK. For example, if you ever thought of changing your handphone, buy from UK. Have it sent to your doorstep.

    Fujifilm’s warranty is international. All you need to do is just register your camera’s serial number online and that’s it. You can have it repaired from a Fujifilm service center anywhere in the world.

  • Guest : “how to upgrade a camera bios??? copy the software to the sd card is it? how to run it?”
  • Follow the instructions from your camera’s manufacturer’s website. For example, I went to fujifilm.com and followed the step by step instructions to upgrade the firmware for my camera.

  • Guest : “do pos malaysia tax u for buying camera from UK?”
  • Nope.

  • Guest : “hurry take some photos with ur new cam and post them!! :D”
  • Okay! Very soon, I will have hundreds and hundreds of pictures from my Melbourne trip to share with you. =)

Comments Round Up 20100609

  • follower : “r u going to Australia for school?”
  • For holiday.

  • Guest : “how much per month?”
  • It’s a secret until I reach 10k. 😈

  • Hoodie Cam : “Hello! 🙂 Its been hours I’ve been reading your posts. LOL Its so fun until I dont wanna stop! 😛 But I have to. Will continue reading/watching soon!”
  • Hey Nadia, thanks. It’s very encouraging to read your +comments.

  • Guest : “and it’s paid in USD. so the amount is x3. right chris?”
  • Yes.

  • Guest : “adsense to get paid by google..paid by how many clicks on the ads in a website”
  • Clicks + impressions.

  • Masreen : “Btw, any other places you could recommend for a holiday within Msia? Appreciate it mate”
  • Hardcore eating = Penang
    Hardcore hiking = Mount Kinabalu
    Hardcore diving = Pulau Sipadan
    Hardcore gambling = Genting Highlands
    Hardcore honeymoon 😈 = Club Med Cherating
    Hardcore beach activities = Pulau Redang
    Hardcore smoking + drinking = Langkawi

  • Masreen : “Hi Chris. I went to Pondok Keladi after reading your blog abt it over n over again. Has a great stay. Thanks.”
  • You’re welcome! Yea, I had a great stay there as well. Especially the hospitality of Marc.

  • Guest : “aiya..eztv is torrent…is torrent still ok with stweamyx?”
  • Streamyx throttles bittorrent but there is a way to maximize your download/upload potential. Will write up a separate blog post on that soon.

  • Guest : “loud soundfrom tyre? is it like tik tik tik tik and getting faster sound of tik tik tik when driving?not sure same problem with my car…”
  • Just bring it to an honest mechanic to check it out for you.

  • Guest : “err…i mean what u need to do to get to paid by google??”
  • Need to be hardworking.