How To Make Steamed Mutton Balls

Today was version 1. And it was already delicious. No need to add or change anything to the recipe.

Anyways, it was a rainy evening when I started making mutton balls.

The recipe.

Scallions and coriander leaves.

Minced mutton and a chilli.

3 cloves of garlic and onions.

Brown sugar, black pepper and Himalayan salt.

Corn flour.

Sesame oil.

Combined the minced mutton and chopped chilli first.

Still raining.

My recipe sheet got wet. =(

Combining the rest of the ingredients (except scallions and parsley) together.

Mixed everything and let it marinate in the fridge.

2 hours later and formed myself a plate full of mutton balls.

Got the steamer ready.

Chopped the scallions and parsley and

sprinkled it all over.

Of course, just meat isn’t exactly healthy so it’s good to steam a plate of vegetables too.

Layer 1.

Layer 2.

15 minutes later.