3D2N Bandung Day 2 : Bubur Ayam, Rumah Mode, Cihampelas Walk, Mie Kocok, Kartika Sari

02.42 pm – Arrived at our eventual destination, Cihampelas Walk. One of the poshest shopping squares in bandung.

The very huge KFC restaurant at the front of the entrance of Cihampelas Walk.

WTF? Naughty? There’s nothing naughty about the things that this shop is selling. How misleading!

The walkways around the place.

Thought Crocs in Bandung was cheaper but the price turned out to be almost the same.

The indoor building in Cihampeas.

The open space right in front of it.

A boutique tailored to women.

‘I just can’t hold it in anymore’.

Checked out Obrai Gede Edean, another mall located directly opposite of Cihampelas walk.

A poor, poor replica of The Terminator.

04.21 pm – Took a taxi to Amanda’s, a confectionery famous for steamed brownies.

Devoid of customers when we walked in.

Goes very well with ice cream!

Saw some cool decorations while walking to our next destination.

A spiral stairs to circumvent the lack of space. How innovative!

05.51 pm – Arrived at one of the most famous bakeries in Bandung, Kartika Sari.

Lots and lots of cakes on display.

Chocolates and sweets too!

Vivian decided on almond cookies for souvenirs.

How a kartika sari cake box looks like.

A row of pisang molen, a cake stuffed with bananas.

06.21 pm – Took us some time to hail down a taxi.

Had the taxi drive us to a Circle K convenient store for the most important type of supply for holidays.

The aforementioned ‘supplies’. 😈

07.28 pm – Arrived back at our hotel to freshen up for the last night our of our trip.

07.43 pm – Checking out the ground floor directory of Festival CT Link Mall.

Decided to check out J.CO in its homeland to see if there was anything different.

Decided on some J.Club sandwiches.

09.14 pm – Went to Warteg Bahari for more food.

Indonesian rice with vegetables, beef and an egg.

More chicken congee for John.

08.35 pm – Winding down at our hotel’s dining area.

Ending the night with my favourite beverage in the whole of Indonesia.

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