3D2N Bandung Day 2 : Bubur Ayam, Rumah Mode, Cihampelas Walk, Mie Kocok, Kartika Sari

8.02 am – Woke up together and walked to the back alley of the hotel in search of food.

The street vendors and food stalls were located along Jl Babakan Ciparay.

The messy wires reminded me of Bangkok and Philippines.

The moment we saw this chicken congee vendor, we decided to give it a try.

Scooping out hot congee from the sides.

Bubur ayam. Delicious~

As there were other food that we were looking forward to trying, each couple shared a bowl.

John buying some fishballs from the fishball vendor.

A type of dessert made out of red beans and mung beans.

Tea with lots of sugar in it, Indonesian style.

By the lumpia basah stall.

Starting up the flames for us.

Frying the ingredients of the spring roll.

By Warteg Bahari, warteg meaning small restaurant and Bahari being the name of the place.

All the freshly cooked dishes early in the morning.

Fried noodles for myself.

Lumpia basah literally means ‘wet spring roll’. It is similar to the Vietnamese spring roll with bean sprouts, carrots, shrimp and/or chicken, and served with sweet and salted soybean sauce.

Another glass of tea.

Us experiencing breakfast in a warteg.

10.22 am – After that we went back to shower and poop before starting our 1 full day in Bandung. Took pictures by the huge Pop! Hotel alphabets outside the lobby while waiting for John and Kirsty.

2 minutes later they appeared and together, we waited for our taxi to arrive.

10.32 am – Off we went into the streets of Bandung.

10.49 am – 1st stop, Pasar Baru Trade Center.

The place is actually a building with lots of narrow lanes with shops on both sides. It was packed and I did not enjoy myself here. Nothing that tickles my fancy. Everything was almost the same. We were out of the place in no time.

11.10 am – Took the so called ‘local bus’ to another clothing market but was thoroughly disappointed when we arrived.

11.54 am – The next stop was the biggest and most famous factory outlet in bandung called Rumah Mode. We bought some stuff here but nothing that was branded as we could tell that they were fake. We felt conned that the factory outlets weren’t what they were supposed to be. The definition of a factory outlet in Bandung was supposed to be a shop that sells rejected authentic branded wear. None of the stuff were authentic at all.

The fancy trees and lampposts along the entrance into the building.

Fancy fountains.

Couldn’t help but have fun with the statues.

01.28 pm – Took a walk down the streets of Bandung to our next destination.

‘Don’t like ah war Ramen? Fuku!’

Road sign leading us to our eventual destination.

Spotted Mie Kocok Gakil. Mie kocok is a type of noodle dish with beef meat and tendon.

The menu.

Mie Kocok Iga Gakil. Iga is Indonesian for ribs.

Mie Kocok Kikil Pedas. Pedas means spicy.

Mie Kocok Kikil Baso. Baso is Indonesian for meatball.

Fried tilapia.

Fried chicken in gravy.


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