9D8N Beijing Day 1 : Taste Of Asia, AirAsiaX, Tianjin Binhai Airport, High Speed Rail HSR, Xinghaiqi Holiday Hotel, La Mien, KFC, Nanluoguxiang, Salud


05.27 am – Breakfast from Tune Hotel’s 7-Eleven.

06.32 am – Met up with the rest of Beijing6 and proceeded to check in our luggage at the airport.

07.11 am – Breakfast for those who haven’t at Taste of Asia.

08.05 am – As we reached the boarding gate, we were immediately asked to proceed to our plane.

08.21 am – The view of the morning sun from our seat.

08.50 am – Take off! WooOoo hOOooooOOo!!!! HOliday mood = ON!

09.38 am – As I last ate breakfast at 5.27am, I took the opportunity to have my kung pao chicken and chicken mayo sandwich.

Meanwhile, these fellas were busy whoring.

10.16 am – By this time, almost everyone was sleeping except me as I was still too full.

And so I just sat in silence, taking in the spectacular view of being 38,000 feet in the air.

02.34 pm – Landed in Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

Filled in the mandatory arrival and departure cards.

02.46 pm – Waited for the rest emptying their bowels.

03.07 pm – Took us some time to clear immigration before we got to picking up our luggage from the belt.

03.17 pm – As we got out, we immediately saw the shuttle bus booth that takes us to Tianjin high speed railway station.

It cost us only 10 yuan per person. If you took a taxi, it’ll cost you about 60 yuan instead.

Loved the city views from the shuttle bus.

04.32 pm – As traffic was congested, it took us about an hour to reach the stop for Tianjin railway. We were dropped at the back part of the railway where we had to walk about 300 meters.

As we got nearer, we realized that the railway was pretty massive!

04.46 pm – Electronic timetable right above the ticket counters. Don’t worry if you cannot speak Mandarin as a simple ‘Beijing’ as your turn arrives should do it. And oh, they do need your passport when buying tickets.

A high speed train ticket from Tianjin to Beijing South railway costs only RMB55.

And our tickets came with a bottle of mineral water.

The waiting area by the departure gates was HUGE!

There were many shops selling souvenirs but this bakery that goes by the name of Fresh caught our attention.

Snacks to keep ourselves full till dinner.

Dustbins dividing recyclable wastes from nonrecyclables.

05.14 pm – The gates about to open, 20 minutes before departure and you could see a line waiting to get in. This was where we experienced our first Chinese line cutting adventure. One of the many bad habits of the general Chinese.

05.18 pm – The view of ground floor where all the high speed trains were waiting as I went down the elevator from the first floor waiting area.

05.21 pm – Happily seated by our seats.

Hey, this is the same brand as the mineral water that came with the tickets!

The view as we were about to depart.

05.39 pm – Somewhere along the way.

The temperature was at a comfy 21°C. The range of temperature most comfortable for any human being is between 15°C – 25°C.

The speed of the bullet train reaching 300 kilometers per hour.

06.39 pm – After we arrived at Beijing South Railway, we changed into the city metro station, heading towards our destination.

Damn. We hit rush hour.

I like that there is a display to let you know where you are and where you are heading to at the moment.

Electronic advertisements by the tunnel walls.

Reached the metro station nearest to our hotel and proceeded to find our way to Xinghaiqi Holiday Hotel.

07.53 pm – Checking in was a breeze and Vivian and I were given room 8316. Xinghaiqi is one of the very few clean and convenient hotels that come with a price of under RMB200 per night. We felt it was really value for money when we saw the rooms.

Clean toilets.

08.47 pm – After taking our time to settle down, we went to check out our surrounding for the first time ever in Beijing.

Street vendors that caught our attention.

Food steamed on sticks.

Our first ever Beijing street food experience.

09.00 pm – The noodle restaurant that we had dinner in.

Century eggs.

Bean paste noodles.

Yanjing beer.

09.39 pm – Immediately after dinner, we had Chinese KFC.

Bought an ice snack from a convenience store along the way.

10.26 pm – Walked our way back to Nanluoguxiang, a famous street that sells novelty items although we left it till the last day for shopping.

10.53 pm – Popped into Salud, one of the many popular bars in Nanluoguxiang that has lots of foreigners for customers.


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