9D8N Beijing Day 6 : Summer Palace, Tower Of Buddhist Incense, Kunming Lake, Confucius Temple, Yonghe Lama Temple, Xizhimen Mall, Xinjiang Restaurant, Great Leap Brewery


06.47 am – Bought a big serving of instant noodles and the very famous Old Beijing Yogurt from the convenience corner by the hotel lobby.

Breakfast at our room’s window. Man, I miss Beijing so much!

08.19 am – Beijing6 ready to rock Day 6!

Following close behind to Kong Lin, our ever trustworthy Beijing tour guide.

Found seats for ourselves in the subway.

09.37 am – Arrived at the back entrance of Beijing’s Summer Palace.

Got ourselves tickets that cost 30 Yuan each.

Shophouses by the river where Empress Dowager Cixi loved strolling along, window shopping at the same time.

A Paifang (a traditional Chinese architectural gating style as an arch) at the back entrance.

Briefly joined the morning dance group by the Summer Palace.

Trees and stone carvings around the place.

09.59 am – A nicely kept walkway.

Before the short hike up.

At the foot of a pavilion.

Interesting architecture along the way.

Arrived at the Tower of Buddhist Incense, the highest building in the entire Summer Palace that has a brilliant view of the Kunming lake.

When we reached the top, the view was breathtaking! Totally magnificent. You will only understand it when you go there and see it yourself, just like how it felt when I went up Mount Kinabalu.

After all that, we sat down at a shaded area and listened to Kong Lin explain the history and interesting facts about the Summer Palace.

Saw a nice long corridor and we just couldn’t help it.

As we descended, the Tower of Buddhist Incense became smaller and smaller.

Reached the pier side.

Toilet break!

Found a nice spot for taking pictures.

Beautiful lily pond by the lake.

Getting high on osmanthus.

11.55 am – After a short stroll, we arrived at a eating center near the subway station. There was Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Yoshinoya, Dairy Queen among others.

We decided on Yoshinoya.

And believe me, it was REALLY delicious! Really, really good!

12.29 pm – OMFG! Dairy Queen!!!!

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