9D8N Beijing Day 5 : Muslim Halal Food, Olympic Green, Beijing National Stadium, Birds Nest Stadium, China Science Technology Museum, Silk Street Pearl Market, Ghost Street, Gui Jie, Little Sheep Steamboat, Nanluoguxiang


07.49 am – Rented a pair of bicycles from the hotel for our first ride around Beijing.

Rode to this shop at the corner of Di’anmenwai Dajie.

Pastries on display.

Went in and queued for awhile before our food arrived.

09.49 am – Met up with the rest of Beijing6 at the lobby of our hotel before proceeding to our day’s activities.

Herbal remedy for cooling down the body.

Zhangzizhonglu Station, one of the 2 stations closest to our hotel.

10.30 am – To the famous Bird’s Nest Stadium!

11.05 am – The station closest to Olympic Green, Beijing’s Olympic Park.

Passed by a HUGE hall on the way.

The really huge and tall Ling Long Pagoda that houses a part of the International Broadcast Center. Ling Long means delicate in Chinese so it literally means Delicate Tower in Chinese.

A really WIDE road adorned by flowers on the side.

The girls just couldn’t help themselves.

The sign at the foot of the street lamps.

The giant torch.

Beijing’s National Indoor Stadium from afar.

Kids playing kites.

The really, really awesome Beijing National Stadium.

The customary star jump.

Posing by the Beijing National Aquatics Center.

After all the photo taking, we had lunch by the Beijing Olympic Park Food Plaza.

Who would want to eat this?!

LOL. Ji bai = vagina. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

In the end I had ordinary unurinated, clean, delicious fried rice.

Kirsty had these instead.

01.09 pm – Left towards China Science and Technology Museum.

01.45 pm – We got lost along the way but managed to find the building nevertheless.

These bulbs by the ceiling was actually moving in a wavelike motion.

Being kids, learning about science the fun way.

The space section.

How Geoffrey would look like in an astronaut suit.

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