Bangkok Trip Day 4 : Mondays Were Made To Bring You Back Down To Earth


09.30 am – Woke up for breakfast. All of us had difficulty waking up except for Andy, thanks to Anthony’s Symphony Orchestra. Of all the 3 days, Bangkok City Inn’s Saturday breakfast was the best.

11.00 am – We showered, packed and met downstairs. I dare say that a small part of our hearts remained in Bangkok. I was kinda sad to leave. It felt like as if there were not enough days.

All the receptionists were very friendly throughout our stay here. ALL. And that includes the bucktoothed guy in night shift.

Thank you.

11.30 am – We left Bangkok City Inn.

I like the flexibility of the roads in Bangkok. If a lane is ever more jammed than the other, the light changes.

12.00 pm – Everyone who goes to or leaves Suvarnabhumi will surely see this BIG ASS advertisement board. The biggest I have ever seen in my life (I know. It doesn’t look convincing in the picture.)

12.05 pm – Waiting to check in to our flight.

We had roughly an hour to spend before leaving for the boarding gates.

12.13 pm – Had lunch in Suvarnabhumi’s Magic food court, hidden somewhere in the first floor. I’m guessing the food court was built for staff as there were a lot of people in uniforms around.

And this is the ONLY place in Suvarnabhumi where the food and drinks are priced reasonably.

Food here costs THB 40 and drinks THB 15, so you’ll surely have change when you buy an exchangable THB 100 coupon.

We took time to enjoy eating our last Thai meal.

12.59 pm – Took this right before entering immigration.

01.15 pm – Hung around Suvarnabumi’s ENDLESS ARRAY of duty free outlets.

Bought myself a pair of Bailey’s for THB 1400.

I liked the glimmering synthetic leather bag which came as a free gift.

01.38 pm – Airasia’s planes were parked at a distance, so far out that a bus was needed to transport us.

01.51 pm – All 6 of us managed to grab seats next to each other.

Andy and Daryl were still very excited while

I was busy checking out Wipudu ^.^

(Malaysian Time onwards.)

04.30 pm – Landed.

The rest of the day was spent uploading and arranging the 700+ photos from my camera. Out of 10, I would give this trip a 8. I look forward to returning to Bangkok again.


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