Bangkok Trip Day 2 : The Saturday In Bangkok Where We Discovered JET and Santika


08.30 am – Woke up for breakfast with Daniel. It was good! Too bad I didn’t have any photos. I loved the cereals and bacon. It was awesome!

09.30 am – Slept back.

10.45 am – Woke up. Daniel and I took turns to shower.

10.55 am – Knocked on Andy’s room and he answered the door. Said he wanted to sleep and miss the morning itinerary.

10.57 am – Knocked on Shawn’s room and he answered the door. Said the same thing as Andy.

10.59 am – Knocked on Siam Ong’s door. He was awake and will be joining Daniel and I for the morning itinerary.

Siam Ong packed his stuff and checked out of the room he shared with Eka. Tonight, we’re roommates.

11.13 am – Left for Chit Lom Skytrain BTS Station.

11.28 am – Each of us bought a BTS Sky Smartpass, preloaded with THB 100.

11.30 am – Hopped onto a skytrain and started our journey to Saphan Taksin station, where we’ll sit a river boat to Chinatown.

11.46 am – Reached the Saphan Taksin.

The 3 sleeping dogs by the pier.

11.49 am – Hopped into one of these.

The buildings were close to the water.

Imagine what would happen if salah masuk gear.

The Chao Phraya Boys.

Honestly, I didn’t see the sign =|

The boat ride was cool and we got to enjoy it for THB 15.

12.13 pm – Chinatown at Yaowarat Road.

12.23 pm – After a lot, lot, lot of direction asking, we reached the famous guay jub stall buried somewhere in the depths chinatown.

The Guay Jub Boys.

It looked like lime so I thought it was lime,

but it was actually orange juice. It tasted different, in a delicious way.

01.11 pm – As our taxi had difficulty finding the Hua Lamphong MRT station, we just told him to stop us at the main train station instead, which was about 1 minute’s walk away.

People lying around the floor made the hall look kinda run down.

Guess what we did while waiting for Geoffrey to finish dropping bombs.


Took lotsa boring ass photos!

01.20 pm – Left Hua Lamphong train station.

01.23 pm – Reached Hua Lamphong MRT.

01.27 pm – The MRT in Thailand uses tokens instead of cards.

02.40 pm – Caught up with the rest at Chatuchak, the largest market in the world comprising of more than 15,000 stalls. It’s so big that we lost each other easily along the way. It was impossible for 8 people to walk along together.

You can find almost anything from plates to

potpourri to

cactus to

creative wax products that looked exactly like the real thing.

If not for the wick, you would have thought these were mugs of beer.

Not only the products but some shop names were creative too.

02.55 pm – Chatuchak’s must try coconut ice cream.

The Coconut Ice Cream Boyz.

05.30 pm – Left Chatuchak in 2 taxis.

Saw some elephants at the exit. Actually, I think it’s pretty dangerous. Who knows what would happen if the elephants naik-ed gila.

05.33 pm – …and then the taxi I was on got involved in an accident.

Luckily, it was minor. My taxi driver managed to talk it off.

07.50 pm – After a bit of resting here and there, we started preparing for our night activities.

08.30 pm – Left for dinner. Ate at a Thai restaurant near Escudo.

09.30 pm – Left for Escudo. Little did we know


it was closed for renovation. FUCK!

Luckily, Eka was with us. After asking around, he found a taxi and directed it to bring us to JET before going home as he had an interview the following day. Honestly, I was half thankful Escudo closed. If not we wouldn’t have experienced the amazement of JET’s crowd. I dare say that 90% of the girls in JET were solid 9s. SOLID. TOTALLY! *droooool*

12.00 am – Left for Santika. JET was a live band club and they only sing in Thai. Of course we didn’t mind the girls, but our group decided to move to an English live band club as we thought we’d be more comfortable.

And so we ended up in Santika.

Which was quite big and crowded too!

Generally, there are more foreigners here than Thais.

I was surprised with the quality of the bands in Thailand. Seriously. Ask any 7 of us and we’d tell you. They were good. (good is actually an understatement of their kehebatan)

01.00 am – Daniel and I were too sleepy to carry on so we went home with Anthony first. So sleepy that we skipped supper. The rest continued partying.

01.30 am – zzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. You know, that friend of yours in the orange tee looks nicer when he smiles. (He only smiled in the toilet. What’s up with that?) Why doesn’t he? Haha. Just curious.

    More gaya issit?

  2. it’s a term we guys call ‘control handsome’..apparently it’s supposed to attract the ladies but i seriously doubt it works 😛

    anyway hello pamela song..i’m shawn..i work for your dad.. 🙂

  3. Hi Shawn, it’s Pam. And you’re right. It doesn’t work. WAHAHAHA.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist a stab. =p

    La la la. Anyway, I’ve heard stuff about you. (Jeng jeng jeng.)

  4. haha sorry..pam i mean

    i hope the things you’ve heard are all good..but they should be la, i’m afterall a very nice guy


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