Bangkok Trip Day 1 : The Friday That I Stepped Onto The Land Of Smiles, Bangkok

04.00 am – Woke up. Can’t seem to hold back my excitement. It was too much. I just kept imagining the things that we’d be up to the whole day. Damn. Anyhow, I still lied down on the bed till about 6am, tossing and turning.

07.00 am – Decided to stand up and start my day. Bought myself a packet of wan than mee from the coffee shop nearby. Ate with excitement. =P

07.30 am – Showered. Double checked the maps and directions. Made sure everything was in order.

08.35 am – Andy and Jason arrived.

We hung outside my house and started our journey to the airport as soon as

andy tai khing khoon jason ng wen huan

this fella reached. We were smiling and joking about the trip, all the way to the airport.

daryl koay tze yang

09.24 am – Everyone else arrived.

penang international airport

After collecting all the passports, Anthony, Shawn and I checked in while the rest went to fill their stomachs.

6 bags

It took me about half an hour to reach counter from where I was lining up cause there were a bunch of international kids from Bangkok who were also boarding the plane with us.

chris chee xin hao

9.59 am – After checking in, Shawn, Anthony and I went to find the rest who were having their breakfast at the airport’s cafeteria. We were given a slip of Thailand’s immigration registration pass which everyone had to fill in.

airport cafeteria

10.08 am – We bid Jason bye bye and proceeded into the departure gate towards the immigration counters.

Ok… Let me tell you. You see, Anthony was actually the most excited of us all. Really. He was so excited that he passed the immigration checkpoint without taking his passport. Really, here’s proof.


anthony ngo immigration forgot passport

10.11 am – The new regulation for liquids not exceeding 100ml for all international flights. You’ll have to put them all together into a clear Ziploc bag.

international flights 100 ml liquids rule

10.22 am – We were one of the last few to board the plane. Because of that, we didn’t manage to find a seat together. All of us were separated and sat beside strangers.

chee xin hao air asia

10.30 am – The first ever and the cutest airasia stewardess that I have ever seen in my life informing the plane passengers about stuff that I wasn’t paying any attention to.

thai airasia stewardess

10.36 am – The food menu of Thai Airasia looked different from the Airasia’s that I have sat before. The thing that I cannot tahan the most was the instant noodles. Practically everyone was ordering it. The killingly good smelling aroma filled the aircraft.

food menu

The drinks menu was also different.

thai air asia drinks menu

10.47 am – Lift off from Penang International Airport.

11.41 am – The tray took a long time to reach my row (which was quite far behind, while they started taking orders from the front) as almost someone from every row in front of me bought something to munch on. I decided not to eat too much, although the aroma of the instant noodles were killingly good, because I wanted to have a nice sumptuous lunch at Platinum Fashion Mall’s food court.

So I ordered a Tuna Sandwich for THB 70 and a Lemon Juice for THB 30.

Thai Airasia’s Tuna Sandwich tasted AWESOMELY DELICIOUS! Seriously! It was THAT good.

11.54 am – Remember earlier I mentioned about a group of international students flying with us to Bangkok? yeah.. Anthony sat next to one of them. As Anthony was a friendly person, he made friends with Round Face. Anthony even taught him how to eat instant noodles. Now how cool is that? Anthony, you never taught me how to eat instant noodles before oso.

Daryl and I requested for a picture of RoundFace and Anthony and they agreed. So here it is, Anthony and RoundFace.



11.25 pm – Landed.

Suvarnabhumi’s arrival hall was pretty long.

We jumped on a moving sidewalk and proceeded towards the immigration counters.

11.30 pm – On the way there, we visited the first ever toilet in Thailand to release our first ever load into Thailand.

Took a picture of Suvarnabhumi’s women toilet sign.

11.49 pm – Found a taxi and proceeded towards Bangkok City Inn. From what I see, virtually every taxi in Bangkok uses Toyota Altis. It was comfortable, covered in leather seats and had powerfully cool airconds. I was so amazed by the quality of comfort that Bangkok provided.

12.18 pm – Arrived in Ploenchit Road. Gaysorn, the mall just at the junction of Ploenchit Road and Rajdamri Road may outshine all the other posh centers with its white marble and chrome fixtures although it’s smaller than Siam Paragon. Here you can find all the requisite European labels as well as many local designers, such as Somchai Songwatana.

The taxi turned right into Rajdamri and we saw it. Central World, the largest shopping center in Southeast Asia at 8.6 million square feet. Seriously, Bangkok really does have a collection of world class shopping malls.

Rajdamri Road is just a road, not a highway and it has 7 lanes man. 7 LANES!

12.31 pm – Arrived in Bangkok City Inn. I loved everything about this hotel. The reception was friendly, bellboys were friendly, guests were friendly, waiters and waitresses at the coffee house was friendly, the beds were clean, the toilets were clean, the rooms were cold, the room service was efficient.

After checking in, we went back to our rooms to change. My roommate for the next 3 nights was Daniel. Anthony got Andy and Shawn got Daryl.

The sink was clean. They provided shower caps, soap, shampoos, bubble baths, face towels, hand towels and 2 cups to hold your toiletries.

The toilet bowl was made out of anti bacterial material, whatever that means. There was also a dustbin, 2 laundry bags and a full roll of toilet paper provided.

You could take a a fast shower or dip in the bathtub for hours. I’m not so sure what the railing on the left is for. I think it’s useful as support for shower sex.

01.00 pm – Walked over to Platinum Fashion Mall, which was just 5 minutes away from our hotel.

01.12 pm – Arrived in Platinum Fashion Mall’s food court.

The food selection there was so many that I decided to eat the stall with the most people lining up, which was the pork leg stall which can also be found in Island Glades’ Genting. Somehow, I still prefer the one in Island Glades.

How my plate of pork limbs looked like.

Daryl had (shit i forgot).

Daniel had (shit i forgot).

Shawn had (shit i forgot).

Andy had (shit i forgot).

Anthony had (shit i forgot).

I ordered a beetroot, apple, carrot mix for THB 35. I actually ate a lot of fruits for the entire duration of the trip so as to maintain my health.

01.49 pm – We took a walk around Platinum Fashion Mall after lunch and found out that this is really a ladies’ paradise. Almost everything sold here is girl related. Almost. A girl could spend hours after hours haunting every alley in the mall, looking at bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, bla bla bla.

01.54 pm – Left Platinum Fashion Mall and walked towards Siam Paragon.

Along the way, there were many many stalls selling street food. They sure looked delicious.

01.58 pm – As it was hot and Anthony, Daryl and I was thirsty, we stopped by a thai coconut stall for a drink.

Daryl (in coconut land),

Anthony and

I enjoyed it very much. The flesh was a little harder than the coconut flesh from Penang. Nevertheless, it tasted awesome!

02.10 pm – We continued our walk to Siam Paragon which was a little over 1km from Platinum Fashion Mall.

02.15 pm – Touched the entrance to Siam Paragon.

02.18 pm – Found the car display floor.

Lamrborghini Murcielago.

With the recent fuel increase and the out of reach price of a Lambo, Anthony and Andy gave the bicycle a serious thought.

02.32 pm – We sat down and rested while waiting for Daniel to finish dropping rockets.

02.41 pm – Saw this green bunny and decided to take a shot at it.

02.52 pm – Checked out the cinema floor. I was amazed at Paragon Cineplex’s waiting area. It was practically filled with comfortable cushioned seats for patrons. How cool is that?

03.22 pm – After that we left for Central World. It was so big that we had trouble finding McDonald’s.

Although we found Sawadee-Ronald-kap, the restaurant was nowhere within our viewing radius.

03.31 pm – Only after 10 minutes of asking around did we find it. Anthony was so happy he decided to headbang.

I was surprised that McDonald’s was not called McDonald’s in Thailand. It’s actually called

04.11 pm – After more than half an hour of rest, we proceeded to walk to Big C to get our missing necessities before heading back to our hotel.

At the pedestrian bridge between Central World and Big C.

04.13 pm – Each room bought half a dozen of large bottled mineral water to share among roomies from Big C supermarket.

05.06pm – Met up with Geoffrey and Eka at the hotel.

Walked over to Pratunam Center to get ourselves pampered.

05.19 pm – We went massage shop hopping before deciding which to go for. Finally, we picked one where the price was right, masseurs were older and had no customers.

Shawn was the first to get his legs treated.

After that was me and Anthony, who also only opted for a leg massage.

However, Eka, Geoffrey and Andy chose full body massage. Andy’s masseuse looked dangerous to me.


hahahahaha… Andy and his masseuse seem to be enjoying themselves.

(And yeah… these are real masseurs and there is no hanky panky involved. No happy endings. Just real, authentic massages)

Anthony’s masseuse got a day off from her boss when the boss saw Anthony.

06.46 pm – Went to a riverside cafe for dinner.

I don’t know what happened to him, but it seems like Anthony can’t stop acting cute throughout the trip.

See. Anthony again.

08.58 pm – After showering and changing our clothes, we proceeded to Route 66.

Only we knew what Shawn was looking at.

Route 66 consists of North, South, East and West. We hung around East as that’s the R&B section.

Although the whiskey was cheap at THB 1400, we had to pay for mixers. Water was THB 40 each. Ice was THB 40 each. Coke was THB 40 each. Overall, it’s still cheap la.

09.17 pm – Took a pic with the DJs at Route 66.

09.23 pm – Warming up.

The man who made everything possible. Thanks a million for your time and hospitality Eka! Will bring you a dozen of Malaysian made Featherlites the next time we meet! Thanks again!

09.30 pm – This is how the outside looks like. The area is setup specifically for people to sit around smoking. This is cause you can’t smoke inside. Cool, right? Damn! That’s why the inside of Route 66 smelled so sweet.

11.11 pm – Another group of our friends arrived. Suddenly Andy became ‘paiseh’,

Shawn was in high spirits and Anthony started acting cute AGAIN.

01.45 am – Went to check out the West side of Route 66. It was live band all night and the Thais loved it!

02.28 am – Gathering outside after Route 66 closed.

03.10 am – And then Eka brought us to eat very, super delicious porridge for supper.

Seriously man. It was really, really, really, really, really, really tasty!!


Daniel and

Daryl loved it too!

03.30 am – Finally went back to our room. Daniel and I showered before sleeping. As we were all very tired, we stepped into dreamland straight away.

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eh mcd in Thailand is still called mcd la..mcthai co ltd. is just the name of the franchising company, like in Msia its called golden arches sdn bhd.

the same thing is printed on our msian mcd receipts also

anyway, i wasn’t the only one looking at something during the route66 group shot..i think practically everyone noticed the same thing haha..


anthony and the baby boy look alike is either father and son or brothers nii lol
did u ate the pork burger from thai mcd?
thai very super nice right? LOL see i didnt lie =P
BeTrend nice or not? super colorful.. esp. the place they put the highlighter and pen and so on… we stucked in there for a very long hour in there at that time fuhyoh~
HOW BOUT ROUTE 66??? LOL hahaha thai’s club so nice right, non-smoking one. club at thai wont make our liver get damage by smelling all the smokes like M’sia. summore there’s alot of hot thai gurls. *wink wink*
now r u start loving to club at thai than penang dii leh?? ngek ngek ngek!! now u know why i felt so excited when im in BKK dii. hahaha

yeah.. they do look alike.

nope. didn’t eat McD’s the pork burgers as we were already full when we went there.

betrend? don’t know bout that.

yeah.. loved route66. will try out slim/flix the next time. and yes.. the girls.. @[email protected] i’d not want to get married!

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