Bangkok Trip : 20th to 23rd June 2008


Contents :

  1. Trip details. (Updated 4th June)
  2. Top Clubs Suggested By Party Goers. (Updated 4th June)
  3. Top 10 Food Worth Trying This Trip. (Updated 30th May 2008)
  4. The Top 10 Places Worth Visiting This Trip. (Updated 30th May 2008)
  5. Trip Timetable. (Updated 16th June)

Trip Details.

  1. Flight
  2. flight details

    Total = RM 345 per person

  3. Hotel
  4. bangkok city inn

    Bangkok City Inn
    43/5 Rajdamri Road, Prathumwan
    Bangkok 10330
    Tel. 0-22535373

    Check-in : Friday, June 20, 2008
    Check-out : Monday, June 23, 2008

    Number and category of rooms : 3 Standard Room / Twin

    Total = RM 157.21 per person

  5. Personal Necessities
    • Passport.
    • Flight itinerary.
    • Hotel reservation voucher.
    • Bangkok transportation map.

  • Top Clubs Suggested By Party Goers.
    1. Escudo
    2. escudo

      • Accessible by Thonglor Skytrain Station.
      • 4.7 km south east of our hotel.
    3. Route 66
    4. route 66 bangkok

      • Accessible only by car.
      • 3.6 km east of our hotel.

    Top 10 Food Worth Trying This Trip.

    1. Thip Samai
    2. thip samai

      pad thai

      thip samai orange juice

      thip samai frozen coconut

      • Most famous, best, authentic, original pad thai in the whole of Bangkok is found here.
      • Thip Samai started business over 40 years ago.
      • Apparently, the best orange juice and frozen coconut juice in bangkok is also found here.
      • You have 7 types of pad thai to choose from and each pad thai has big ass prawns in it. (There are 7 of us so we can order all pad thais in the menu)
      • All pad thais are in between 25 – 120 baht.
      • Accessible only by car.
      • Operating hours is from 17.30 to 01.30
      • Exact location is 2.8 km West of our hotel.
    3. Shrimp on a Stick
    4. shrimp on a stick

      • An old man (let’s hope he’s still alive and well) with a street cart sells the most delicious and juicy shrimp on a stick, soaked in chili sauce.
      • Less than 50 baht for 6 fat ass juicy shrimps for breakfast.
      • Walkable from Ekkamai Skytrain Station. About 300 meters down Sukhumvit Road at Soi 69
    5. 55
    6. sukhumvit soi 55 hawker

      • Has been selling for more than 40 years.
      • Famous dishes are the stir-fried little flower with glass noodle and salted pork, the irresistible spicy duck with crispy basil leaves, and oyster omelet.
      • Operating hours is from 18:00 – 3:00.
      • After getting down from the Skytrain in Thonglor, exit on the left, walking towards On Nut Skytrain Station. After walking across the intersection of Sukhumvit 55, it can be found on the left in another 20 meters.
    7. 10 Baht Rice Soup
    8. rice soup

      • Rice soup comes in two different kinds; jasmine and brown (two bowls for 5 baht).
      • There are over 50 kinds of side dishes to choose from. (each costs only 10 baht!)
      • The menu is different everyday. Talk about variety!
      • Operating hours is from 17:00 to 22:00
      • About 5.7 km West from our hotel. (located near north side of Grand Palace)
    9. Poj Spa Kar
    10. thai fillet fish

      look rock soup

      3 flavoured rice

      • The restaurant was opened by the chef’s grandfather after his retirement from the royal family kitchen of the King Rama V 82 years ago.
      • The recipes has been passed to the thrid generation and will continue as all the staff are family members.
      • Dishes are reasonably priced.
      • Operating hours is from 10:00 – 21:00.
      • Located at 443 Tanao Rd, perpendicular to Khao San Rd.
      • About 5 km West from our hotel.
      • Must try dishes :
        – Sweet, fried fillets of fish, crispy fragrant kale and tangy lime mayo.
        – Their signature Look Rock Soup.
        – 3 flavoured fried rice, served with some chicken bits in a sweet, gooey sauce.
    11. Chotechitr
    12. chotechitr

      banana flower salad

      tom yam pla

      green curry chicken

      • A small, charming little place in Phraeng Phuton, a little lane off Tanao Road near the Democracy Monument that serves homemade cooked food.
      • Operating Hours is from 11:00 – 21:00 PM (Mon – Sat)
      • About 5 km West from our hotel.
      • Must try dishes :
        – Banana flower salad
        – Tom yam pla
        – Green curry chicken
        – Chotechitr mee krob
    13. Guay Jub
    14. guay jub soup scooper

      guay jub owner

      guay jub

      • Delicious pork noodles. You get to choose internal pork stuff ^.^
      • Less than 50 baht per bowl.
      • Located on Sampeng Lane, Chinatown.
      • Operating hours is day time I guess, judging by the pictures.
      • Accessible only by car. Nearest is Hua Lumphong MRT Station (0.9 km) east of Chinatown.
      • About 3.7 km West from our hotel.
    15. Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court
    16. platinum fashion mall food court

      • Winner of Chris Chee Shopping Complex Food Court Research Competition.
      • Great variety, lots of stuff you won’t find in other food courts.
      • The beef noodles and braised duck noodles taste better than Siam Center.
      • Recommended to try out the tau fu fa in ginger tea. Soothes the tummy before and after eating all the fried nonsense and chili hot ass dishes.
    17. Chatuchak Market
    18. chatuchak stick food

      food for sale

      fruit shakes

      • The food section has a loads of stuff to eat.
    19. Erawan Bakery at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel
    20. bakery

      • Wonderful muffins, croissants, pastries and cakes are made there.
      • EVERYTHING is sold at half-price after 19:30.
      • About 0.6 km South from our hotel.

    The Top 10 Places Worth Visiting This Trip.

    1. Grand Palace & Grand Temple of The Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew).
    2. wat phra kaew

      • The oldest traditional Thai massage school is also found here. The massage service offered here is cheap, authentic and genuine. Guaranteed no ‘happy endings’.
      • Largest reclining Buddha in Thailand is found here.
      • Accessible only by car.
      • 5.5 km West from our hotel.
    3. Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun).
    4. wat arun

      • The most famous and photographed temple in Bangkok.
      • The temple is made from 1000’s of pieces of broken porcelain.
      • It is a small temple and no more than 30 minutes is needed to see it all.
      • Accessible only by car.
      • 5.9 km West from our hotel.
    5. Bangkok National Museum
    6. bangkok national museum

      • Largest museum in Southeast Asia.
      • To understand the many meanings and symbolism of Thai art, architecture and traditions.
      • Find out about the origins of the Thai people, the marriage of Hinduism and Buddhism, and the role of the Monarchy.
      • Accessible only by car.
      • 5.5 km West from our hotel.
    7. Lumphini Park.
    8. lumphini park

      • To relax. Very peaceful, tranquil.
      • 2.1 km South from our hotel.
      • Accessible through BTS Sala Daeng Skytrain station.
    9. Sky Bar at 64th Floor of the State Tower.
    10. sky bar

      • FANTASTIC view of the city. FANTASTIC!
      • Very, very expensive. Cocktails start from 350 baht, beer 270 baht.
      • Usually very crowded with tourists.
      • Accessible only by car.
      • 4 km South West from our hotel.
    11. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.
    12. damnoen saduak

      • The only original, worth-going-to floating market. Others are a waste of time.
      • Accessible only by car.
      • About 70 km from our hotel. (Too far. Even Suvarnabhumi Airport is only 24 km from our hotel)
    13. Chatuchak Weekend Market.
    14. chatuchak weekend market

      • Daytime only. Starts closing at 5pm.
      • About 6.6 km North of our hotel.
      • Accesible through Mo Chit Skytrain Station.
    15. Central World.
    16. central world

      • An upmarket shopping mall, with two large department stores at each end.
      • Walking distance from hotel.
    17. Platinum Fashion Mall.
    18. platinum fashion mall

      • It has more then a 1000 fashion stalls selling apparels mostly for ladies.
      • If you buy 3 items and up, you get 30-40% off per piece in some shops.
      • Walking distance from hotel.
    19. Siam Paragon.
    20. siam paragon

      • Siam Ocean World is located at the basment.
      • There is a never-ending food hall.
      • An indoor lake.
      • Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, all have dealerships inside this mall.
      • Walking distance from hotel.

    Places that didn’t make the cut :

    • Bangkok Shooting Range. (3000 baht. Too expensive.)
    • Jim Thompson House. (silk house and museum.)
    • BaiPai Thai Cooking School. (3 hours of solid fun. Suitable for couples and girls only. I cannot imagine myself in apron learning how to cook with 6 of my guy friends)
    • Suan Lum Night Bazaar. (same wares sold for 20% more than Chatuchak)
    • Patpong Night Market. (same wares sold for 50% more than Chatuchak)

    Trip Timetable


    Day 1 (Friday, 20th June)

    08.00 am – Wake up. Shower. Eat some fruits.

    08.30 am – Leave for the airport.

    Note :

    • Guys, I will be snapping pictures like an AK-47 until the battery power is drained. (about 300 pictures per charge).
    • I have set my camera from 6MP to 3MP to increase the limit to 1300 pictures.

    09.00 am – All 6 of us check in together.

    09.15 am – Breakfast at Nasi Kandar Bayan Lepas.

    10.00 am – Be back at the airport.

    10.15 am – Be inside and waiting at the boarding gate.

    10.35 am – Sawadeekapppppppppppppppppppppppppppp.

    (Penang – Bangkok timezone difference is minus 1 hour)

    11.15 am – Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport (23km east from our hotel). Ton-kap, please don’t run off by yourself. We walk down the plane together ok?

    11.30 am – Take the ordinary metered taxis available on the 2nd floor. As there are 6 of us we break into 2 cars. Song-kap, Ton-kap and Kon-kap should ride together while Yong-kap and Ting-kap can follow me.

    Note :

    • Follow the “public taxi” signs, queue up and state your destination at the desk, and you’ll get a slip with your destination written in Thai on it. There is a 50-baht surcharge on the meter, meaning that trips to the city will cost 300-400 baht (plus a 25-baht expressway toll) and take 40-60 minutes depending on traffic. (Beware of taxi drivers who claim that the-50 baht surcharge is applied to each passenger as opposed to per taxi.) If there is a huge taxi queue, consider taking a free shuttle bus to the Public Transport Center, which has more taxis. Go straight to the official “Taxi Stand” and wait there.

    01.00 pm – I believe that we should be at the hotel by this time. We’ll check in to our rooms, make sure it’s in order 1st. Change into slippers and shorts. Keep all important things like the passport and extra money in the private safe.

    Note :

    • Our hotel has a money changer, morning call service and complimentary newspapers available in the lobby.
    • Our rooms have towels, a private safe and robes.

    01.30 pm – Walk to Platinum Fashion Mall and have lunch first.

    Note :

    • Winner of Chris Chee Shopping Complex Best Food Court Award.
    • Distance is like from my house to Mandarin Cafe.
    • We have to move fast because we want to cover Siam Paragon and Central World. If anything we can always come back here as it is SO NEAR to our hotel.

    02.00 pm – Walk walk in Platinum Fashion Mall. We should get shampoo, soap, bla bla and tahan lapar stuff like instant noodles and buns. I want to buy a bunch of ripe bananas.

    03.30 pm – Walk over to Siam Paragon and take a look. Shouldn’t buy anything as the stuff here is high class stuff.

    04.30 pm – Satrt going back to the hotel. Board the SkyTrain at Siam BTS and come off at Chit-Lom BTS. Walk back to Bangkok City Inn.

    05.00 pm – Rest.

    06.00 pm – Rommate 1 (slower guy) shower.

    06.15 pm – Rommate 2 shower.

    06.30 pm – Take a metered taxi to Thip Samai for the best pad thai in town.

    07.00 pm – Thip Samai.

    08.00 pm – Take a metered taxi to Route 66.

    08.30 pm – Route 66.

    02.00 am – If can, supper.

    03.00 am – Go back to our hotel. Arrange for morning call at the reception. Roommate 1 (faster guy) Shower.

    03.15 am – Roommate 2 shower.

    03.30 am – Sleep.

    Day 2 (Saturday, 21st June)

    09.30 am – Morning call. Roommate 1 (faster guy) shower.

    09.45 am – Roommate 2 shower.

    10.15 am – Meet at the lobby.

    10.30 am – Take a skytrain from BTS Chit Lom to BTS Siam (1 station) and then to BTS Saphan Thaksin (5 stations).

    11.00 am – From there take a river ferry (18 baht) to Ratchawongse pier which leads you straight to Chinatown.

    11.15 am – A short walk straight up Ratchawong road, and Sampeng Lane is on your right. It’s wholesale accessories, knick knacks, shoes and bags galore. Kinda like a condensed version of Petaling Street.Keep walking and you’ll see a stall selling Guay Jub and Nam Song (orange juice).

    11.30 am – Guay jub.

    12.00 pm – Go back where we came from.

    12.30 pm – Skytrain from BTS Saphan Thaksin to BTS Siam (5 stations) and then to BTS Mo Chit (6 stations).

    01.00 pm – Chatuchakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    04.00 pm – Meet back at BTS Mo Chit.

    04.15 pm – Skytrain from BTS Mo Chit to BTS Chit Lom (8 stations).

    04.45 pm – Walk back to our hotel.

    05.00 pm – Rest.

    06.00 pm – Rommate 1 (slower guy) shower.

    06.15 pm – Rommate 2 shower.

    06.30 pm – Take a metered taxi to Chotechitr.

    Note :

    • A small, charming little place in Phraeng Phuton, a little lane off Tanao Road near the Democracy Monument that serves homemade cooked food.

    07.00 pm – Chotechitr.

    08.00 pm – Take a metered taxi to Escudo.

    08.30 pm – Escudo.

    Note :

  • Escudo club is situated in the “OH SO HI-SO” area of Thong Lor (Sukhumvit 55, between Soi 11-13). The club is tucked away at the top of a non descript building.
  • The first floor DJ’s spin mostly mainstream hip-hop, while upstairs is more house-music driven. Very, very busy on weekends.
  • 01.00 am – If can, supper.

    02.00 am – Go back to our hotel. Arrange for morning call at the reception. Roommate 1 (faster guy) Shower.

    02.15 am – Roommate 2 shower.

    02.30 am – Sleep.

    Day 3 (Sunday, 22nd June)

    09.30 am – Morning call. Roommate 1 (faster guy) shower.

    09.45 am – Roommate 2 shower.

    10.15 am – Meet at the lobby.

    10.30 am – Take a taxi to Poj Spa Kar.

    11.00 pm – Poj Spa Kar.

    12.00 pm – Walk to Bangkok National Museum (next to Thammasat University).

    12.15 pm – Bangkok National Museum, the largest in southeast asia.

    12.45 pm – Walk to Grand Palace & Grand Temple of The Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew).

    01.15 pm – Walk to Wat Pho.

    01.45 pm – Get 1 full hour’s worth of authentic Thai massage from the massage school.

    03.00 pm – Walk to Tha Tien Pier a Chao Phraya river and take an express boat to Wat Arun.

    03.15 pm – Wat Arun.

    03.45 pm – Take a metered taxi to BTS National Stadium.

    04.05 pm – Skytrain from BTS National Stadium to BTS Siam (1 station).

    04.10 pm – Skytrain from BTS Siam to BTS Sala Daeng (2 stations).

    04.15 pm – Walk to Lumphini Park, the biggest park in Bangkok city.

    05.00 pm – Skytrain from BTS Sala Daeng to BTS Siam (2 stations).

    05.05 pm – Skytrain from BTS Siam to BTS Chit Lom (1 station).

    05.10 pm – Walk back to hotel.

    05.30 pm – Rest.

    06.30 pm – Rommate 1 (slower guy) shower.

    06.45 pm – Rommate 2 shower.

    07.00 pm – Skytrain from BTS Chit Lom to BTS On Nut (8 stations).

    Note :

    • After getting down from the Skytrain in Thonglor, exit on the left, walking towards On Nut Skytrain Station. After walking across the intersection of Sukhumvit 55, it can be found on the left in another 20 meters.

    07.30 pm – Dinner at 55.

    08.30 pmTake a metered taxi to Sky Bar at Sirocco, The Dome above the State Tower.

    09.00 pmSky Bar. (canceled. Siam Ong says it costs more than a thousand baht per entry.)

    Siam Ong’s friend suggested Ratchada.

    10.00 pm – Take a metered taxi to Soi Cowboy.

    10.30 pm – Soi Cowboy.

    Note :

    • Do not use the taxis that basically almost block the entrance to Soi Cowboy at Asoke road. They are a gang of thugs, and will certainly ripp you off once you board them!
    • As for the bars, good shows are to be seen at both Long Gun (Lucky Star) and Rawhide.
    • There is a noise problem at both Long Gun and Rawhide though.
    • At Long Gun, it is recommended we go as deep in the bar as possible since the speakers are at the entrance. At Rawhide, go to the right of the bar, the speakers are smaller on that side.
    • Dollhouse bar has the most cheerful people there than in most other places.
    • All three Long Gun, Rawhide and Dollhouse Bar have drinks priced at 120 baht and water is available cheaply.
    • The other bars at Soi Cowboy, while not clearly offering anything out of the ordinary, are more expensive

    Late am – Because it is the last night of our trip, there is no time limit.

    Day 4 (Monday, 23rd June)

    10.30 am – Wake up. Rommate 1 (slower guy) showers.

    10.45 am – Rommate 2 showers.

    11.00 am – Check out of Bangkok City Inn.

    11.15 pm – Take a metered taxi to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

    12.15 pm – All 6 of us check in together.

    12.30 pm – Lunch at either Magic food court or Sky Lounge, depending on the cash we have left.

    Note :

    • The cheapest place to eat is the Magic food court on the 1st floor, while perhaps the most comfortable and relaxing of the airport’s restaurants and cafes is the Sky Lounge on the 6th floor (panaromic views of the runway).

    01.30 pm – Be inside and waiting at the boarding gate.

    01.55 pm – La gon. =(

    (Bangkok – Penang timezone difference is plus 1 hour)

    04.35 pm – Penang International Airport.


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    1. BANGKOK!!!!!!! fuiyohhhh heaven!!

      platinum, if u guys go there a group i mean a few people sharing around can buy alot of polo-T and also Tee-shirt in a very cheap rates.

      siam paragon, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, all have dealerships inside this mall. yeah superb cool!!! damn niceee the car i mean, should have go take a look i bet u guys will lurve it tillll……….hmmm

      central world, largest shopping mall in Asia. walk til legs patah. hahaha

      enjoy the trip! bangkok really very very very very nice =P

    2. top food that worth trying:

      1. pat tai *thumbs up*
      2. fried chicken rice (eventough it is oily but yummy)

      *phit nam pa* haha the chilli hahahaha

    3. vivian : i know you had fun in BKK. I saw your nearly 200 pictures on facebook.

      ‘phit nam pa’ sounds like……. *tiak* the kukubird.

    4. hahahahahah hor dirty minded hahah but phit nam pa really sound so …. =.=
      ya bkk really superb nice fuiyohhh
      took too many pictures dii facebook is just part of it nii still got alot cannot finish upload =P
      should have go to route 66 also heheh hmm nice to club there

    5. hahahahaha just because of route 66 and then u guys plan to go there hahahaha keat, but seriously bangkok really superb fun. after u guys club at route 66 come back for sure feels that penang’s club is just …..aiksss nothing nice and fun anymore!! route 66 rawkss alot of hot babes there haha =P

      go bkk eat pad thai, have to eat this for sure, i bet that u guys will lurve it so much. yummy!!

    6. vivian : alright, we’ll make eating pad thai a priority. You sound so excited when talking bout bangkok.

      I’m imagining you jumping up and down in the air with your hands up coupled with a pair of hot sunglasses while telling me bout the trip.

    7. hahahahahahah yeah man i really lurve bangkok aiyoooo i memang very excited whenever i tell everyone bout the trip *showing off* hahahaha but ahduiii I LOVE BANG-COCK!!! hahahahaha

      i am not jumping up and down like kiddo ler just abit over excited haha nevermind when your turn come back after the trip i bet u will be the same like me =P hahah

    8. vivian : ya.. I do look forward to enjoying myself over there. However, we’ll still have to wait n see if I’d turn out like you..

    9. I BET YOU WILL =P but i am not too sure also ler
      anyway enjoy the trip till the max u will never regret after going there fuiyyohhhh!!!

    10. wahhh super systematic huh the whole plan of the trip. i tell u ler at least better take a small umbrella hahah eventough looks gay but just in case or else so unlucky it rain like what i kena that time wanna find umbrella also quite hard, really very chiak lat wan then ur plan and timetable will all buhbye =P trust me. vivian’s word are always right one lol

      magic food court food still not that bad, nice also ler and it is very cheap i mean as in air port food.
      6th floor up there wan quite expensive and not much people in there one hahaha most of it will be the “ang mor gao” eating there.

      go there tell the “bu ying” (gurls) that they are “sui jing jing” means pretty hahah then i bet u can maybe get a hot babe of thai when u come back?? hahaha

      *i am waiting for u guys to come back then ur turn jumping up and down clapping your hands with ur two feets jump high off the ground and tell me how nice is bang-cock hahaha that time u will understand why is it i am so excited everytime i talked about my bangkok trip*

      ENJOY THE TRIP and i for sure u guys will hehe seeya!!

    11. vi….. vi….. want to join us anot? u macam 1 2 go again.

      a thai hot babe? sure. but only if she can speak english. abo no point.

      anyways, thanks for the tip on the umbrella =)

    12. chr…is….hahaha i memang want to go again but not now maybe next year or after i graduate. have to save money 1st before i go. i will go again and again and again until i am sick of bang-cock.

      next trip let’s go macau hahaha or TAIWAN!!! wuhooo~

      make sure that is the real babe but not fake one haha because some might be superb hot and pretty but fake one. or else later she strip time only u realise oh my god she is a he then gaiii lol~

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      u can ask air asia fly to taiwan one bcz ur chris chee air asia willingly to fly to anywhere u want to go.

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