4D3N Bangkok Day 1 : Airport Rail Link, MRT, Town Lodge, Soi 38, Padthai, Soi Cowboy, Nana Entertainment Plaza

01.52 pm – Started packing 1 hour before the trip. As it was just a 3 nights trip, there was nothing much to pack.

Got my toiletries in order.


Printed out the trip itineraries like boarding passes, hotel reservation details and 1 whole page of basic Thai phrases.

03.25 pm – Arrived at Penang International Airport.

Checked the departure/arrival information display on the tv.

At 1635, FD3545 is supposed to land and pick up passengers before leaving again

at 1705 as FD3546 to Bangkok.

03.33 pm – Went to the Airasia check in counters to verify our boarding passes.

Verified with a chop.

I liked Penang International Airport’s new toilets. Looks good, smells good.

03.59 pm – Waited with the rest of the passengers at the boarding gate.

04.47 pm – FD3546 ready for boarding!

Immersed myself into AirAsia’s in flight magazine.

05.38 pm – Had my fried chicken basil rice meal.

~mmMMMmmmm~ delicious!!

*All times after this is Bangkok time which is 1 hour minus Penang’s.

6.04 pm – Landed at the airport of the best city in the world.

The feeder bus that takes us from the plane’s parking bay to the international arrival hall.

The view from the bus.

At the entrance.

The very tall and spacious international arrival terminals.

After only 10 minutes of immigration procedures, we were out of the airport. We were actually very lucky as during peak periods, processing times could take almost an hour.

Began watching out for the signs to the Airport Rail Link that will take us directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center.

The moving walkway that links the Airport Rail Link to the airport.

Buying ourselves a pair of return tickets.

The clean and modern looking train interiors.

A return journey costs only 150 baht. The average fare for a taxi ride cost around 350 baht and the journey takes about 45 minutes. So if there’s only 3 fellas or less traveling together, it makes more sense to take the Airport Rail Link.

The sunset view of Bangkok city form the train.

06.45 pm – 15 minutes later, we arrived at Makkasan station.

Began looking for the signs that lead to Phetchaburi MRT station.

The traffic of Asoke Montri street.

06.53 pm – After about 8 minutes of walking, we arrived at the entrance of Phetchaburi MRT.

Bought ourselves a token each.

10 minutes later, we arrived at the walkway just above Sukhumvit MRT that overlooks Terminal 21, Bangkok’s newest shopping mall.

Our journey since touching down at 6.04pm.

5 minutes later, we arrived at the mouth of Soi 18, the road where our hotel was located.

07.21 pm – After a brief 6 minutes walk,

we arrived at Town Lodge. Prices of room were actually THB1400 but because I saw a promotion online, I made the booking with the promo code ‘Stickman’ and got it for THB900! Awesome 35% discount!!!!!

The lobby.

The dining area just beside the bar called Toxic Club.

Check in was pretty fast as it only took 1 minute for them to verify my reservation.

Was given room 201.

The posh looking bed.

The view of the room from the bed.

The sink area.

Power shower!

The cupboard.

How considerate of them to provide tools of emergency for hotel guests. 😈

07.56 pm – Apparantly, the air conditioning wasn’t cool enough for me so we decided to change rooms. Our request was met immediately and we changed rooms twice actually. They accommodated our every whims and fancies. Kudos to the staff in Town Lodge!

The final room we settled in looked almost the same as the first one we were given.

08.34 pm – After a quick shower, Vivian and I were ready for whatever nightlife Bangkok had to offer.

08.48 pm – Vivian went on her first ever motosai experience.

08.58 pm – Arrived in Soi 38 for dinner.

The shoplot restaurant that supposedly sells delicious pad thai.

How it looks like inside.

The pad thai menu.

Had ourselves a plate of pad thai moo (beef) and

pad thai kai (chicken). Both equally delicious!

10.17 pm – Soi Cowbooooooooooooooooooooooy! So popular until they got Manchester United to endorse them.

Sat outside at one of the bars and had a Singha as we watched the red light district life pass by around us.

11.22 pm – Decided on a change of venue.

Took a BTS from Asok to Nana to

Nana Plazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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