3D2N Bandung Day 3 : Primajasa, Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta Airport, Airasia

08.30 am – Woke up in search of breakfast.

A busy Saturday morning.

Another chicken congee stall.

Selling right outside where they live.


Prawn crackers that came with it.

After stirring it with crackers mixed in.

Mi bakso, another type of dish that they served.

09.07 am – Walked back to our hotel.

Started packing.

11.57 am – By this time we were checked out.

Luggage and souvenirs.

Bye Pop! Hotels Bandung.

1.14pm – Arrived at Primajasa Bandung. We were actually late for our bus due to the jam and had to take the next one.

Boarding the 1.30pm bus to the airport.

The back area for smoking and stomach/bladder relief.

We were so afraid that we might not make it to the airport in time for our flight!

A statue somewhere along the highway.

05.30pm – Finally, after 4 hours, we arrived. Whew.

Checked in for our flight.

In we go!

Since we had about 1.5 hours before departure, we decided to have a quick, delicious but expensive Indonesian meal.

Bakmi GM chicken.


The highest floor of Terminal 3.

Passport control for international flights.

The very wide seating areas.

Gate information for QZ7664.

Can’t wait to be back!

09.00pm – Landed 5 minutes to 9pm Penang local time.

As usual, Airasia involved a lot of walking.

10.27 pm – Home sweet home!

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