My Days

Another QEII Saturday

10.30 am – Woke up. Showered. Breakfasted.

11.30 am – Did some light reading.

I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND this book to you. Yeah, you who is in a relationship. Seriously. Good shit, man. Saves marriages.

men are from mars women are from venus

12.00 pm – Daryl took me to eat at a new chicken rice stall. Actually, the main reason was for the kiam chai boey.

The exact wikimapia location.

Restoran Peng Yang. (Tak macam restoran pun)

restorang peng yang

Delicious hainan chicken rice. Really, delicious ~yum~

peng yang chicken rice

The squirrel enjoying himself.

tze yang

The HOTTEST (chili hot, not boiling hot) ever kiam chai boey my tongue has ever come in contact with. Ever. I was literally crying quarter way through. Quarter nia, not even half.

kiam chai boey

01.30 pm – Went to McDonald’s to meet the prawn.


03.00 pm – Finally took my car for a wash.

Penangites, I strongly recommend you to get your car washed here. It’s only RM25 for a card, and you get to wash your car 6 times, which is like RM4.17 per wash. Moreover, it’s hand washed and you will also get your interior vacuumed. You can even ask the taukeh to apply Rain X all over your windows for free. Seriously recommended. Seriously.

The exact wikimapia location.

It was Daryl who first introduced Island Park Auto Wash to me. Daryl the squirrel is a man of kang tau. Seriously, he is.

island park auto wash

The clearness of my newly washed windscreen.


04.30 pm – Lepakz at Coffee Bean Gurney.

The usual Caramal Latte. Had it hot. I think it’s more compared to cold.

coffee bean caramel latte

Almond Biscotti.

coffee bean almond biscotti

The prawn and the bison.

shawn chin, jason ng

The squirrel.

koay tze yang

06.30 pm – Dinner at GoodAll Cafe.

Daryl had dried hor fun while


Jason had porridge. Actually, he just recovered from being sick.

ng wen huan

The caramel latte + biscotti was quite filling actually.


08.00 pm – Dinner with parents at Chikuma Japanese Restaurant. Pretty near my home.

The exact wikimapia location.

I had maguro sashimi and

maguro sashimi

a bowl of katsudon.


Mum and dad.

ho cheng imm, chee keng kok


chee xin jie

09.00 pm – CS.

09.30 pm – Prepared for clubbing.

10.00 pm – Left for QEII. I had loads of fun with both old and new friends.

being serious.


being playful.


03.00 pm – Ganja.

04.00 pm – Lepak outside my house with the prawn, bison and squirrel.

04.30 am – Showered. Uploaded pics from camera to computer.

05.00 am – Sleepz.

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