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My kitchen sink leaked.

Mom tasked me in getting it fixed. And so I went online to Yellow Pages and discovered 3 plumbers from Penang. Picked Ace Plumbers because their base was nearest to home.

6 hours later at about 5pm, they came.

They accessed the situation and priced the repair cost at RM340. I agreed and work would start after lunch tomorrow.

The company is handled by 2 brothers, namely Jimmy & David Ong, who inherited the business from Dad.

Other than plumbing, they also can do ceiling, painting jobs, floor & wall tiles, etc.

At 2pm the next day, they arrived in their white truck.

Everyone, say hi to David Ong the plumber.

David sawing off the pipe of

the kitchen sink as soon as he fixed the saw blades.

The old sawed off pipe at the top and the new hole for the new pipe at the bottom.

David drilling towards the hole.

2 hours later, the job was done.

Pretty good workmanship I would say.

Next was the old flush in my parents’ bathroom that was spoiled since like forever. Flushing failed every time as the pressure was too low and I could see brown rockets floating every time I come by.

Had the cistern pump replaced. My kekurangan common sense Mom was against it but I still insisted and paid for the new pump.

Took about half an hour.

Ta da!

Total damage.

In conclusion, they are professional, friendly and get the job done well. They clear up after their mess. I would definitely recommend them to get sophisticated plumbing jobs done but one thing for sure is their service feels pricey to me. I could be wrong as I didn’t consult any other plumber to asses the repair cost of the kitchen sink. So I don’t have a second price to compare against.


4 thoughts on “Ace Plumber & Construction Of Penang”

  1. myy. yup. thats pricy. my sink is leaking too. searching for plumber. but did not found one yet. i live in bayan lepas.

  2. I like finding out this site. It’s good that we can share the house maintenance issues here and also share the contact of contractors / errand contractors.

    1. Yeap. It’s actually good to have such a site but I’m only writing about my own experience on this one.

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