9D8N Beijing Day 2 : 7-Eleven, Master Kong Sifu Instant Beef Noodles, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Kong Lin, Jingshan Park, McDonald’s, Club Mix, First Floor Sanlitun


06.44 am – Woke up and immediately went hunting for breakfast. Spotted a Beijing rubbish truck along the way.

We figured since 7-Eleven was the nearest to our hotel, we should give it a go for our first Beijing breakfast experience.

Freshly steamed, filled buns on display by the counter.

07.01 am – We just packeted eveything in a plastic bag and took it back to our hotel room.

Delicious porridge.

Ham bun.

Appetizing black soy bean drink.

Really, really delicious Master Kong aka Kang Sifu instant roasted beef noodles.

08.22 am – Began our tour with Kong Lin, our ever trustworthy and kind Chinese tour guide.

The views along the way in Beijing city from Kong Lin’s MPV.

08.55 am – Arrived at Temple of Heaven’s ticket booth.

A ticket costs CNY 35 each.

Beijing6 by the signboard introducing the Temple of Heaven together with a general map of the area.

09.00 am – As we stepped in, we saw lots of old folks engaged in all sorts of activities.

Mass dancing in the park?! How cool!

A middle age man doing acrobatics.

Granny keeping the feather shuttles in the air.

By the corridor to the Temple of Heaven.

Old folks keeping their minds active by playing scrabble in the form of mahjong tiles.

Photo of the year thanks to Kirsty for being at the right place, right time!

Somewhere by the park.

09.28 pm – From a distance, the Temple of Heaven already looked magnificent.

The entrance from the top of the stairs.

Beautifully carved marble works decorating the steps.

After about 5 minutes of walking around, taking in the beauty of the Temple of Heaven, we proceeded to the hall where planning, construction and maintenance is displayed in detail.

10.04 pm – Nicely carved marble by the stair handles.

And then we headed to the Echo Walls and Circular Mound. Echo Walls is a place where you can hear the echo of a clap increase in number as you move towards the center. Circular Mound on the other hand is where you can hear a person far away at the opposite site of the area from the surrounding circular wall.

Proceeded towards the Round Altar aka Circular Mound that, on the solstice, the emperor would present his annual ceremonial report to heaven on the events of the past year.

Beijing6’s feet.

11.17 am – Kong Lin took us to a restaurant nearby Tiananmen Square that sells homemade dishes. When we first arrived, we thought we were going to be in for a wallet busting lunch experience. Little did we know, they were actually reasonably priced and really delicious! Highly recommended!

(Can’t read Chinese. Can you help me with the name?)

12.29 pm – After lunch, Kong Lin picked us up and had his wife drop us off at an intersection close to the Forbidden City.

We wanted to enter this tunnel to Mao Zedong’s Mausoleum but as it turns out, there was some sort of a meeting going on so we had to skip that part.

Zhengyangmen Tower marking the south end of Tiananmen Square.

Monument to the People’s Heroes, a ten-story obelisk that was erected as a national monument of the People’s Republic of China in memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the revolutionary struggles of the Chinese people during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The National Museum on the east.

Tiananmen Gate Tower at a distance.

Although the weather was cool, it was real sunny at the same time.

Buying snacks from a vendor in the middle of the square.

Close enough for pikcha time!!!

Walked towards the underground pedestrian crossing towards the gate tower.


The entrance between Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City.

The walkway filled with street vendors and tourists, local and foreign, towards the Meridian Gate, front entrance to the Forbidden City.

Kirsty with her really, really, really sweet candy.

The magnificently huge Meridian Gate of Forbidden City.

By the giant door.

Entering from the Meridian Gate, one encounters a large square, pierced by the meandering Inner Golden Water River, which is crossed by five bridges.

Meant for the Mandarin literate.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony Square. A three-tiered white marble terrace rises from this square. Three halls stand on top of this terrace, the focus of the palace complex.

Listening attentively to Kong Lin explaining his vast knowledge of Forbidden City’s history to us.

Incense pots around the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

Taking a rest.

02.39 pm – The Palace of Earthly Tranquility is a double-eaved building, 9 bays wide and 3 bays deep. In the Ming Dynasty, it was the residence of the Empress.

The 600 year old love tree that intertwines in the Imperial Gardens.

Osmanthus tree that smells really familiar as there’s a dessert shop back here in Penang that sells glutinous rice balls in osmanthus tea.

Items around the Imperial Gardens.

The Gate of Divine Might, the northern gate. The lower tablet reads “The Palace Museum”.

Jingshan Park tower from the northern gate.

Bought some snacks and tickets to Jingshan Park which cost 2 yuan.

Flowers around the park.

By this time, were all very, very, very, very tired from all the walking.

By the steps to the peak.

03.29 pm – From the peak of Jingshan Park, we could see the ENTIRE grandiose of the Forbidden City. Such awesome views!

The scam chair. If you took a picture in it, someone from out of nowhere would approach you and ask for a fee.

Went back down to the foot of Jingshan Park and walked around.

04.32 pm – Arrived at Hou Hai lake, an area famous for old residential architecture, cycling around the romantic lake view and the nightlife of bars, restaurants and cafes.

Stopping by for snacks again.

Journeying into the residential neighborhoods behind Houhai’s commercial area.

05.00 pm – Ended our day’s tour at our hotel. Had a nice long nap before continuing with the night part.

08.45 pm – At Zhangzizhonglu subway station.

Vivian with her idol.

Really loooooooooooooooooong escalator.

09.53 pm – Sanlitun Village.

Had dinner at McDonald’s.

10.54 pm – Checked out one of top clubs of Beijing called Club Mix. We left about 15 minutes later when we couldn’t find ourselves a suitable table. =(

11.21 pm – Tried our luck at another top nightclub called Babyface but didn’t enter as the prices were really expensive.

12.07 pm – Anyway, we went back to Sanlitun and popped by one of the many novelty bars around called First Floor.

The street food vendors right in front of the pub.

Had a relaxing time drinking Tsingtao draught beer.


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