6D5N Vietnam Day 5 : Museum Of Ethnology, Bun Cha Dac Kim, Banh Bao Dac Biet, Tet Lantern, Hong Lam, Kim Lai Cafe, Slow Drip Weasel Coffee, Cho Dong Xuan, Kem Trang Tien, Kem Oc Que, Ly Thai To, Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, Thach Dua Hoa, Nom Hai Sinh, Thit Bo Kho, Balcony Bar, Biere Larue


03.30 pm – And then we stopped by the super famous Kem Trang Tien for ice cream! In winter!

We’ve been told that the flavour most popular among the Hanoians was Kem Oc Que.

And in we went to get our orders.

Sadly, Kem Oc Que was sold out! 😥

Lucky for us, the shop next door had Kem Oc Que! They get their stock from Kem Trang Tien so it was actually the same thing!

My Kem Oc Que.

Tastes like milk and vanilla and something else I can’t put my mind to it.

I was greedy so I got myself another flavoured stick of ice cream from the original Kem Trang Tien. Kem Com was a nice flavour as well!

And I ordered it in Vietnamese! Hahaha! The cheeky girls didn’t want to order it for me so I had no choice.

03.56 pm – And off we went into the final hour of our tour.

Passed by Thang Long, the water puppet theater that we were supposed to go to later at night.

Stopped by a roadside stall for some thach dua hoa qua aka fruit smoothies.

04.37 pm – After a loooooong tiring day we finally got to rest.

07.06 pm – Continued with our night journey.

Hang Dao Dong Xuan night market.

07.41 pm – Dessert.

Tastes like muar chee, another type of sticky rice balls found in Malaysia.

08.31 pm – Found ourselves by 2 roadside stalls beside the closed Hieu Sach Bo Ho, the bookshop beside Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre.

This is the only stall I’ve come across, during my walk around Hanoi, that sells Nom Hai Sinh with pieces of thit bo kho. The other stall sells the usual Vietnamese spring roll.

We loved the Vietnamese experience of eating by the roadside! Loved it! I feel so Vietnamese!!!!

08.52 pm – Proceeded towards Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre.

08.53 pm – Our ticket bought in advance thanks to Duc, Charming Hotel’s manager.

Normally, you’d have to pay VND 20,000. However, I don’t know why, but today was a special day of sorts and EVERYONE can take AS MUCH pictures or videos as they want for FREE!

The swelling crowd.

09.04 pm – 10 minutes later, we were the first few to get in.

We were seated 5 rows from the front and had AWESOME views of the show from where we were.

09.24 pm – The band. Very professional and skilled at playing the traditional Vietnamese instruments.

And the water puppet show began.

10.20 pm – Went back to the night market for the 3rd time in 2 days.

11.03 pm – Went up to Balcony, a bar right opposite Hoan Kiem Lake at Le Thai To road.

The list of beer they serve.

The view.

Biere Larue, another type of Vietnamese beer.

Vivian and her ear muffs.

Did you know that it is customary to drink your beer with ice in Vietnam?

With the manager of Balcony.

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