6D5N Vietnam Day 5 : Museum Of Ethnology, Bun Cha Dac Kim, Banh Bao Dac Biet, Tet Lantern, Hong Lam, Kim Lai Cafe, Slow Drip Weasel Coffee, Cho Dong Xuan, Kem Trang Tien, Kem Oc Que, Ly Thai To, Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, Thach Dua Hoa, Nom Hai Sinh, Thit Bo Kho, Balcony Bar, Biere Larue


The seats.

The theater by the water.

Seated and watched about 2 minute’s worth of water puppetry.

Saw a crowd gathering. Made our way to see what was up.

Competing to see who can make the loudest sound with hollow round shaped plasticines.

Woodblock printing in progress.

A typical traditional house with the bed and altar.

Beautiful embroideries.

A room of puppets.

The display houses that we just went to, from the outside.

10.54 am – As we went to Vietnam during the Tet holiday season (something like Chinese New Year), we managed to enjoy some of the games normally played in the villages during Tet.

Here’s a bamboo game we had so much fun playing.

A very tall Vietnamese war house?

Joined them in the very badminton like game.

A longhouse, also commonly found in rural parts of East Malaysia.

The male and female staircases.

Vivian groping a wood boob.

So hard!

A replica of a traditional grave house.

Walking on stilts.

Stairs leading up towards the war house.

What’s inside.

Tall and thin.

More Vietnamese traditional games on paper.

Walking the bamboo pole.


Another type of traditional house seen among the Hani ethnic group.



11.40 am – Ended our fun filled Museum of Ethnology tour and waited for a taxi to pass by.

11.44 am – Lunch time!

12.08 pm – Arrived in the 4 floors, super packed, super popular Dac Kim for Bun Cha.

The front.

The kitchen was at the entrance.

Raw vegetables and vermicelli.

A bottle of Saigon Special beer.

Super yummy spring rolls!

Super yummy bun cha!!

Tran and Ha, thanks for bringing us here!

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