6D5N Vietnam Day 5 : Museum Of Ethnology, Bun Cha Dac Kim, Banh Bao Dac Biet, Tet Lantern, Hong Lam, Kim Lai Cafe, Slow Drip Weasel Coffee, Cho Dong Xuan, Kem Trang Tien, Kem Oc Que, Ly Thai To, Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, Thach Dua Hoa, Nom Hai Sinh, Thit Bo Kho, Balcony Bar, Biere Larue


09.18 am – Had breakfast, showered, shitted and was ready to rock and roll!

09.43 am – Our personal tour guides (1 on 1) of the day came to meet us at the hotel, hopped into the taxi and proceeded towards our first destination.

09.52 am – The Museum of Ethnology.

A must visit place if you’re in Hanoi!

The girls buying the tickets.

Operating hours.

A ticket cost VND 25,000.

Layout of the entire museum.

The first thing we came across was this funny tall structure.

Ha (in red) and Tran (in black) explaining how Vietnam is divided into 54 different ethnic groups.

I find it very important to have a tour guide with you because they can explain in details the things you are looking at. If I came here alone, I’d have no idea what I’m looking at and it’d be meaningless.

Water puppetry, a tradition that dates back as far as the 11th century CE when it originated in the villages of the Red River Delta area of northern Vietnam.

Traditional wear and stuff of a particular tribe.

Vietnamese conical hat called ‘non la’ at different stages.

The baskets are all fish traps.

What’s amazing is how SO MANY is stacked and transported on a bicycle!

Taoist altars that can also be found back here in Malaysia.

Dong Ho, a place well known in Vietnam for hand-made woodblock prints.


Explanation of ethnic groups along the wall.

A trap for doves.

Musical instruments.

Traditional wear.

Kitchen utensils.

Different types of boat miniatures.

10.21 am – AIDS section.

The pie of how AIDS spread.

Audio booths.

A dress made out of condom.

Types of condom brand.

Condom decorations.

I failed to find a paper and pen around to write a note and hang it on the wall.

10.36 am – And then we went outdoors.

The water puppet schedule.

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