6D5N Vietnam Day 4 : Hanoi Charming Hotel, Pho, Halong Bay, 1 Day Tour, Junk Boat, Kayak, Dong Thien Cung, Broken Driveshaft, Ly Beo, Pho Bo, Hang Dao Dong Xuan Night Market, Hoan Kiem Lake, Huc Bridge


Selling fruit from a boat. So cool!

The area around the platform.

Our boat.

01.47 pm – Lunch was served! Everything was so delicious! Clams,




no idea what this was,

fried spring rolls and

stir fried squid with lots of vegetables.


Look at the amount of rice!

02.21 pm – After lunch, we arrived at another area for kayaking. Around Ha Long Bay! How cool is that?!?!?!

The girl who doesn’t know how to swim.

Almost everyone kayak-ed.

Loved it!

Passed my camera to Mai, our tour guide, who was with the rest on a mini boat.

We had so much fun kayaking around,

especially into areas where you had to go through a hole to access it.

An altar between rocks.

03.14 pm – The ship shaped rock.

The tour guide. The New Zealand chef. The half Korean.

03.32 pm – Docking by the slippery rock steps of

Dong Thien Cung caves.

The walkway towards the entrance.


Legend has it that a beautiful young lady named May (cloud), caught the eye of the Dragon Prince and he fell in love with her. They were betrothed, and their wedding lasted seven days and seven nights in the very centre of the grotto. In honour of the wedding, small dragons flew about through the stalactites and stalagmites, elephants danced together happily, snakes twined themselves around trees and two stone lions danced with their manes flowing in the wind. A large elephant, smartly dressed, waited for the bride and the groom. The genies of the south and north stars also came to attend the banquet, and the atmosphere was definitely animated and lively. All these scenes have been seemingly fossilized in the grotto.

The snake

and I.

Can you spot the bride and groom?

Spot the dick.

This is supposed to be a breast.

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