6D5N Vietnam Day 3 : Ben Thanh Market, Vietnamese Spring Roll, Beef Roll, Bich Duyen Hotel, Nam Giao, Bun Bo Hue, Ho Chi Minh Airport, Domestic Terminal, Jetstar, Hanoi Airport, Charming Hotel, Thai Dat, Do Nuong Trung Hoa, Bia Hanoi


06.57 am – Decorations along the staircase between the 4th and 3rd floor.

3rd and 2nd.

2nd and 1st.

1st and ground.

Good morning, Vivian!

Hard at work. Btw, the super awesome manager of Bich Duyen, Chanh, will be leaving pretty soon. =(


Omelette and the Vietnam standard bread, baguette.

09.24 am – This lady went to get her nails done for a measly RM6. Imagine the conversation between the store owner and her child. “Son, today we get to eat a slice of beef thanks to this sister over here. Faster, say thanks.”

09.35 am – Went out for a final stroll along September 23 Park. Funny how a park is named after a date.

Made a friend along the way.

A tiny one at that.

09.52 am – Arrived at Ben Thanh market.

The legend for only the west side.

And there she goes.

Everytime I see narrow lanes with shops on both sides, I am reminded of the great chatuchak market.

10.06 pm – After we were done with the clothing,

we moved on to the F&B section.

There were rows and rows of food stalls filled with salespeople trying to get us to eat from their stall.

This stall stood out because there were no pushy salespeople and we felt comfortable. If only they realize that force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance.

We sat our asses down on the chair right in front of the stall and ate like any Vietnamese would. Like the saying goes, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’.

Fat juicy Vietnamese spring rolls.

Fat juicy beef and fat juicy prawns.

We loved it so much!

The beef was so tasty!

10.16 am – The drinks stall next to us.

Spoilt for choice.

Narrowed down to three.

The chosen one.

It’s more of a dessert than drink actually.

10.46 am – As we excited the ground of Ben Thanh Market, we saw the complete overview of the place.

10.59 pm – Saw a big ass durian on the way back to our hotel.

Met up with my friend again on the way back to the hotel.

11.53 am – All packed and ready to go!

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