6D5N Taipei Day 5 : JSP, National Palace Museum, Meet Fresh, Taipei 101, Damper Baby, Man Tang Hong, Taiwan Beer, Barcode


11.01 am – Woke up with ‘roomie’ and went out to JSP burger for breakfast. ‘Roomie’ because we are the only 2 fellas with in single rooms.

Fried yam cakes in honey. ~yum~

Pork burger. ~yum~

11.16 am – As the portions were not enough, we carried on in search of more authentic Taiwanese goodies.

Came across a really old school shoplot in one of the alleys nearby our hotel.

It sold soy bean drinks,

onion flat breads (much like roti bawang back in Malaysia) and


After that we went back to our hotel, cleaned up, woke up the rest and continued with the day’s activities.

01.13 pm – Arrived in Shilin station. Thanks to this notice stuck to the ticket counter of the station, we knew which bus to take to the National Palace Museum.

And also this big poster of the National Museum, which wrote which bus to take, right outside Exit 1.

And so we waited by the bus stand.

Sign boards to help us.

The tour guide hired by the National Palace Museum to instruct tourists.

The snack shop right by the bus stand.

Easycard is a MUST HAVE when in Taiwan. Almost ALL modes of public transportation uses it. So damn convenient.

Boarded the bus.

The steps that lead to the outer gates of the National Palace Museum. We split up again, and Anthony was my partner. As we already had our breakfast, we continued on ahead first while the others went in search of something for their tummy.

By the gates.

The lion guardians.

The female lion is the one with a mini lion at it’s feet and the male is the one with a ball.

This mustache is actually the number 8 in Chinese character. Akibat ketagih mahjong.

“When I grow up, I want to bathe in it.”

The 2nd building full of Chinese artifacts.

The main building.

The view from the top.

Queued up to pay for admission.

Audio tours which we happily rented.

Notice the many headphones in the background.

Paid for my ticket.

Notice before receiving the audio equipments.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the ‘radio’ button to listen to songs n stuff.

Dynasties divided into years.

How everyone in the National Palace Museum with an audio guide looks like.

First up, the orientation gallery.

The last picture taken before being warned by security.

03.57 pm – It took us 2 hours to complete the main exhibition hall. As time was limited, we had to leave National Palace Museum and miss the second hall’s exhibition. =(

04.50 pm – Passed by Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese dessert place, while walking from the bus stand to Shilin MRT station.

Couldn’t help but stop by for food.

The choices and price. I totally have no idea what is written. Itulah akibat 100% Malaysian, 0% Chinese.

Looks a lot like dorayaki.

Doraemon’s favourite snack.

My Italian mince meat flavoured snack.

Drink that consist of glutinous rice flour products.

Famous Taiwanese glutinous rice flour dessert.

04.51 pm – Being cheeky, we all quickly left the shop when this fella was still in the toilet.

Passed by a smart dog by the roadside.

05.33 pm – After a few MRT stops, we arrived at the bus stand right in front of Taipei City Hall MRT station and waited for Taipei 101’s feeder bus.

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