6D5N Taipei Day 4 : Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Ximending, Ten Ren Tea, Red House Theater, Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle, Goose Meat, Mirada, Bittergroud Drink, BABE18


11.53 am – Wandered around the streets of Taipei with my ‘roommate’ (out of 8 of us Anthony and I were the only 2 having rooms of our own while the others were 2 in a room) and found an authentic looking Taiwanese shop.

From the conversation we had, I think they served wan than mee.

Hi roomie!

The wan than mee that I didn’t like. Tasted so bland.

Meatballs and lu rou fan for my roomie.

Stumbled across one of the many bubble milk tea stalls and bought myself a cup.


12.17 pm – Walked around for awhile before returning to our hotel.

01.30 pm – Took a shit, washed up and went down to do a little bit of research by the computer in the lobby.

02.09 pm – The guys had lunch.

So did I.

Broccoli and

some meat soup for lunch.


Super delicious latte from 7 Eleven. No idea what the brand is though. Can’t read Mandarin. =(

02.37 pm – In Ximen MRT.

Waited for the train from the dark green line.

02.44 pm – Clean and bright. Oh how I miss Taipei. =(

The very big CKS Memorial Hall MRT station.

02.54 pm – Ta da! Arrived at the National Concert Hall in Liberty Square.

The National Theater, directly opposite the National Concert Hall, in the distance.

The very big west gate directly facing CKS Memorial Hall.

Cheerleading practice. Makes sense to do it here as there is so much space.

Cheang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Walked through the souvenir stalls.

Had fun by the entrance.

The view from the top.

The bronze statue of CKS gracing the entrance.

The grand ceiling.

The soldier by the entrance.

Little did we know, the exhibition halls were actually underground!

Chinese calligraphy. Did you know the Chinese invented paper and ink? By the way, I Chinese roots but culturally I’m 100% Malaysian. ^.^

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