6D5N Taipei Day 3 : JSP, Danshui, Fisherman Wharf, Lover Bridge, XXL Chicken, Tai Dan, Lu Rou Fan, Luxy,


11.49 am – Woke up and found myself a bright and sunny day.

Arrived a minute later at one of the only few places that are open in Taipei for breakfast.

Is that what JSP stands for? Just Start a Powerful day?

Pork sandwich for breakfast.

A cup of coffee.

01.10 pm – We started our day. Our journey today was to the coastal area of Danshui.

Not a seat available in the packed MRT. The Saturday crowd.

View outside.

Little did we know that we had to change trains to get to Danshui.

Luckily we asked and were able to make it in time for the next train to Danshui.

02.00 pm – 1 hour later we arrived at the coastal town of Danshui.

The view was beautiful.

There were many stalls by the side of the walkway, facing the sea which many of us stopped by along the way to the pier.

And then this ice cream stall caught my attention.


02.15 pm – Reached the pier and

bought our tickets.

Cost us TWD100 for a return trip.

Waited for our boat to come.

Some other company’s boat.

02.34 pm – Lined up for our boat.

More modern than the other boat.

02.38 pm – And off we went to the Fisherman’s Wharf.

The hotel that was still under construction when we arrived.

The funnily shaped triangular rocks.

The Lover’s Bridge.

The wharf.

02.47 pm – The arrival.

Cool winds and clear blue skies!

The really long walkway of Danshui’s Fisherman’s wharf.

At the edge.

By the Lover’s Bridge.

We wanted to walk onto the rocks but it was just too dangerous.

03.09 pm – And off we went to the other end of the wharf.

03.12 pm – Nearing Danshui’s almost completed hotel/resort.

The viewing tower/platform.

Little did we know that it could actually move!

03.26 pm – While the guys took a rest, I ran all the way back to the beginning

from the land entrance of the fisherman wharf to find a toilet.

03.29 pm – After much searching, I found it.

03.49 pm – Met up with the rest of the guys who were taking a rest in


Outside, you could find

Andy enjoying his XXL fried chicken from

the American Fried Chicken Room next door.

04.02 pm – Saw a couple of people cycling in a two seater bicycle and I thought of Vivian. ♥

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  1. actually, i like this blog esp. about your travel, with so many pic on there, i feel like im involve on this trip :p, and also helps me a lot for planning my journey (im about to planning my trip to kinabalu). cant wait for ur next trip in this blog. thx

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