5D4N Philippines Day 2 : Filipino Breakfast, Tocino, Dau Bus Station, Victory Liner, Cubao, Manong Pepe, Isabelle Royale Hotel And Suites, ISA Building, P Burgos St, Balut, Friends And Neighbours Restaurant, Encore, Bangus Sisig Siopao


05.07 pm – After everybody settled down, we took a walk to check out our surroundings.

Taking a photo outside Makati Avenue mall, located just a stone throw away from Isabele Royale Hotel.

A juicebar! I usually make it a point to stay healthy on trips and that includes lots of fruits and vege.

The nutritional information guide.

The menu.

My 100% apple juice.

05.51 pm – And then Daryl got arrested.

So did Geoffrey. Andy trying to force his juice into Tze Yang.

Continued walking along the super long P. Burgos Street.

A red light district! 😈

06.18 pm – Went back to the supermarket opposite our hotel and bought our water supply.

And then everyone watched as Shawn

peeled a balut.

08.45 pm – Went to Friends and Neighbours restaurant beside our hotel

for dinner.

09.18 pm – Waiting for taxi. None of them wanted to put on their meter so what we did was to reject a few offers first to obtain the average fare to The Fort.

09.42 pm – Arrived at the entrance of a private party in one of the many buildings in The Fort area.

10.16 pm – Took us some time before we found Encore.

The entrance.

The booklet.

The seating arrangement.

Reserved ourselves a Theatre table for 8 persons.

Decided continue walking around The Fort area as it was still early.

11.00 pm – Encore, here we come.

Coincidentally, there was a Channel [V] event going on inside.

Us at our table.

It was still pretty empty at 11pm.

12.30 am – And the party began with models walking around the dance floor in bikinis.

Look at the crowd!

02.30 am – Drinking too fast causes you to sleep.

And rap as well.

03.30 am – By this time, Encore’s crowd had shrunk to just a few tables.

03.55 pm – Went back to the mini market outside our hotel and

got myself supper.

Bangus sisig siopao.

Love ko’ to!

04.45 am – zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

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