5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 5 : Tesco Custard Cream Biscuits, Hotel Eden54, AirAsia, Mount Kinabalu Coloured Certificate, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme


07.00 am – Woke up, showered and had biscuits for breakfast.

Made a mad dash packing up

at the same time.

Almost done.

08.00 am – Gave in our key cards,

paid for our 2 nights’ stay and checked out. RM53 pp/night is DAMN CHEAP, the hospitality of Rosanne & Ling Ling and the super strategic location of Eden54 makes this hotel THE PLACE to stay in when in Kota Kinabalu. Believe me. Rosanne/Ling Ling, if you are reading this, THANKS A MILLION FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

08.20 am – Started our journey to the airport.

Bye Kota Kinabalu. It was awesome while it lasted!

08.25 am – It only took us 5 minutes to reach KKIA.

The fcuked up thing when we arrived at the check in counters was only 1 was open, hence, the long queue. Come on, AirAsia!

800 grams lighter compared to the first day.

I learned a luggage this small cannot be more than 15kg,

so it’s usually enough to fit into AirAsia’s strict tiered luggage policy.

09.00 am – Went in to wait by the boarding gate.

We are just so proud of ourselves.

If you are a Malaysian who can still run around and have yet to climb Mount Kinabalu, please do it.

The view of the stars and bed of clouds at the top is worth every drop of sweat.

09.23 am – Walked towards our plane.

Minutes after take off, John missed KK so much

he stayed up and took

pictures of the

Sabah sky while

Geoffrey couldn’t take it anymore

and neither could I.

12.10 pm – Arrived at LCCT-KLIA.

Cool pic below, right? Guess who took the shot. 👿

Walked towards the domestic arrival gate, collected our luggage and bid Geoffrey farewell.

12.24 pm – John and I went to the forever packed McDonald’s for lunch.

Ordered 2 of exactly the same meals for both of us as the kitchen and cashiers were so busy I didn’t want to confuse them.

Chit chatted till it was time to check in for our flight back to Penang.

02.40 pm – Checking in.

Got our boarding pass.

04.25 pm – While in the air, we ordered ourselves a box of Krispy Kreme.

I took a peppermint stripe while

John took the chocolate drizzle. ~mmMMmmm~ delicious!!

06.00 pm – Home sweet home. Unpacked and rested. Whew! What a trip! Loved it!

Next, winter in Melbourne! 😈


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