5D4N Kota Kinabalu Day 2 : Mount Kinabalu, Timpohon Trail, Laban Rata


11.20 am – And then it started to drizzle.

Lucky for me and

Gayfrey, we had raincoats.

11.30 am – And then we noticed the long, long path in front of us.

And so we decided to take a break and

have fun.


‘So slow.’

Meanwhile, somewhere below, it was also misty and

John was having fun by himself.

He took some pictures of the vegetation around him.

Flowers and

fern leaves I suppose.

12.00 pm – 4 hours later I saw a familiar scene and

lo and behold, WE MADE IT to LABAN RATA!!!

Lucky for us I bought Mamee Kari Berapi last minute before departing Penang.

Otherwise we’d have to put of with this for lunch. The fried chicken was cold, the sandwiches were just so plain with only 1 layer of ham in between and the eggs were cold too. The apple was okay, pretty standard.

Meanwhile, somewhere not really far from us (Laban Rata is 6km),

John saw a super damn long path and

decided to take a break.

It was still misty around him.

12.30 pm – At last, we are together again.

The mist was really starting to thicken.

01.00 pm – We were not allowed to check in until 1pm.

Laban Rata Hostel had a total of 13 x 4 bedded dorms. It is definitely better to stay in Laban Rata Hostel itself as it is so much more convenient. Gunting Lagadan, the nearest hostel, was quite a distance away and people had to suit up and brave through the cold every time just to get their meals in Laban Rata Hostel.

Hung our hiking poles by the window.

Unpacking and settling in. All the beds were caved in from the center due to the weight of many, many people before us.


The weather was cold and

we loved it to bits!

01.45 pm – Chit chatted with an American Vietnamese who was waiting for her boyfriend to return. 😈

At the entrance to Laban Rata hostel. Note the thermometer on the right. The reading was 16

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