4D3N Bangkok Day 4 : Makkasan, Airport Rail Link, AirAsia, Magic Food Court, Suvarnabhumi

09.12 am – Had breakfast with my love for the last time in Town Lodge.

10.43 am – Pooped, showered and got ready to leave my most favourite travel destination in the world.

Like the saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end’. 😥

10.57 am – Started approaching the Airport Rail Link station of Makkasan.

Waited for the Express Line train that will bring us direct to the airport, skipping 4 stations along the way.

It’s cool that they have the flight departure and arrival information displayed on huge screens at the station.

The 3 kinds of airport rail link trains.

The sign for Makkasan station.

One thing cool about the express link waiting is the air conditioning. It’s so important especially when you’re in a tropical city like Bangkok.

11.24 pm – Off we go to Suvarnabhumi!

11.43 pm – That’s what we thought until we were told to exit the express train. We were told that the train was faulty and we had to take the non-express train to the airport. Meaning that we had to stop at all 4 stations before reaching Suvarnabhumi.

What a waste to our express tickets!

12.28 pm – Nevertheless, the most important thing was that we arrived in time for our flights.

12.33 pm – Found our way to the best food outlet in Suvarnabhumi located at Level 1.

Ever since my first trip in 2008, Magic has always been full.

Eventually found ourselves a seat.

Had white chopped chicken rice.

Roasted chicken rice.

Bangkok pork leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg!

01.02 pm – Went over to Family Mart to get some stuff.

Departure information on 4 huge screens.

Our flight back to Penang about to depart in less than an hour.

Made our way to passport control.

By the popular Churning Of The Ocean Of Milk.

Perfume is the only thing I can afford off this store.

01.19 pm – Bought cigarettes for friends and a bottle of vodka.

01.32 pm – Arrived at our designated waiting area.

01.46 pm – Made our way down to the buses that took us to our plane. I was so tired that I slept throughout the entire 1.5 hours flight back.

*All times after this is Penang time which is 1 hour plus Bangkok

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