4D3N Bali Day 1 : Sunrise, AirAsia Check In Kiosk, Airasia 2010 Menu, Bali With Dean, Drivers With Distinction, Pawon Pasundan, TuneHotels Kuta, Uluwatu, Made’s Warung, Bintang Draft


02.44 pm – One of the many,

many structures around Bali.

02.58 pm – Arrived to the road of our hotel for the duration of our stay.

TuneHotels. Very cheap and very convenient.

Checked in and got our card.

Our towel and toiletries.

The bed.

After putting our luggage in the room, we hurried back down to Dean’s car. Was given a bottle of water from Dean.

The many narrow roads of Bali. Looks kind of like some areas of Bangkok, congested and cramped.

04.06 pm – 1st stop, Uluwatu Temple.

The path full of trees towards the temple.

04.14 pm – The notice board.

Everybody, say hi to Vivian!

The many, many people choosing the robes to fit onto their waist.

The rules.

Vivian getting fitted.

Me and my cloth belt.

Entree fee, RM1.

“Be careful of the monkeys. They have been trained to snatch spectacles, cameras, slippers, necklace, etc. from unknowing tourists. When your belongings are returned to you by the monkey’s trainer, you will have to pay them a tip. Stay safe and hide your stuff.”

One of the several cliff tops.

The view of the open sea looked so damn breathtaking from here. Man, you gotta be here to experience the feeling.

So cool.

The mini temple behind.

The monkey pulling the string of a tourist’s bag.

Judging by the size of their body, I’d say the monkeys are all overfed.

04.59 pm – Went to another place along the coast for more awesome breathtaking scenery.


Beromance 2.

05.25 pm – One of the many Garuda statues I came across.

05.59 pm – Went to a big surf factory outlet to check out the surf wear on display. Cheaper than others around town but not much stock left when we arrived.

Another one of many statues around town.

07.10 pm – Went back to hotel and bought an internet voucher for the next 24 hours.

The universal plug for electrical components.

Another 2 pin plug.

07.58 pm – Took a 5 minute’s walk along Jl Pantai Kuta to

Made’s Warung, a legendary chain of Balinese restaurants.

It had 2 floors.

The first place we had a glass of Bintang beer. Loved it.

A subsidiary of Heineken. Even the logo pun serupa Heineken. RM7.50 each. Pricy, pricy. Made’s Warung is known to be pricy actually.

The menu.

Statues that were placed along the walls.

For decoration purposes I suppose.

We were actually lucky to get a spot at the top floor as the place is usually full house.

The contents of the menu.

Pork ribs in young papaya with rice. RM15. Pretty pricey for Indonesian standards. Tasted soury but edible. I’d give it a 3/5.

Fried noodles special. RM12. Pricey, pricey. Tasted good. Gets 4/5 from me.

Fruit salad. RM7. Pricey, pricey.

09.16 pm – Went back to the hotel, cleaned up and slept like a log.

11.00 pm – zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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