4D3N Bali Day 0 : AirAsia Add Baggage, Print Itinerary, Pack Clothes, Cut Nails, Prepare Notebook


08.38 pm – Made breakfast.

12.53 pm – Printed out the finalized AirAsia and TuneHotels itineraries.

01.05 pm – Starting cooking porridge and

slicing up the carrots.

Super bland lunch.

I’ve actually been stuffing myself with food like these for the past few days, hoping that I’d recover from diarrhea fast enough in time for my Bali trip.

03.21 pm – Started packing.

Since it was a 4 days trip, I packed 4 t-shirts for the 4 days.

3 for the 3 nights.

2 shorts and 2 plain white t’s for sleeping.

1 pair of shorts throughout the entire trip. 1 underwear just in case. (I don’t actually plan to wear any undies during the entire trip. Hot ma..)

The chargers.

The eye wears.


The very important stuff.

03.37 pm – Cut my


03.46 pm – Prepared the laptop

for traveling. Inserted all sorts of entertainment like movies, songs, etc.


11.00 pm – Went to bed.

12.00 am – Cannot sleep.

01.00 am – Too excited.

02.00 am – I think this was the last time I checked before zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz….


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