3D2N Hard Rock Hotel Penang Day 1 : Seaview Deluxe, Starz Diner, Great American Buffet With A Twist, Ray Jazzhats, Tiempo, Hard Rock Cafe


Had my first ever stay for 3 days and 2 nights in Hard Rock Hotel Penang in a Seaview Deluxe room. I have to say that I loved everything about the room during my entire stay!

03.03 pm – By this time I was already halfway there, somewhere in the middle of Lemabah Permai’s winding road.

03.15 pm – 12 minutes later, signs of Hard Rock started showing up.

03.19 pm – At last, Hard Rock Hotel Penang!

Busts of The Beatles greeting you as you enter the main entrance.

Beatles again, but as murals this time.

03.26 pm – The queue to check in was relatively short.

Real, genuine memorabilia of artists collected by Hard Rock displayed all over the hotel. When I say all over, I mean all over. Along the walkway to the rooms, in the general manager’s office, at the reception, around the lobby, pool, in the restaurants, etc. There are a total of 500 Hard Rock memorabilia being displayed all over the place so there’s almost no way you can take a picture of every single one of them unless you have access to all corners of the hotel. Cool thing is, everything changes after a certain time frame. So the next time you come, you might see Queen’s busts adorning the main entrance instead of The Beatles.

03.29 pm – 3 minutes later, my turn!

I loved the fact that guests are served cups of refreshing fruit juices while they wait for the check in process to complete.

A minute later, I was given a mini sleeve/file thingy that shows my name, confirmation number, room number and length of stay. Extremely helpful to bring along in your pockets if you have Alzheimers’s, become extremely drunk due to intense fun or as a pick up tool for potential after party fun with someone you just met. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

As you open the sleeve/file thingy, you’ll see the passcode for downloading a maximum of 15 songs from music.hardrockhotels.com. On the right side is the wireless internet password for the week, usable anywhere in the hotel (even while taking a dump)!

The remaining contents are a pair of key cards, discount for buying Hard Rock merchandise, and a dinner voucher for identifying yourself.

There are a total of 250 rooms in the 6 floors of Hard Rock Hotel, an average of 42 rooms per floor. Out of the 250 rooms, 70% faces the sea.

I like that guests are only able to access floors where their room is. Makes a difference in creating a better sense of security for a worry free stay!

As the elevator doors slid open, this couch was the first thing I saw.

As I turned my head to the left, I could see the walkway leading to rooms on both sides.

I was glad that my room was actually at the side where only one side was occupied by rooms. This will highly reduce the chances of kids running up and down the walkway. Particularly important if you are sensitive to noise.

Memorabilia adorning the walkway to my room.

Arriving at the doorstep of room 409.

I bet Pitbull would be pissed to be given 409.

Oooooh dark. As soon as you plug your keycard into your room’s keycard slot,


The oh-so-comfortable Sleep Like A Rock branded bed set. Custom made mattress for Hard Rock Hotels not available anywhere else in the world and the cool and crisp 300 thread count bed linens. They cannot sell it to you because it is skip-work-stay-in-bed-longer-than-intended-material. You’ll eventually get fired!

The tv area facing the bed.

A phone directory, Hard Rock’s Stay booklet, tv channel guide and a Hard Rock newspaper.

The Sharp micro component system found in each and every room.

Cool thing is, it has an iPod dock. So you can actually preload your iPod with all your favourite songs and play it in your room during your stay, making your Hard Rock experience personal.

Actually, there’s also an auxilary plug for audio devices like your smartphone!

The cool work desk.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

A letter on top of my assignment folder.

A welcome letter from John Primmer, the man himself.

The contents of the folder.

The awesome cupboard by the door.

This is how the left side looks like.

An extra pillow.

A mini bar. Items that are not charged into your room bill are the ones not listed in the pricelist.

A fridge to keep your ice cold beers, hair dryer and a pair of hotel slippers.

The already stocked mini fridge.

This is how the right side looks like. I like that there is an iron and ironing board for you to straighten your crumpled clothes. A pair of bath robes to cover yourself if you are shy about your body on the way to the pool.

As I opened the drawer beneath, I saw a laundry bag and weighing machine.

Immediately, I weighed myself. I think there’s something wrong with the weighing machine because it should actually read 65kg instead of 71.3kg. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Next is the really posh bathroom.

I like how there are 3 sets of towels provided, each for body, face and hands.

The trendy sink area.

The classy looking sink.

The complete set of shower and personal care amenities.

Power shower! Feels like rain but with higher volume.

The unhookable shower head used for directing the water stream to specific areas, like washing sand off legs, washing your butt crease after soaping it, rinsing your slippers, etc.

There’s even soap specifically provided for you to wash your face with. How cool is that?

The sea view from the room was amazing!

Directly beneath was the adult pool.

Cool, isn’t it?

While taking pictures, I saw this sign.

And so the rebel in me started thinking of the possibility of a dive. As a conclusion, I think it’s possible to reach the pool with a jumping dive, but the problem lies in the depth of the pool. It’s only 1.4 meters deep, thus making any attempt to dive from the 4th floor much, much more dangerous.

Another thing I have to mention is that there are 3 available wall plugs for charging your electronic devices, and another 4 more if you unplug the lamps.

05.25 pm – This is exactly what you should do after you’ve taken in your surroundings.

Jump in and relax.

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