20 Things Her Next Should Know About

This list was actually written 8 months ago, specially dedicated to the next guy. Couldn’t seem to find the right time to share it. Anyways, here it is. The 20 things that will make it easier for you to understand her. It’s like a shortcut or cheat sheet.

loh mei huang

  1. Her favourite colour is green.
  2. She likes shopping with her sisters in Prangin and Pacific Mega Mall cause she feels like it’s sale day each time she goes.
  3. She LOVES horror movies even though she’s super scared after watching it. It’s a girl thing.
  4. She enjoys attention from guys. Know that she will always be loyal and faithful to you no matter what. So, relax and learn to have fun watching her have fun.
  5. She keeps in contact with her ex-s, especially No.3 and No.5. Know that she will always be loyal and faithful to you. So, relax.
  6. There will be times when she will just feel like she’s the sexiest girl in town. She might say something self complimenting about her looks. Laugh at her and compliment her. She likes it. She was once the ‘presttiest supplier’ of her company.
  7. When she learns something new like a dance move and shows it to you, laugh at her and compliment her. She likes it.
  8. She likes the type of dog breed that looks like a polar bear. Second in line would be a pug. Her ultimate dream is to take her pet lion for a stroll in the park and scare the hell out of everyone.
  9. If she sees Mark Cheng Hou Lam, she will hug him super tightly and never let him go. To her, he’s the hottest guy on earth.
  10. She loves chocolate.
  11. Because she’s the eldest in the family, she acts like a queen at home. But to you, she will be a machai.
  12. She would love to own a Volkswagen one day.
  13. She will wear your clothes often as it makes her feel close to you. Feels like you are around her when she smells your smell.
  14. She has a better temper now. Even so, there will be times when she will utter words when she’s angry which she does not mean to say at all. Forgive her during those times. Continue to stay calm and relaxed.
  15. She LOVES Haagen Dazs’s green tea ice cream.
  16. She sings very, very well. So karaoke is a thing she enjoys a lot cause it makes her feel like a star.
  17. She LOVES watching tv. She can sit down the whole day and do nothing but watch TV. It was her favourite since young.
  18. One of her all time favourite R&B song is Mis-teeq’s – Scandalous.
  19. She enjoys watching CSI : Las vegas a lot. I think she has a thing for Grissom. She also likes predicting the bad guy at the beginning of the show. Usually wrong la.
  20. Her dream job is to be a host of her own show.

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