10D9N Melbourne Day 7 : Phillip Island, San Remo Bakehouse, Cape Woolamai, A Maze N Things, Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island, Kristo’s, Fairy Penguins, Penguin Parade, Hungry Jacks


Playing with lamb junior.

Guinea pigs.

Cow junior.


Next, we visited the houses of the people who used to live in Churchill Island.

The barn where a blacksmith was explaining to the crowd how metal is forged to create tools and horseshoes.

The first lemon tree I have ever come across.

The old well.

The house.

The fireplace.

The pots and pans of the kitchen.

Dining room.

The bassinet.

A rocking chair.

Dressing table.

A piano.


Another dining room.

A child’s room.

Trees and an oddly shaped wood outside.

A sundial.


UK flag.

Wood carving art.


The sea between Churchill Island and Phillip Island.

Brown bulls.

A black bull.

Grazing grass while taking a shit.

A closer look at what’s happening.

04.24 pm – Next, we ended up at a seafront in Cowes called The Esplanade with

rows after rows of restaurants selling fish and chips.

Decided on Kristo’s as it had more variety.

I think they have the entire menu of varieties outside.


Most of us had fish and chips except for

Adrian who’s a chicken man.

04.43 pm – Arrived at the climax destination of our trip, The Penguin Parade @ Summerlands Beach.

I liked how they had man made burrows for the penguins to stay in.

A pair of penguins that didn’t join the others out in the sea during the day to have some private time to themselves. 😈

Here’s a video I took of them.

Other types of penguins.

The information tunnel.

Vivian with a fairy penguin wallpaper.

The tv showed that the penguins are going to arrive in 30 minutes so

we suited up (Believe me when I say you have no idea what I’m talking about until you’ve experienced the chilling winds of 5

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