10D9N Melbourne Day 7 : Phillip Island, San Remo Bakehouse, Cape Woolamai, A Maze N Things, Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island, Kristo’s, Fairy Penguins, Penguin Parade, Hungry Jacks


The main hall by the entrance where you could find

souveniers and

the countdown timer before the next wave of penguins arrived back at Phillip Island from sea.

Stuffed koalas on display.

The little kids.

After enough fooling around inside, we stepped outside to the BIG koala boardwalk.

Eucalypt trees = Koala food = Koala maggi goreng = Koala char koay teow

We had to watch our steps as there were supposed to be snakes all over the place but we didn’t see any during our time there.

The direction sign.

Spotted our first ever koala!

Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Did you know that the koala sleeps 20 hours a day and only spends 4 hours awake?

The only one awake during our visit.

No touching koalas, no shouting at koalas, no shaking the trees of koalas.


Spotted us taking his photos.

And he actually CAME DOWN!!

It was such an experience to get so near to the koala.

We took lots and lots of pictures of the koala.

With these 2 other tourists from Penang as well.

Anyone knows who she is?

My turn!

V and I.

And then it started walking.

A video of the koala in action.

Group picture!

Taking a rest from all the koala action.

Spotted wallabies!

02.21 pm – Next up, Churchill Island.

Our car’s tyres were pretty damn dirty from all the mud and the rain.

In front of the entrance you see this.

The sculpture of forbidden love.

As according to the Bunurong people.

It was actually drizzling when we arrived so we bought a poncho each.

The information leaflets and a poncho.

The view from the visitor’s centre.

Metal art.

Us in ponchos.

I don’t know why but if I had a horse I’d name it

Andy Lau.



Me with ‘Andy Lau’.


with very thick wool.

Girls on a carriage.

Look at those milk packed titties!



Lamb junior.

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