10D9N Melbourne Day 7 : Phillip Island, San Remo Bakehouse, Cape Woolamai, A Maze N Things, Koala Conservation Centre, Churchill Island, Kristo’s, Fairy Penguins, Penguin Parade, Hungry Jacks


Mirror maze.

Group picture.

Walked through the hall.

The 3 toilets.

The middle one.

I don’t really know what these people are supposed to be.

And then we had HEAD salad.

Toady’s specials!

The trap doors to pass through to get to the treasure.

Bending metal is hard.

Turning the wheel.

After a while, we got there.

The wall of shape.

Shape of a fatty.

Used heads.

Playing a virtual game for 4.

Suited up and

jumped down the thrilling slide.

The snack stall.

Made ourselves a flipbook.

Flip it by the side and what you’ll see is actually


12.48 pm – After we were done with those, we got outside.

Got ourselves trapped in a BIG maze.

Took us some time before reaching the flag.

Took a picture with the last optical illusion drawing before heading for the exit.

I noticed that the clocks outdoor and

indoor were all backwards!

01.17 pm – Reached the Koala Conservation Centre.

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