10D9N Melbourne Day 5 : Great Ocean Road, Room Six Cafe Restaurant, Port Campbell Discovery Walk, Grotto, London Arch, Razorback, Muttonbird Island, Loch Ard Gorge, Thunder Cave, Twelve Apostles, Crown Towers, Automatic Cafe


06.43 am – Woke up super early today for a long ass drive along Melbourne’s famous Great Ocean Road along the coast.

Managed to catch the last few minutes of the final world cup match between Netherlands and Spain.

Tears of joy from the man of the match who scored the winning goal for Spain.

07.21 am – All packed and ready to go.

07.42 am – Hit the freeway with Melbourne CBD behind us.

The speed limit where you could see almost every car moving at the same speed.

Melbourne authorities take their traffic’s speed limit seriously. If it’s 80 km/h and you drive at 81 km/h, you’re gonna get summoned for sure.

Sunrise behind.

Driving away from the sun.

08.32 am – 1st driver of the very, very long day.

Feels weird driving with a sweater on.

Pictures of the road taken along the way to Port Campbell.

09.02 am – Leslie, the 2nd driver, took over.

09.31 am – Reached Colac.

Our strategy for driving Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road was to start from the end, which is Port Campbell. That way, we’ll be nearer to home when we’re done.

It has been 2 hours.

Spain’s biggest fan sleeping all the way.

Fields of cows.

Without Daniel‘s Garmin Nuvi, this trip wouldn’t be possible. Thanks, dude!

10.33 am – Arrived in Port Campbell.

First thing we did was to fill up the car.

10.42 am – Found Room Six, the highly recommended restaurant in Port Campbell that does breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Parked our car and walked to Room Six.

I thought of sitting outside where the sun was but it was also VERY COLD. Definitely under 10°C

It was still breakfast hour.

Day specials written on the board at the top of the bar counter.

Rows of wine.

The kitchen.

Picture on the wall.


Found ourselves a table.

Sat down and started


First, my hot tea came.

Then Soo Yee’s hot chocolate.

Soo Yee’s Brekkie Special. VERY HUGE.

Then mine came.



The left over chips. I was already crazy full by the time I finished the burger.

Vivian and Leslie were smarter as they shared a plate of pizza.

Even then, they couldn’t finish it. The food portions in Room Six were just awesome.

Daises outside.

Enjoying ourselves.

12.00 pm – Hopped into the car and continued our journey.

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