10D9N Melbourne Day 3 : Melbourne By Foot, Federation Square, Yarra River, Federation Bells, Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, ACDC Lane, 24 Moons, Banksy, Hosier Lane, Until Never, Brunetti, Centre Place, The Block Arcade, Mitre Tavern, Hook Turn, Sandridge Bridge, Cavallino, Circus OZ, Max Brenner, Suckao


06.00 pm – Took a nice nap before heading out to Soo Yee’s birthday dinner in

1 of the many, many, many Italian restaurants along Lygon St.

There were too many that we got confused, entered the wrong one and almost ordered!

It was a little embarrassing to be seated and served the menu, only to walk off a minute later. But it’s all good. Rest assured.

After 10 minutes of searching, we found it.


The warm lights.

The warmth of the place felt so good.

This place is choke full of Ferrari memorabilia.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 vehicles throughout the years.

The menu.

Quite reasonably priced.

First thing that I ate.

Second thing.

The couple who arrived first.

The main host of our trip.

3 types of spaghetti.

No idea what this is.

But it was DELICIOUS!!

The 4 types of pizza.


After dinner, we took out the cake bought from Brunetti with a sparkler as a candle and celebrated

Soo Yee’s 22nd birthday.

Honest to God,

this is the MOST DELICIOUS cake I have ever tasted.

SO, SO, SO DELICIOUS!! Brunetti FTW!! The nearest branch to Penang is in Singapore’s Resort World.

Soo Yee’s portion of the cake and the chocolate strips.

Happy Birthday!!

Leslie and I.

The Melbournians.

The total bill came up to AU$ 102.70.

Each of us had to pay only AU$15. Cheap and good!

08.04 pm – After that we quickly rushed back to Birrarung Marr in federation Square

to catch Circus OZ.

The acts look something similar to this.

We loved the show and I highly recommend Circus OZ if you haven’t been to one yet.

Filling the big balloon with air during half time.

09.45 pm – 2 of the most entertaining circus performers.

The Federation Bells and ferris wheel opposite the entrance at night.

10.55 pm – Arrived at Max Brenner, a very popular chocolate bar.

It was actually full house when we arrived.

All sorts of chocolate souveniers on the rack.

Vivian and Soo Yee being amazed by the products on display.

All sorts of chocolate flavour from orange, mint, raspberry, etc.

The counter where you order.

The chocolate spinner.

The menu.

I was actually recommended to try the Suckao and so

without hesitating I ordered a set.

The way to drink this is to pour the chocolate chips into the warm milk and replenish the warm pot with the remaining milk at the side.

Both of us ordered the same thing.

Vivian’s secondary school friends.

Vivian’s primary school friends.

We had a good night. Thanks guys!

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