10D9N Melbourne Day 3 : Melbourne By Foot, Federation Square, Yarra River, Federation Bells, Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, ACDC Lane, 24 Moons, Banksy, Hosier Lane, Until Never, Brunetti, Centre Place, The Block Arcade, Mitre Tavern, Hook Turn, Sandridge Bridge, Cavallino, Circus OZ, Max Brenner, Suckao


02.16 pm – Reached the corner of ACDC Lane.

Dave explaining to us about the renaming of Corporation Lane to ACDC Lane as a tribute to the rock band on 1st October 2004.

The entire lane was actually filled with all sorts of wall art and


EMERGE festival promo.

Joint on fire.

At the end of this lane is actually this wall art of

24 Moons, a very cool, hidden night bar.


Happy bomber.

A corner in the lane.

Someone must hate a place called ‘Lush’ very much.

The entrance to 24 Moons looks like crap but when you go up,

this is what you see.

Another entrance to another unnamed joint.

All sorts of wall art embracing the walls of the laneways.

This Pussykat poster reminded me of Meow Club.

Limbless doll.

Dave was explaining that these mice were actually drawn by Banksy, a famous street artist.

Shoes hanging on the wire.

More of the alleyway.


More art.

A mash of the machete, bowsaw, skewer and cleaver.

02.35 pm – Walked out of the laneway into the streets and ended up at Hosier Lane, directly opposite ACMI.


The lane being blessed by Lord Ganesh.

A close look at The Remover Of Obstacles.

More art.

The entrance to an unnamed place.

Mother Mary crying because of the shit that is going on


Heartbreaking art.

It simply means you should lust.

A dead end section of Hosier Lane.

The left wall.

Dave explaining.


Although it’s a laneway where the rubbish bins are, I can tell you 100% that it looks clean and it smells clean. First world country, I suppose.

Leslie in action.

Girl on a backdoor.

Colourful and clean

rubbish bins.

Elephants above.

The wall gracing the entrance to

Until Never.

Looks like crap but once you go up, you’ll enter a different world, just like 24 Moons in ACDC Lane.

How it really looks like inside.

Ring ring.

Pipe art.

Lighted posters above.

The quantum universe monster.

Paper mache art.

Banksy’s rats.

Nail art.

Tin art.

02.44 pm – Exited Hosier Lane

and walked to the back of Westin Hotel on Swanston St for

a break at Brunetti’s.

Fat pigeons.

Kids on a wooden pig.

St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance.

A horse carriage.

Citia veritas amor et.

Waiting for the rest to come out of the restroom.

Ordered myself a cup of hot chocolate.

AU$ 3.50 well spent.

In Melbourne, everywhere we went, we only wanted hot drinks.

Seated and enjoyed the sunlight for awhile

before my hunger took the better of me.

I forgot what this was called.

Leslie and his meal.

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