10D9N Melbourne Day 3 : Melbourne By Foot, Federation Square, Yarra River, Federation Bells, Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, ACDC Lane, 24 Moons, Banksy, Hosier Lane, Until Never, Brunetti, Centre Place, The Block Arcade, Mitre Tavern, Hook Turn, Sandridge Bridge, Cavallino, Circus OZ, Max Brenner, Suckao


12.05 pm – Woke up to a heart healthy breakfast of oats, milk, bananas, orange, watermelon.

01.17 pm – Arrived at ACMI in Federation Square.

Passed by a street performer unpacking his stuff.

Getting ready to perform.

Met up with Dave Carswell, the man behind Melbourne By Foot, in front of 7-Eleven. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who isn’t a Melbournian to please take his tour as Dave gives you invaluable insight about the story behind Melbourne’s significance.

After about 5 minutes of briefing his group of 9,

we began our journey to our first stop.

01.26 pm – Right smack in the middle of Federation Square.

A nice portrait shot of Dave by Leslie.

Even Australians from other states sought his services.

“.. and her breasts were droopy like this..”

We were surrounded by birds,

the entrance to ACMI,

Flinder’s Street Station,

a big projection screen,

I forgot what this was,

kids and

word engravings on the floor.

Dave explaining the meaning of the words.

A scene from the projection screen.

01.34 pm – Next, we walked towards

a nice spot along the Yarra River

before Dave continued with his explanation of the colourful history of the Yarra River.

People canoeing in the river.

Artwork decorating the street.

Street lamps.

Princes Bridge.

01.48 pm – Walked with the crowd attending an Australian Rules Football match in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

While the crowd of fans continued, we stopped by Birrarung Marr’s Federation Bells, an installation comprising 39 upturned bells.

Coincidentally, the Circus Oz tent

was just directly opposite it.

Dave busy relating how the bells ended up here.

With a big ass bell.

Each bell gives out a different sound and

you could actually compose a tune online and compete against others to have yours played.

It sounds something like this.

01.52 pm – Continued our journey across the bridge where

we could see the fans passing by below.

Stopped for a picture.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in the distance.

Flags advertising very famous traveling European paintings in town.

The Ferris Wheel.

St Paul’s Cathedral.

Mercer and AON in the background. AON, an insurance company, is the current principal sponsors of Manchester United.

Walking along the pavement.

The railway crossings merging towards Flinders Street Station.

Reached a corner.

I don’t really understand the ‘END’ sign.

At the cross junction.

Batman Avenue. The Batcave must be underground here somewhere!

Continued walking until we reached a narrow lane between 2 office buildings.

Coloured panels that are strategically placed

to make art out of the sunlight’s coloured reflection.

Looking down.

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