10D9N Melbourne Day 2 : Temple Court Apartment, Melbourne CBD, Collins St, Yarra Trams, Metlink, Queen Victoria Market, Doughnut Van, Melbourne Museum, IMAX, Titanic Artefact Exhibition, Dinosaurs, Human Evolution Gallery, Wild Animals, Ulla Taylor, State Library Of Victoria, Woolworths, Self Serve Checkout, QV Center, Visitor Information Center, Velvet Fridays Seven, Chilli India


The giant armadillo shell.

The giant tortoise shell.

The flying squirrel.

The platypus.

The thick skinned arthropod.

Next up, human evolution.

Sex is involved. Interesting. 👿

I imagine him telling the guy behind to “Slow down, cowboy. Lemme shake his hands first.”

Distorted mirrors!


The mind.

System of glands, each of which secretes a type of hormone into the bloodstream to regulate the body.

How food would look like after being in the small intestine for 6 hours.

After approximately 36 hours, shit happens.

I like how some of the explanations are done interactively. It engages participation and you learn in the process. First world stuff, I suppose.

Some kids’ drawing.

A real mummy!

With all the engravings at the side of the grave.

The clothes.

Our digestive system in 3D.


Me being kid.

The aboriginal necklace.

A primate.




Ibrahim Ali.


Birds at different hemispheres.

Next up, the wild section.

Many types of wild animals gracing the hall of the room.

I like how there’s an interactive screen at different corners of the room where

you move it around to choose an animal that is directly in front of you and

touching it will bring up information like the vulnerability of the species.

Some of the animals shot individually.


Australia’s very own wild animals.

Preserved bodies of dead birds.


Queen Elizabeth’s hat.

Our family.

Human evolution.

The interactive slider touch screen.

So cool.

Next up, sea life.

Predators of the ocean.


Smiling, eh?


An even closer look.

Sotong, yum~! (Makes me wanna go Cargas for lunch now!)

Super giant squid.

Next up, dinosaurs.

REAL dinosaur eggs.

A gift from the Chinese government.

Another interactive time slider.


230 million years is a real long time.

Lizard macam.

Looks like a tapir.

I’m pretty sure this is a triceratops.

Buaya macam.

Where’s your mouth, dude?

Rhino macam.


I think it’s the pterosaur.


This fella looks like he’s trying to climb up to the first floor.

Moving dinosaurs.

Looks fake and crappy.

Extinct crustaceans.

Geli man.

Bloody giant cockroach.




Colourful bird. No idea what to call it.

We were the first ones to finish browsing through everything and rested just outside the entrance to the dinosaur gallery.

The very long spine of

a whale.

04.36 pm – Regrouped and walked towards the exit, passing by the Titanic exhibition hall. =(

As we reached outside, we saw Ulla Taylor, a pavement artist, finishing up her latest work of art.

How it should look like on print.

I’m actually taking it from a wrong angle so the effect is not there.

Bye, Titanic! Maybe next time. In Paris. Or Rome. =)

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