10D9N Melbourne Day 2 : Temple Court Apartment, Melbourne CBD, Collins St, Yarra Trams, Metlink, Queen Victoria Market, Doughnut Van, Melbourne Museum, IMAX, Titanic Artefact Exhibition, Dinosaurs, Human Evolution Gallery, Wild Animals, Ulla Taylor, State Library Of Victoria, Woolworths, Self Serve Checkout, QV Center, Visitor Information Center, Velvet Fridays Seven, Chilli India


12.23 pm – Exhausted, we took a slow journey back

in the tram towards Collins St where our apartment was.

The trams were pretty empty in the morning.

12.37 pm – Reached back home and organized the result of our marketing around the kitchen.

01.41 pm – Had falafel wraps, which I bought in Queen Victoria Market, for lunch.

02.35 pm – After this fella woke up, we went off to Melbourne Museum.

Passed by the clock tower on Swanston and

the statue of I-don’t-know-who.

02.44 pm – We were actually supposed to pay for our tram trips but I didn’t realize that and thought it was actually free! We actually rode for free to and fro Queen Victoria Market. =P

Adrian, Leslie (partly hidden) and I took public transport as the girls took the car to the museum.

We did a bit of walking and

passed by some beautiful buildings before reaching

03.02 pm – the museum.


The IMAX theatre was just beside the museum.

Very big.

The entrance of Melbourne Museum.

The girls and their driver who arrived before us.

“We cheated =)”

Melbourne kids sitting in a line by the entrance.

The Royal Exhibition Building right opposite the entrance.

We went in and to our disappointment,

we saw this sign. =(

We were ready to shell out the money needed to see the parts of the REAL Titanic ship that sank but sadly

luck wasn’t on our side and we couldn’t catch it.

03.16 pm – Anyway we paid for the normal museum tickets and took a walk around by ourselves.

1st stop, the Forest Gallery.

Nothing but trees. Boring.

A chair. Wow.


I don’t understand. There’s not a single Magpie bird to be found. Only a car.

The next thing I came across was

aborigine shields.

Right beside it was the aborigines gallery.

Sadly, no photos were allowed to be taken as it contained stuff sensitive to the aborigine race.

03.25 pm – After I was done I continued my journey along the ground floor, coming across this board full of adverts.

Donated items by notable people.

The path ended at an open space containing nothing.

And so up we went to the first floor.

Upon reaching, we were greeted by windmills.

1st stop on the 1st floor was the Pasifika Gallery.

Lucky for me, photos were allowed!

It contained items from the history of how Melbourne came about throughout the years.

An antique carriage.

How the old trams used to look like.

This is a slide carrier. Slides of images used to be shown on this.

The slides.

Took a walk down history

to discover how people used to live in those days.

A table with only 3 legs, containing antiques.

Narrow triangular type of bed. I think space was an issue back then.

Posters by the wall. Megan Fox of the 18th century.

Antique kettles.

Antique candle stick.

Soup, anyone?

A RAT!!!!

By the toilet.

The flushing system was pretty poor back then. Imagine the damage to your brain for having to breathe your own shit in an enclosed space for 10 minutes.

She just had to do it.

The table.


Antique gas lamp.


Broken china.


Mirror by the dressing table.


The agricultural vehicle.

Antique horse replica?

Don’t really know what this is.

Melbourne town through the years.

Collins St?

Hugh Victor McKay, the man behind Melbourne’s successful agricultural manufacturing enterprise.

Antique keys.

Antique mural.

Antique electrical appliances.

Melbourne’s expansion through the years.

Melbourne’s kids.

Gas mask. Reminded me of Linkin Park’s Meteora.

Stained glass door.

Australia’s Coat of Arms.

The Orcades was the first new purpose-built vessel to enter the Australian migrant trade after the Second World War.

Not really sure what this is. It has a lens. Camera maybe?

After browsing through a whole load of antique stuff, we took a walk outside and checked out the chipped off sides of a branch.

I think the aborigines used to

climb on these to spy.

Hello, birdie!

Stick insects.

Some fish.

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