Wrist Brace For Repetitive Stress Injury

wrist brace

Bought myself a wrist brace from Guardian to deal with my RSI.

I’ve thought about a career change but can seem to think of something that doesn’t involve a keyboard and a mouse. Everything that I’ve thought of involves using the keyboard. Insurance agent? Property agent? Direct selling? Make entertaining YouTube videos? Maybe I can start becoming an Uber driver but there’s a ceiling to how much one can earn.

I’ve also thought about going for surgery to relieve the nerves along my forearm and wrist but I read that there’s a chance that it will return. Hope wearing a wrist brace works to make things better.

My Dog Died Today

“You never know what you got til it’s gone.”

After suffering from cancer for over 4 years, my dog, Py, has finally found peace. Towards the end, Py was in a lot of pain. He became incontinent, shivered a lot and had random convulsions. He lost all appetite, even if you put the most delicious treat in front of him, he wasn’t interested. It was hard but I knew deep inside it was time for him to go.

Euthanasia is the kindest act that one can do for a dying dog in a lot of pain and so I had Py receive it today. 2 jabs and that was it. I was crying like a bitch for several days. The realization that Py can no longer make it far is when I noticed he could not stand up properly 4 days ago. He was wobbling about and had trouble lifting his head up to look at me. I was so heartbroken.

At first, Mom didn’t agree to euthanasia. Eventually she did, but she said her goodbyes in the morning and went to work, right before Dad, Vivian and I took Py to see Dr Pava at 10.30am. He administered 2 shots, first which was the tranquilizer and two, the euthanasia. It was so quick. Once Py was jabbed with it, he immediately stopped breathing. He found peace at last.

I feel so regretful to not have spend more time playing with Py. Giving him treats. Rubbing his forehead more often and longer. Giving him healthier, quality meals. As a result, I only have this much memories of Py.

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Tuesday 11 August

7.15am – Wake up.
8.30am – Gym.
10am – Balik
10.30am – Check on Py the dog.
11am – Prepare lunch.
12pm – Shower.
12.30pm – Work.
1.30pm – Nap.
2.30pm – Work.
4.30pm – Snack.
5pm – Work.
6pm – Prepare dinner.
7pm – Shower.
7.30pm – Work.
9.30pm – Plan future.
10pm – Skype.

Thursday 5th August

7am – Wake up. Poop. Brush teeth.
8am – Leave for gym.
8.30am – Chest and shoulder day.
10am – Leave for home.
10.30am – Cook and eat while preparing Friday’s meals.
12pm – Shower.
12.30pm – Work.
1.30pm – Nap.
2.30pm – Work.
4pm – Snack.
4.30pm – Work.
6pm – Make dinner.
7.30pm – Shower.
8pm – Work.
9.30pm – Plan future.
10pm – Chat.
10.30pm – Lights out.

Maroon Chuck Taylor Converse High Cut Shoes

Sprained my ankle not too long ago while walking on 1st Feb 2015, less than 3 weeks before Chinese New Year. It’s been almost 5 months and I still have yet to regain full function on my ankles. =(

Anyway, I knew that the best shoes for squats and deadlifts were high cut Converse Chuck Taylors. They have flat soles that allow better feet grip and the high cut allows you to tie laces around to protect your ankles from over twisting.

Approved by Rocky Balboa.

So today, it arrived.

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H-Artistry 2014 Penang Spice Arena

I am so glad that I went. I almost didn’t go as it clashed with a family dinner on the same day. Lucky for me, the dinner ended at about 10. It took me about 1 hour from the moment I stepped out from House of Udang Galah to the moment I stepped into PISA’s Spice Arena. As thousands were expected there, you can imagine the number of cars that were sprawled around the area. As I arrived late, I had no choice but to park my car 10 minutes away. =(

Arrived to see the customary H-Artistry lighted balloon signage at the entrance.

The very reddish Spice Arena.

The entrance.

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Hennessy Artistry Penang 2014 Spice Arena Announcement

It’s back!

Last year, it was amazing! I had so much fun with 24Herbs, Andy Murphy, and the very pretty Julie Woon as emcee.

This year, it’s all the same. Same time, same place. Saturday, 17 May 2014. The acts are :

Magic Power. A group of Taiwanese Mandopop band.

DJ Brooklyn. The Australian EDM DJ.

Imma *Bleep* You Up (IMBYU). A group of Malaysian DJs.

Paperplane Pursuit. A Malaysian pop band.

Other than hard pumping beats, you can be sure of 2 other solid things. One, free flow of Hennessy! Woo hoo! Two, really, really hot chics! It’s crazy but only at a super clubbing event such as Hennessy will you see all the hot girls of Penang come out and play.

Here’s how you can get passes. One, buy 1 bottle of Hennessy and get 2 passes. Buy 2 bottles and you get 5 passes. Or, you could try your luck in trying to win passes from Hennessy’s Facebook page.