How To Protect Yourself And Deal With Snatch Thieves

Let’s face it. The occurrence of snatch theft is on the rise. Like it or not, the moment you step out of your home compound, you are exposed to it. On the way to work. On the way home from work. In the car. After a movie with friends. In broad daylight. Outside a restaurant. In big cities of Europe, in America, in Asia. Almost anywhere that is accessible to the public.

It could happen to your mom, sister, wife and daughters. The police cannot be everywhere at the same time, so you should not blame them. They did not teach nor encourage snatch thieves to snatch from innocent women.

  1. Understand What Motivates The Snatch Thief
    • Money
    • Because it is pretty obvious.

    • Thrill
    • Because it gives them an adrenaline rush. It’s a male thingy and it can get addictive. Each successful snatch attempt of an item of value from you be it a handbag, smartphone, laptop bag, necklace or earring, and not getting caught, gives them a sense of satisfaction. This is what you call the thrill. The risk is exciting and the reward is appeasing.

    • Power
    • Because they derive pleasure from dominating a weaker sex. From bullying you. Maybe they feel useless working a shitty job, getting shitty pay because they didn’t give a shit about their career. Maybe it’s because of a shitty childhood. Maybe it’s because of shitty parenting. Either way, they are sadists and are loving it.

  2. Understand What A Snatch Thief Looks For
  3. Anything that looks valuable. Handbags, smartphones, shiny necklaces, rings, laptops, tablets, etc.

  4. Understand How A Snatch Thief Chooses Its Victim
  5. Vulnerability. Put yourself in a snatch thief’s shoes. What are the kinds of environment that you think you can successfully snatch a handbag? Definitely quiet and lonely car parks, residential areas, commercial areas, etc. As long as the environment condition matches, anytime is a good time. But mostly, between the hours of sunset to sunrise.

  6. Understand How A Snatch Thief Avoids Getting Caught
    • Motorbikes
    • Because motorbikes allow you the fastest and easiest way to escape. They can zip through narrow lanes and traffic. They can even go against the flow of the traffic easily if needed.

    • Fake number plates
    • A smart snatch thief changes back the motorbike’s real numberplate after he has successfully snatched his victims. They are relatively easy to screw on/off.

    • Dark Full Face Helmets
    • So that you cannot recognize their faces even if they are caught.

    • Work In Pairs
    • One does the snatching while the other waits on the motorbike. This way, escape is efficient.

    • Sprinting
    • Dem bastards can run! You’ll never see fat, old or disabled snatch thieves.

  7. Self Defense Using Everyday Items As Weapons
    • Keys
    • Everyone has them. Most have sharp edges and can cause cuts if done right. The two grips above are the only correct ways of gripping your keys. Remember to clench your fist real tightly so that it cannot be used back against you.

    • Pens
    • Useful, light, sharp and passes through any security check. Although a traditional all-steel ballpoint would be more effective than the cheap plastic ones. Again, it can cause harm if done right. All you need to do is grip it like the picture above. Remember to grip the pen as tight as you can.

  8. Self Defense Using Highly Effective Weapons
    • Pepper Spray
    • Pepper spray causes inflammation of the capillaries of the eyes and skin causing temporary blindness, nausea, breathing difficulties and an intense burning sensation. It is small and very easy to carry around. It is the best self defense weapon against snatch thieves, PROVIDED you are more prepared and faster than him.

      When using it, always keep your eyes open! You may have to correct your aim slightly. You should shoot the spray for 2 to 3 seconds. After shooting your pepper spray, the assailant will normally stop within seconds, blinded and virtually helpless due to uncontrollable coughing spasms. Once the assailant disables, stop spraying and continue to be aware of your surrounding as there may be an assistant nearby.

    • Small Knife
    • Can cause serious hurt. Also, definitely an item that will draw attention during security checks. Again, this can cause critical injuries and remember to always grip it tightly.

  9. Strength In Numbers
  10. Keep yourself guarded, protected, safe and secure as long and as often as you can. If you are out with friends, try to arrive and leave as a group. For example, you and 3 of your friends each drove separate cars to watch an evening show. After that, the 3 of you should get into the 4th person’s car TOGETHER and have him/her drop each one of you one by one at your respective cars, making sure each time the person is safely inside the car with the doors locked, lights on and engines running before dropping the next one. Stay sharp and observant.

  11. Using Common Sense When Walking Alone
  12. When you know you are going to go into a vulnerable spot READY your weapons in your hand before walking into exposure. Study your surroundings and see if there are potential hiding places. For example, you may have just finished work, yoga, class or a movie and are walking back to your car. The place is quiet and there is nobody around. From the moment you leave the comfort area of the workplace, yoga studio, college or cinema, start arming yourself. Hold your pepper spray in your dominant hands and the car keys in the other BEFORE you leave the comfort area. Take a look to your back every now and then. Remember, the snatch thief has already done his homework of studying his surroundings and already has his course of action prepared. So should you! This is war!

  13. Using Common Sense When Driving Alone
  14. If you are driving alone, I’m sure common sense will tell you that putting your handbags, purse, laptop, briefcase, cell phone in the passenger seat will just invite potential snatch thieves to break your windows and swiftly leave with your valuables. Always put them under the driver’s car seat. If you have more than one bulky valuable item, put it under the front passenger car seat or under the back passenger car seat. If you have no choice but to put valuable items on passenger seats, then ready your pepper spray, knives and keys in places easily accessible to you in a split second.

    Most of the time, car snatch thieves operate during stops at red traffic lights. Each time you are at a red traffic light and you sense potential snatch thieves, be ready. If I was a victim, the moment the bastard breaks my window and reaches his arm in to take my shit, I’ll fight against him, holding on to my valuable with all my might and slitting his wrists with a knife with ALL MY MIGHT! Die!!!

  15. Take A Weekly Picture Of Your Purse’s Contents
  16. Do it on weekends. It is so much easier than listing each item down. This way, you will always be aware of what you have inside your handbags even if they got stolen or robbed. From there, you know exactly your next course of action like which banks to call to cancel your credit cards. With a picture you can even report the exact credit card or membership numbers. You may also buy back exactly what you lost with a picture.

  17. Using A Stack Of Dollar Notes As Distraction
  18. Keep a stack of mixed dollar notes (enough to get attention) in easily accessible areas of your body, clothes, handbag or purse. It has to be someplace where you do not have to open zips or buttons. Someplace where you can just dip into the pile of cash in a split second and throw them all over the snatch thief to buy time to run away.

  19. Letting Go
  20. If you are pregnant, have a baby or children with you, the best thing you can do is let your handbags/purse go. Money is worth nothing compared to their safety. As a precaution, if you know that there’s a chance you’ll be sacrificing your handbags/purse for the little ones, bring only what you need.

  21. A Snatch Thief’s Biggest Fear Is Getting Caught
  22. The minute you pepper spray and disable the bastard, you have already won half the battle. A rape whistle is a great way to get attention but the best rape whistle in the world is your voice. People nowadays hear a whistle and don’t know what it means. The agony of struggle in a scream is unquestionable. You WILL draw attention. Run away and scream for help from passers by, residents living around, security guards. Call the police IMMEDIATELY. Return to the crime scene crime ONLY if you have CONFIDENCE that the people you are returning with can handle any other arising complications.

  23. Know Your Emergency Numbers
  24. 112, 999, 991. These are 3 of the universally accepted emergency numbers in the world. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS know beforehand where you are at exactly. Be prepared. Know road names, landmarks and anything that people can identify with immediately.

  25. Inefficient Emergency Services
  26. If you are from a third world country either in Latin America, Africa or Asia, chances are the country’s emergency services will be generally slower and less efficient than first world countries. If you are in a city in the aforementioned continent, you have to take care of yourself first. You never know how long it will take before real help arrives. Prevention is better than cure. Never be afraid to act defensively against any man that you suspect may have ill intentions. Yes, he may get insulted or turn out to be a good person but it is better safe than sorry. And in some cases, better alive than dead.

    Watch my favourite Malaysian comedian, Harith Iskandar, being absolutely amusing about the efficiency of Malaysia’s law enforcers. The things he says are not far from the truth though.

  27. Potential Solutions To The Snatch Thief Problem
    • Using Live Baits
    • The police can easily solve this. Just have a policewoman/volunteer dress as bait and have officers hiding or blending in public at strategic locations along the street, pouncing on the snatch thief as soon as the act is committed. Have video cameras hidden in windows/bushes along the street as proof to persecute the bastards. They have the resources to carry out such an operation and information on where the hotspots are. The idea is here. Time to be hardworking, Mr. Policemen!

    • Securely fasten your handbags In The Car

Stay smart and stay alive. If you have successfully went against a snatch theft attempt in your own method before, I am interested to know how you did it. Do share your ideas and solutions. They are highly invaluable and may be of great help to others and are greatly appreciated.

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