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2 thoughts on “Contact Chris”

  1. i suggest we bring more cash this time…
    for those using maybank atm card we can activate international withdrawal in local atm, while for CIMB bank you’ll have to activate it in bank.
    withdrawal charges outside country is around Rm10-15 per trans if i’m not mistaken.

  2. (Daniel) How much RM do you plan to change exactly?

    There are a few options to change for cash la. 1 is what you just mentioned. 2 we could change with our trusted Thai friends like Eka or maybe Raymi. Also not everyone need to do that ‘international atm card activation’ thingie. Just 1 or 2 of us do can di. Then the rest of us just pinjam dulu lo. Easier ma rite? See who else wanna join you do ma do lo rite? 😉

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